New Zealand Jolted by Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

New Zealand Jolted by Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
New Zealand Jolted by Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
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25 April 2023, Bengaluru, India

This news comes straight from Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, reporting that the nation is hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7.2 on the Richter scale. 

The tremors were felt in the Kermadec Islands region at 12:41 pm local time. It is alleged that the earthquake had a depth of 49 kilometers. 

New Zealand’s National Emergency Management Agency reported that people should self-evacuate to a higher place away from the coast where the earthquake was felt for a minute or longer. The Agency also reported a possible tsunami and requested people nearby to clear off immediately and take shelter far inland or at any higher place. 

 Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
Image source: Scientific American

While a tsunami threat was still on the chart, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre confirmed that there was no immediate tsunami threat to the Hawaii region and a wider Pacific area. 

A piece of greater news was then reported to the people of New Zealand that after closely assessing the earthquake, the threat of a tsunami was cleared off the chart for New Zealand. 

New Zealand Jolted by Massive 7.2 Magnitude
Image source: The Guardian

While the effects of the earthquake tremors were felt by people, it was a relief that the earthquake didn’t affect much in the area. There have been no casualties or destruction in the area. The Island was uninhabited except for Raoul Islands, where some scientists stay and carry out meteorological observations or weed control work. It was their lucky day as no one got hurt in the earthquake. 

New Zealand Jolted by Massive 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake
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The Kermadec Islands are a regular site for large and frequent earthquakes in the region. Previous instances were reported where people saw earthquakes of magnitude more than 8 in the Kermadec Islands region. 

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