MagicBook View 14 review, Honour goes upmarket and offers a complete and affordable ultraportable BD

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Well finished, with a superb panel and stamped Evo from Intel, Honour’s PC is progressing nicely, and if the price is a little higher, it seems totally justified.

Descendant of the MagicBook 14 2020 and 2021 , themselves avowed cousins ​​of the Matebook D14 2020 , the MagicBook View 14 perfects the recipe of its direct ancestors, turning however more towards the top of the range, despite a still very attractive price, at 1 149 euro.

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Presentation: the essentials, in a few figures-

For this price, Honour offers a 14-inch ultra-portable, with a well-finished chassis, which has a design quite close to the MateBooks , but which still needs to progress and assert itself to position itself as an equal to a MacBook Air or Pro . However, it displays well-contained dimensions, 31.02 cm wide, 22.66 cm deep and 2 cm high, as well as a weight of 1.488 Kg, which allows it to fit in your backpack without too much weight. Especially since its charger is of the compact type (and weighs only 200 g).

Once opened, we see that the MagicBook View 14 has a touch screen (FullView 2.5K) with a 3:2 ratio that is very pleasant for office automation. It is also Evo certified, by Intel, and therefore features an 11th generation Core i7 (with an integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics part), supported by 16 GB of RAM.

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It also displays Wi-Fi 6 (and Bluetooth 5.1) compatibility, and offers a Thunderbolt 4 port and a USB-C 3.2 port, both on the left side of the case. There is, in addition, on the right side, an HDMI port, and a USB-A 3.2 port. A rather complete machine, therefore.

If you want to make it evolve, it is possible, but with modesty. Access to the inside of the beast goes through 10 screws, you will then find that you can change the SSD (M.2 format), but that the memory is welded. On the other hand, good news, the battery, which is often one of the elements that fails first, should be easily replaceable and second hand laptop price bd.

Ergonomics: a keyboard that disappoints a little, the rest is on top

If there is one point on which we do not compromise with laptops, it is the keyboard. It must offer a comfortable, dynamic and rhythmic race, in order to allow the entry of long texts without annoyance.

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In this case, that of the MagicBook View 14 is not bad, far from it, but it offers a soft stroke, which gives an impression of lack of responsiveness, even if the keys respond for sure. On the other hand, it will be criticised – but it is a family evil – for a backlight so weak that it seems non-existent. Suffice to say that it will not be pleasant to work at night or in low light with this keyboard… To close his case, let us specify that the noise produced is not unpleasant, and even gives a nice rhythm to the entry, but rings everything also a little plastic.

A problem that we find a little with the touchpad and 2nd hand laptop price bd, rather large, precise, and on which we can click, sometimes a little too easily as a touch can turn into a click. Of these two input interfaces, the Dell XPS 13 or the MacBook have our preference.

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On the other hand, there is a point on which Honor clearly does not make fun of us, it is on security. Or, more precisely, on the choice offered to activate Windows Hello. The MagicBook View 14 has a fingerprint sensor at the top right of the keyboard, which is very responsive and is very practical on a daily basis to unlock your session. The other choice is obviously facial recognition, with a very good quality webcam, which will recognize you quickly. It will also serve you faithfully during videoconferences, professional or personal, which certainly do not fail to enamel your daily life. The ultra-wide-angle 5MP camera holds the helm nicely, even in low light, so you don’t look like a pixel pie in your remote meetings.

Let’s take this opportunity to say a few words about the audio system. It relies on four speakers (two woofers and two tweeters), which produce powerful sound that is nuanced enough, even if it lacks bass, to be able to bring your binge watching sessions to life .

Screen: a superb panel, almost perfect

Obviously, to make the most of your videos, the panel must follow. In this case, Honour does not do things by halves. The touch screen with thin and discreet borders – much more than on its big brothers – is bright enough to work indoors, and possibly outdoors if the sun does not dazzle you too much.

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We will just blame Honour for not having opted for a hinge that opens further back. The tilt angle could be problematic for tall users, and not the most pleasant when working on the knees.

Anyway, the slab reaps very good results. Our measurements give it 420 cd/m2. It’s not the best we’ve come across, but it does make the MagicBook View 14 very slightly brighter than the average ultraportable we’ve tested over the past twelve months. Beware, however, of any reflections… Its contrast ratio of 1907:1 is also good, and ensures beautiful rendering in video and photo.

Another measure is colour fidelity. In this case, the panel of this Honour PC is excellent. It displays a Delta E2000 of 1.35. This is exceptional and ensures that it is almost 54% fairer than the average of equivalent machines that have passed through our hands in the past year. You are therefore in good hands.

Especially since this 14.2-inch panel displays a definition of 2,520 x 1,680 pixels, hence the name 2.5K. But, even better, it is in 3:2 format, which is particularly pleasant for working on documents Word, Excel, etc. or to surf the web.

Besides, let’s take advantage of this little point on a few uses to celebrate Honour’s interface efforts, with its PC Manager. Accessible from the taskbar, this tool gives you quick access to a set of useful information and functions, ranging from managing updates to capturing a screenshot (image or video), and including a calculator. … or the clipboard display, to easily find your copy-paste history.

It is also possible to take a look at the use of the processor, in order to understand a possible slowdown – which we did not encounter during our mainly office use.

Performance: everything you need, but a little too much ventilation-

With its 11th generation Core i7, and its Iris Xe graphics chipset, the MagicBook View 14 does not lack power to hold the load you want to give it. Obviously, you have to keep in mind that this is an ultraportable, and therefore has limits. Nevertheless, it can be used to do some video editing, even in 4K, if you are patient, and possibly to play certain titles, either undemanding, or by reducing your requirements…

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Its graphics performance is 16% above the average of ultraportable PCs tested over the past year. 3DMark Night Raider gives it 17,683 points. Its PCMark 10 score is 8% higher than the average of its direct opponents. That puts him in a pretty good position.

As for office automation 2.0, in any case, you will not fault it. However, these good performances are paid slightly, but directly. The MagicBook View 14 is 7.7% warmer than the equivalent PCs tested over the last twelve months by our laboratory, even if it does not experience throttling. So you shouldn’t see the promised power bend the saplings if the machine gets too hot.

However, who says heat says ventilation to cool, with a maximum operating noise of 38.9 dB, the MagicBook View 14 is 12.6% noisier than its colleagues. It’s not deafening, admittedly, but hearing it fan out as soon as it’s turned on, and for no reason other than to bring up a browser, is hard to justify in a world where you’re getting used to silent tablets and PCs (or Macs) running an ARM chip.


Autonomy: he clearly has nothing to be ashamed of-

With its 11th generation Core, Intel promises not only power, but also better autonomy. In this case, the promise seems to be kept, and Honour manages to hit hard enough to place itself at the top of the ultraportable PC average. 

In versatile autonomy, which simulates daily use until the machine is switched off, the Honor MagicBook View 14 lasted 10:01. A palindrome autonomy that we warmly welcome. That’s 43 minutes longer than the 2021 MagicBook 14 , and 37 minutes longer than Huawei’s MateBook 14S . And, finally, almost 30 minutes longer than Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 .Note– Anyway, the slab reaps very good results. Our measurements give it 420 cd/m2. It’s not the best we’ve come across, but it does make the MagicBook View 14 very slightly brighter than the average ultraportable we’ve tested over the past twelve months. Beware, however, of any reflections… Its contrast ratio of 1907:1 is also good, and ensures beautiful rendering in video and photo.

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