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Mobile internet packages code weekly offer you a great deal of benefit as compared to other internet service providers. The package is very cheap and gives you access to various services from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can also subscribe to a service that is customized to your needs. Read on to learn more about the different types of packages.

Validity period

One of the best mobile telecommunication providers in Saudi Arabia, Mobily, offers a wide range of prepaid internet packages that meet the requirements of users of all kinds. These packages are not only limited to a single network, but also offer high-speed surfing and gaming options.

Aside from a reliable communication service, ooredoo postpaid plans offers an array of other services such as calling, social networking, and much more. The company caters to both individual and business customers. Besides, it has branches across the Kingdom, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can get the best services.

You can choose from a variety of packages, from one-week and three-month subscriptions to a monthly data plan. In addition, you can subscribe to bundles that combine various services. For instance, you can enjoy a one-month subscription to the Mobily app, along with 100 minutes for local calls and one GB of internet data.

While you can check your internet data balance on your smartphone, the simplest way to do it is by using the Mobily app. This app will give you an accurate count of the amount of data you have used, and will show you a variety of useful information about the company.

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Mobily offers a wide range of internet packages. The packages are designed to meet the needs of the customers and their budget. Besides, the packages are available for both prepaid and postpaid users. In addition, these packages are offered at affordable prices.

Choosing a package plan is easy for Mobily customers. They can also purchase new sim cards in any shop. However, they need to activate the packages by using the activation code. Once you get the activation code, you can start to enjoy your Internet packages.

Mobily also provides a monthly Internet package. During the month, you can enjoy 300 GB of free Internet and unlimited calling minutes. Moreover, you can have social media data and video sharing data. This monthly data plan is valid for six months.

If you need a shorter validity period, you can choose a weekly package. This plan can be activated by sending the activation code to 1100.

Expiry date

Mobily offers a range of internet packages in order to meet the needs of its burgeoning customer base. A variety of internet packages are available to suit every consumer’s budget. Some of the popular data packages offered by the company include the 600GB Mobily data package and the 150MB Mobily data package. These packages can be subscribed to by dialing the relevant numbers. Alternatively, you can buy a sim card at any nearby Mobily outlet and enjoy unlimited data on the go.

The company also offers other internet related services such as routers and postpaid internet plans. However, the most popular package is the Mobily prepaid sim. This device comes in handy whenever you want to access your favorite social networking websites. You can buy this sim card in various sizes and customize your prepaid internet plans to your specific needs.

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Mobily is one of the largest telecom operators in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its prepaid and postpaid service is available throughout the country. With its impressive array of offerings, Mobily can serve the needs of consumers in any corner of the kingdom.


Mobily is one of the largest internet networks in Saudi Arabia, and it has the largest internet population in the region. The company provides diverse services, including postpaid data packages, fleet management, IoT solutions, and surveillance solutions. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing networks in the country.

The company offers diverse data packages, from the smallest postpaid package at 5 GB to the unlimited internet connectivity package. Users can also choose to unsubscribe from their current Mobily 4G Internet package. If users want to check their current balance, they can dial a USSD code or visit the Mobily app.


Aside from checking the current balance, customers can also use the Mobily app to manage subscriptions and monitor their internet data consumption. The company’s app is easy to use, and provides accurate information about your internet data and subscriptions. Unlike other mobile operators, the Mobily app does not require you to enter a code, send SMS, or download a special app.

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