Manh Nguyen Electronics supermarket – “Maximum savings – Shopping with peace of mind.”

Manh Nguyen Electronics supermarket - "Maximum savings - Shopping with peace of mind."
Manh Nguyen Electronics supermarket - "Maximum savings - Shopping with peace of mind."
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Manh Nguyen, a genuine electronics supermarket, is a well-known electronics retailer specializing in genuine electronics, refrigeration, and home appliance products. With the motto “Maximum savings – Shopping with peace of mind,” Manh Nguyen is dedicated to offering customers high-quality products at competitive prices.

1. Saving Money, Time, and Effort

With many policies to ensure standard prices – real prices, Manh Nguyen helps customers avoid having to spend a large amount of money to receive a poor-quality product.

Manh Nguyen “says NO to virtual prices”: Manh Nguyen implements policies to ensure standard and real prices, allowing customers to avoid spending excessive amounts on low-quality products.

Manh Nguyen rejects virtual prices commonly found in the electronics market, committing to sell products at the listed prices both online and in-store. Additionally, customers have the option to return products within 7 days if they are not priced as listed, providing peace of mind while shopping at Manh Nguyen.

Sales model at the warehouse and the main form of business is online: Manh Nguyen operates with a large warehouse system housing a wide range of genuine electronic, refrigeration, and home appliance products.

The primary mode of business is conducted online, allowing customers to shop conveniently anytime and anywhere without the need to visit a physical store.

Strict regulations on product information must be clear: Manh Nguyen places importance on providing clear and detailed product information, including product names, prices, specifications, images, and warranty policies.

This ensures that customers can easily search for and select the right products based on their needs.

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Payment methods are diverse: Manh Nguyen offers various payment methods, including online payment, cash on delivery, and credit card payments, providing flexibility for customers to choose the option that suits them best.

Fast shipping and installation: Manh Nguyen has a team of professional and fast delivery and installation staff. Manh Nguyen also provides free installation support for all products.

Manh Nguyen electronics supermarket
Transporting and installing TVs at home helps customers save time and effort.

Manh Nguyen is the ideal recommendation for you, particularly if you’re looking for an LG TV supplier who still guarantees high quality.

Customers who purchase LG Smart Tivi at Manh Nguyen benefit from a number of additional incentives in addition to the competitive pricing policy, including free shipping and installation, 0% installment payments, and a guarantee that the order will be delivered in full. Everything is genuine and free of additional fees.

2. Shop with peace of mind with good quality and after-sales service

In addition to delivering valuable products, Manh Nguyen prioritizes customer satisfaction and trust. Customers are guaranteed genuine product quality, dedicated customer care, and professional advice from knowledgeable staff.

The company’s warranty policies, after-sales services, and incentives aim to protect customer interests and build long-term connections.

  • Genuine Product Quality: Manh Nguyen is committed to providing genuine products from reputable global brands. All products undergo rigorous testing before reaching customers.
  • Dedicated Customer Care: Professional customer care staff at Manh Nguyen are readily available to answer inquiries and support customers throughout the shopping process.
  • Professional Consulting: The well-trained staff at Manh Nguyen possess extensive knowledge of electronic, refrigeration, and household products. They provide enthusiastic and thoughtful consultations to help customers choose products that meet their needs and budget.
  • Genuine Warranty Policy: Manh Nguyen follows genuine warranty policies from manufacturers. Any issues that arise during product usage are promptly and effectively addressed by the company.
  • After-Sales Service and Incentives: Manh Nguyen consistently offers enticing incentives and promotions. When buying from Manh Nguyen, customers can take advantage of a number of benefits, such as free shipping and installation, 0% interest installment payments, and free returns within 7 days,…
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With these commitments, Manh Nguyen strives to provide customers with the best shopping experience. Whether in need of electronic, refrigeration, or household products, customers can rely on Manh Nguyen to deliver excellent services.

Manh Nguyen electronics supermarket
Most of the products that Manh Nguyen provides are of the world’s top TOP brands with outstanding quality.

Through its warehouse sales model and commitment to rejecting virtual prices, Manh Nguyen genuine electronics supermarket has solidified its position in the electronics industry.

The company aims to provide genuine electrical products of the highest quality at reasonable prices, placing customer satisfaction as its top priority. Manh Nguyen will continue to make efforts to offer the best shopping experience.

You can contact the address below to receive the fastest and most detailed advice:

  • Hotline: 0962.110.828 – 0915.419.216
  • Website:
  • Address: No. 22, Alley 64, Lane 49 Huynh Thuc Khang – Dong Da – Hanoi – Vietnam
  • Email:

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