Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India In 2021

This post was most recently updated on May 9th, 2021

A Multi-level marketing company which is also called Network Marketing is a controversial marketing strategy for selling the products where the revenue of the Multi-level marketing company is derived from a non-salaried workforce selling the company’s products, where the earnings of participants are derived from a pyramid-shaped system.

Multi-level marketing is also known as pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing. Multi-level marketing is a form of direct sales in which independent representatives sell products or services from one company to an end customer.

Many Multi-level marketing companies generate billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of millions of dollars in annual profit. The top 10 Network marketing companies in India in 2021 are:

List of Top 10 Network Marketing Companies in India : [Updated 2021]



This company was founded in 1980 and it employs an estimated 8,000 people worldwide. It is a global Multi-level Marketing corporation that develops and sells dietary supplements.

It is a Global Nutrition company paving the way for healthy, active life making a mark globally for 40 years and in India for 21 years.

In 2020, Herbalife Nutrition India strengthens its nutritional principles by diving into the vast knowledge of Ayurveda. Their products are exclusive and sold through independent Herbalife nutrition associates.

Herbalife nutrition founder MARK HUGHES’s vision was aligned with improving people’s lives through better nutrition and an unparalleled business opportunity.

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Vestige was started by Mr. GAUTAM BALI along with Mr. KANWAR BIR and Mr. DEEPAK SOOD.

Vestige started its operation in the year 2004 and is now becoming the leading direct selling company dealing in world-class wellness products.
Vestige has several products that provide good health and wealth.

Vestige is considered as one of the best companies in our nation because it offers a wide range of products and every year add 15 new products to the line. Vestige provides an opportunity for every distributor so they can earn well and change their lives.

Vestige’s vision was to help people live a life of economic independence on their own terms.



Oriflame is a Multi-level marketing company that primarily sells beauty and personal care products. It is founded in the year 1967 in Sweden.

Oriflame is a global giant and a trusted name in the field of lifestyle and beauty products. Their products are synonyms for class and affordability.
For over 50 years, Oriflame has been empowering people to make a change in their lives.

There are two ways to earn with oriflamme. One-you can increase your earnings by making 20% profit on collecting the orders from customers. second, you can build a team of persons to join oriflamme.



Modicare limited is Non -government company incorporated on July 12th,1973. It is a public unlisted company and classified as Company limited by shares.

Modicare company’s capital stands at Rs.2400 lakhs and has 30.76% paid-up capital which is 738.3 lakhs. Modicare has the most experienced and professional management which helps in building the system.

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Medicare is a part of MODI GROUP which is over $2.8 billion wort



Amway is an American Multi-level Marketing company that sells health, beauty, and home care products. This company was found in 1959 by JAY VAN ANDEL and RICHARD DE VOS.

Amway is India’s leading Network marketing company or direct selling company with more than 150 workplaces in India.

An Amway business rewards you for selling products and help you to make others do the same. Amway products are good and are worth trying. Amway offers a low-risk, low-cost opportunity backed by a money-back guarantee.



Avon is a direct sales company in the household, beauty, and personal care products. Avon had annual sales of $5.57 billion worldwide in 2019. It was founded in 1885 by DAVID H. Mc CONNELL.

For 130 years Avon has stood for women providing innovative, quality products. Avon is the 14th largest beauty company with 6.4 million representatives and is the second-largest direct selling enterprise.



Forever Living has the highest quality ALOE VERA and BEE-based products and is recognized as the world’s leading Multi-level Marketing opportunity for 40 years.

It is an American privately held Multi-level marketing company based in Scottsdale, Arizona which manufactures and markets aloe-vera-based drinks and personal care products. Forever living company was founded in 1978 by REX MAUGHAN.



MI lifestyle marketing has developed sub-brands within itself, each of which holds its own brand identity.

MI lifestyle is an Indian-based MLM company started in 2013 in Chennai.
MI lifestyle marketing is a direct selling company that deals with the distribution of a wide range of high-quality, lifestyle products for day-to-day life.

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safe shop

The Safe shop started on the 14th of December 2000 and register under the company act 1956. The Safe shop is fully safe and secured.

Safe shop company pays more attention to certain selected products for direct selling to its customer. The Safe shop has achieved corporate MLM plans.



NASWIZ holidays private limited is a Non-government company incorporated on 15th March 2012. Naswiz is a private unlisted company. Renowned MLM company that offers home appliances to the general public through direct selling and online selling.

NASWIZ holidays private limited is major in transport, communication business, and storage.




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