NBA 2K23 – Jason Richardson’s Diamond ‘Shades Of’ Player Card

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28th September 2022

Whenever you’re looking for the cheapest NBA 2k MT Coins on the market, A6K is the only place for you to visit any time, any day!

Former basketball greats like Jason Richardson might no longer be playing in the NBA today, but they can certainly be recruited inside MT, just like his own player card introduced in the newest ‘Shades Of’ card pack today!

Ex-professional basketball player, James Richardson, had a very illustrious career during his playing time between 2001 and 2015.

Representing Golden State Warriors, Charlotte Bobcats, Phoenix Suns, Orlando Magic, and Philadelphia 76ers, Richardson was extremely wanted by many.

Although Richardson is now no longer seen on the basketball court, you can still have him play for your own MT squad in NBA 23, especially with his latest Diamond player card added in the newest card pack, ‘Shades Of’!

Richardson’s new player card showcases extraordinary attributes like:

(SG/ SF) Jason Richardson’s Diamond ‘Shades Of’ Player Card: OVR 94

  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 99
  • Shot IQ (Shooting): 98
  • Driving Dunk (Inside Scoring): 97
  • Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95
  • Vertical (Athleticism): 95

Scoring points for your team is a breeze for the former fearsome shooting guard/ small forward.

Even better, his in-game Badges also help in that regard:

  • Finishing
    • Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)
    • Limitless Takeoff (Hall of Fame)
    • Posterizer (Hall of Fame)
    • Acrobat (Gold)
    • Fearless Finisher (Gold)
    • A few others
  • Shooting
    • Catch and Shoot (Gold)
    • Corner Specialist (Gold)
    • Green Machine (Gold)
    • Volume Shooter (Gold)
    • Amped (Silver)
    • Many more!
  • Playmaking
    • Ankle Breaker (Silver)
    • Clamp Breaker (Silver)
    • Handles for Days (Silver)
    • Hyperdrive (Silver)
    • Killer Combos (Silver)
    • Etc.
  • Defensive
    • Pick Dodger (Gold)
    • Pogo Stick (Gold)
    • Menace (Silver)
    • Challenger (Bronze)

The ‘Shades Of’ card pack could definitely help you out by offering players like Richardson for your MT adventures ahead.

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If you missed out on the card pack, though, Richardson is bound to appear in the Auction House sooner or later, and you can recruit him via MT Coins instead.

Think you’re short on NBA 2K MT Coins for the job?

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