Meaning of True Friends and the Rise of OneFriends

This post was most recently updated on December 19th, 2022

A unique app which in 2022 has been growing and trending in the App Store charts is the OneFriends iPhone app. Led by Australian Founder and CEO Albert Jing who is also a former lawyer, the company is on a mission to help users maintain their closest friendships. These friendships are called “true friendships”.

This article will look at the meaning of true friends and why OneFriends serves an important purpose in many people’s lives today. It is a topic which has clear relevance to our modern world where despite being so connected technologically, we often still feel an inner lack from time to time – a lack of real friends.

Meaning of True Friends

The meaning of true friendship is best looked at by breaking down the different aspects that make up the friendship. While each friendship is unique, there are themes and qualities shared by most true friendships.

These include:

  • Shared values on important issues
  • Mutual respect
  • Loyalty and trustworthiness
  • Honesty
  • Shared interests
  • A strong friendship developed over time, that becomes deeper with each real celebration and storm weathered together

It is not necessarily the case that true friends need to be in daily conversation, but as long as they hold that friendship within their heart, it will remain.

However, not everyone is capable of being a true friend as it requires a level of integrity and goodness. For example, it would be very difficult for someone who is completely self-absorbed and selfish, dishonest and having a loyalty that changes with every change of the wind, to be a true friend. But without a doubt having a true friend and being a true friend brings invaluable support, joy and meaning to people’s lives. In living a good life, it is something we should value and strive towards.

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The Rise and Popularity of OneFriends

As per Yahoo Finance 2022, OneFriends has users in more than 60 countries already after a quiet launch in 2020. The fact that OneFriends is an app which is built around the idea of true friendships and allowing true friends to see each other regularly in real life is unique.

It is maybe this ability to let users meet in-person that helps add depth to their users’ friendships and interactions. Most would likely agree that seeing a friend in person allows you to be much more ‘in the moment’ and present with them compared to messaging over the phone. OneFriends stands out from most social apps that are about sharing and communicating online with large numbers of people, often simultaneously. OneFriends is personal.

Having already looked at the meaning of true friends, it is not difficult to see why OneFriends would bring significant value to users as it helps provide the connection allowing for this special category of friendship.

We close with the quote “a true friendship is a journey without an end” and if OneFriends can indeed continue to help users remain true friends, then user retention should be only too easy.

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