What Kind of Services Do Med Spas Offer

What Kind of Services Do Med Spas Offer
What Kind of Services Do Med Spas Offer

Many people today are focused on maintaining their health, wellness, and beauty. Even with their hectic lives, they often find time to take a spa day to get the pampering they deserve. These visits often include therapy options to help with relaxation and beauty. However, these individuals could choose a med spa instead to get more out of their day of pampering.

What is a Med Spa?

A med spa is similar to a day spa in that it provides guests with a day of relaxation and pampering. However, a med spa offers various services that guests enjoy to help maintain their vibrant and healthy appearance. There are med spas located in Boston, MA, that offer these services.

A med spa is like a day spa that is under the supervision of a medical professional. With medical professionals as part of the staff, more options are available to provide a comprehensive experience for guests. Guests can be confident in the care and services provided in these types of facilities.

What Kinds of Services Are Offered?

Most med spas still offer the services guests have come to enjoy when planning a spa day. These services include mud baths, facials, nail care, and even massages. With the medical aspect of the spa, guests can also get a variety of nonsurgical aesthetic treatments added to their spa day. Below are some of the common procedures found in many med spas across the country.

Chemical Peel

A common procedure offered at a med spa is a chemical peel. This procedure involves applying a chemical solution to the skin, usually that of the face. The chemical solution then allows the removal of the top layers of the skin to allow new, healthier skin to grow.

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A chemical peel is performed in three levels. A light chemical peel removes just the outer layer of skin. It helps to remove fine wrinkles and acne. It can even help to restore dry skin and uneven skin tones. There are also medium chemical peels that can remove deeper layers of skin to treat wrinkles and even acne scars. Deeper wrinkles, scars, or even precancerous growths on the skin can be treated with a deep chemical peel.


Those with light scarring or stretch marks may choose microdermabrasion as a treatment. This process uses an abrasive instrument to sand the skin lightly. The sanding helps to even out thicker areas of the skin to provide a healthier skin tone and texture. It is a great treatment for sun damage and skin discolorations as well.


There are a variety of injectable products available to allow individuals to restore the look of their skin. These injectables can restore the features of a person’s youth and prevent some issues that occur during aging.

Botox and other toxins are an option for patients to remove fine lines and wrinkles. These neurotoxins are injected in specific areas to paralyze the nerves. Paralyzing the nerves causes the area to relax and removes the lines and wrinkles in that area. If performed early, when the first signs of wrinkles appear, it can sometimes prevent wrinkles from forming.

Other injectables can include filler products. These products help to plump areas of the skin that have lost fullness due to aging. One common area people have filled in their lips. As a person ages, lips can lose their plump appearance. Fillers can restore the lips to their younger look.

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Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Some med spas even offer nonsurgical body contouring for their guests. Even with the most dedicated fitness routine and healthy diet, many people face issues with areas of fat that do not seem to change. These stubborn areas can be very difficult to eliminate with just diet and exercise. Nonsurgical body contouring provides an option for these individuals.

Unlike liposuction, which requires a surgical procedure, nonsurgical body contouring allows guests to remove stubborn fat without the risks and downtime associated with surgery. Depending on the location and services available, guests can choose either cold treatments or heat and radio frequency treatments.

Either option allows patients to have their stubborn fat cells destroyed without breaking the skin. The dead fat cells are then removed from the body naturally. Over the next few weeks after treatment, guests can begin to see those stubborn areas disappear.

Health, beauty, and relaxation have always been an important part of many people’s lives. A med spa offers the services needed to maintain those aspects in one location.

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