Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Bring Nature Inside Modern Home

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Bring Nature Inside Modern Home
Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Bring Nature Inside Modern Home
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Wood cabinets are unquestionably the most common type of cabinet. If you are planning to go for new cabinets, chances are high that at some point, you have thought about going for wood-based cabinets.

While industrial materials continue to overcome the world of cabinet manufacturing, wood cabinets still hold a respectable position in the industry. It is from this background that we seek to uncover the fuss about natural wood cabinets. 

If you ever want to know anything about natural wood kitchen cabinets, continue reading this article. We aim to let you know everything about natural wood cabinets; their features; types, and benefits of buying them. 

About Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are cabinet designs engineered from hardwood species. Generally speaking, wood was the sole material for designing different kinds of furniture in the classic or traditional ages. 

For this reason, natural wood cabinets are more often considered classic than modern. But while they are considered classic designs, natural wood kitchen cabinets have beaten the majority of contemporary designs in terms of popularity to the extent of becoming the top cabinet trends. 

Modern homeowners admire natural wood cabinets for the following reasons; 

  1. Versatility

Wood-based cabinets are notably versatile because designers use different types of hardwoods to craft them. Natural wood kitchen cabinets come in types, for example, oak, teak, maple, and cherry kitchen cabinets. Modern varieties feature countless cabinet styles, the most distinguished being open-shelved and flat-panel designs. 

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Besides varieties with natural wood undertones, including weathered natural wood undertones, natural wood cabinet varieties feature painted cabinets. You can find them in almost all kinds of paint and stain. 

  1. Extended Lifespan

Due to their strong material structure, natural wood cupboards boast unequaled resilience against the effects of tear and wear.  Whether you choose to install them in a kitchen with low or high traffic, you can be sure that they will serve you longer than you expected. 

Natural wood finishes are exceptionally scratch-resistant and are less susceptible to peel-offs and dents. Due to the ease of outfitting natural wood, you can make natural wood kitchen cabinets serve you forever simply by remodeling them. 

  1. Functionality

Wood cabinets are not only admirable based on their longer lifespan and design multiplicity but also their functionality. Their surfaces are the easiest to clean and maintain while their strong hardwood material structure provides a better value for money. 

With wood-based cabinets, you can design your pantry according to any design because they are compatible with all interior designs. Moreover, the fact that natural wood cabinets are simpler to outfit means that you can easily use them to optimize your cookhouse based on your tastes. 

Common Types of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

As we have already noted, versatility is an attribute that markedly defines natural wood kitchen cabinets. Wood-based cabinets exist in different types. The most notable types of natural wood cabinets include the following; 

#1: Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Widely admired for their charming honey-colored natural wood undertones, oak cabinets are the most prominent types of natural wood cabinets. Whether you go for their pained or unpainted models, you will appreciate their strength and beauty as well as their coarse finish, which makes them difficult to scratch or stain. 

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#2: Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Maple cabinets are mostly cherished for their practical value. With fine finishes marked by high luster, these drawers stand out as easier to work with. Like varieties of natural wood cabinets, maple drawers boast toughness against tear and wear and are incredibly durable. 

#3: Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

As is the case of all varieties of natural wood kitchen cabinets, cherry cabinets draw their name from cherry, one of the most common types of hardwoods. With unique straight-grained finishes, cherry cupboards stand out as not only easier to paint or stain but also strongly resistant to the effects of old age. 

Benefits of Buying Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Better Value for Money

Because of the proven strength properties of all varieties of hardwoods, all types of natural wood cabinets can give you impressive value for your money, especially if you perfectly take care of them. Besides the fact that they can fetch a good resale price, natural wood cabinets are cheaper to work with. 

  1. Perfect Chance to Choose from Unlimited Options

Because their versatility is unequaled, natural wood kitchen cabinets can seamlessly give you unbounded access to unlimited cabinetry design options. You can easily find your perfect design among natural wood cabinet varieties, regardless of how easy or difficult it is to find your ideal design. 

  1. Convenience 

Natural wood cabinets are to a large extent defined by convenience. Because of the natural availability of natural wood, these drawers are more common than cabinets crafted from other materials. In terms of usage and maintenance, wood cabinets are simpler to style and can mix with several interior décor elements, including colors and material textures. 

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Disadvantages of Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

While they call for global acclamation, wood cabinets have downsides, of which the most notable include the following; 

  • High Cost of Purchase: Wood cabinets are commonly sold at higher prices compared to other types of cabinets. Considering the functional aspects of natural wood cabinets, their high prices are to some extent, justifiable Manufacturers often use the high-quality properties of natural wood to justify exorbitant prices of wood cupboards. 
  • Susceptibility to Damage by Water: While they are unquestionably tough against scratches, dirt, stains, and dents, natural wood kitchen cabinets can easily be destroyed by water. To prevent them from being damaged by water, interior designers recommend that you keep the area where they are as well as their worktops, dry at all times. 

Final Thoughts

As the use of natural materials continues to be emphasized in the contemporary interior design industry, natural wood kitchen cabinets are becoming more prominent in kitchen interior design. Currently, they are among the top trending cabinet designs. The majority of modern homeowners admire natural wood for different reasons, of which the most evident include extended lifespan, convenience in usage and maintenance, as well as unparalleled functional characteristics. 

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