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Dental implants are a common option for replacing one or more lost or decaying teeth. Mini dental implants are a newer type that uses a 1-piece screw that is a little smaller than 3 millimeters (mm) in diameter — slightly more than 1/10 of an inch. This surgery is thought to be an excellent choice for patients who cannot receive traditional dental implants. However, they are not appropriate for all types of dental decay. You can get help from Nashville family dentistry, such as  Dillard Dental Services, about what type of implant is required for your teeth. 

Nashville Family Dentistry – Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a permanent tooth replacement option as a popular alternative to bridges and dentures. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or keep dentures in place. Mini dental implants are just as beneficial as traditional implants. Still, they have some additional advantages due to their smaller size, such as the fact that the operation is significantly less complex. So some of the benefits of mini dental implants are given below. 

Faster Recovery Time

Many people heal more rapidly because of the small size and minimally invasive treatment utilized to implant mini dental implants.

Cost Saving 

The price of micro dental implants varies. They are, however, frequently less costly than regular dental implants at Nashville Family Dentistry. 

Less Invasive Surgery

Mini dental implants can be implanted using local anesthesia. The treatment is substantially less intrusive than traditional dental implants and maybe less painful. But for the best treatment, it is essential to get assistance from the best Nashville family dentistry. 

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Less Jawbone Density is Required

Traditional dental implants need a particular amount of jawbone mass to maintain their size. Mini implants are smaller and do not need as much jawbone mass as traditional implants. It makes them an excellent choice for patients who have lost jawbone density due to dental decay, accident, or bone loss caused by illnesses like osteoporosis.

Can be Performed Without Bone Grafting

Patients who do not have enough jaw mass to support traditional dental implants frequently require jawbone grafting before implants can be inserted. It might take up to a year for bone grafting to fully heal. Mini dental implants can eliminate the requirement for bone transplants.

Can Fit Easily into Narrow Spaces of Your Mouth

Mini dental implants are frequently a preferable alternative for replacing small teeth, fitting into narrow spaces, and for patients with small jaws.

Less Painful to Insert and Fix

Mini implants are less painful to insert and fix than traditional dental implants because of their small size.

More Fast Outcomes

Multiple visits are required for traditional dental implants. Traditional dental implant screws can’t be used until the jaw and gums have healed. On the other hand, replacement teeth for small dental implants are frequently inserted on the same day as the implant operation.

More Long-lasting than Bridges or Dentures

Bridges and dentures can aid persons who have lost teeth. However, they should not be used as a replacement for permanent solutions such as mini or even traditional dental implants.

Avoids Facial Collapse

A mini implant is placed in your jawbone, enabling your teeth and jaw to retain their prior position and size.

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Natural Looking Results 

Mini implants can produce natural-looking outcomes while also improving your overall oral health.

Contact the Best Dentist in Nashville for Mini Dental Implants 

You need to take care of your mini dental implants like you would your natural teeth. They can wear down or decay if they are not properly cared for. Brushing, flossing, and regular dental check-ups are vital for keeping your mini-implant in alignment. Mini dental implants are a long-term solution for tooth loss as long as they are properly maintained. And for that, you have to contact Nashville family dentistry for dental services. It is very essential to choose the right one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do mini-implants prevent bone loss?

Mini implants can support crowns, bridges, or implant-supported dentures. They are composed of the same titanium alloy as conventional size dental implants. They have the same coverage that allows them to attach to the jaw bone, preventing additional bone loss and degeneration of the size and contour of the jawline.

Why do you use mini implants?

Mini dental implants can replace a single tooth or many teeth or keep dentures stable. The following are some of the potential advantages of these implants: Surgical procedures are less intrusive. With localized anesthesia, mini dental implants can be implanted.

How do you care for mini implants?

Cleaning mini dental implants are similar to cleaning regular teeth. Patients should clean and floss their teeth at least twice a day and visit the dentist twice a year to check the implants and natural teeth.


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