Non-Alcoholic Beer vs. Alcohol-Free Beer: How is it made and its benefits.

Non-Alcoholic Beer
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Do you want to eat healthy and still enjoy craft beer? One of the latest trends is to choose one of the many non-alcoholic beer options available today. But, it is important to distinguish between non-alcoholic beverages and alcohol-free beverages. Zero-Zero 0.0% are considered Alcohol-Free with a maximum amount of alcohol by volume of less than 0.05% ABV. While Non-Alcoholic beverages may contain up to but less than 0.5% Alcohol by Volume. 

The benefits of NA Beer and AF Beer are plentiful. But we would like to highlight the process and effects of non-alcoholic beer compared to traditional beer, and how it translates into adding NA options to moderating drinking lifestyle. 

How is non-alcoholic beer made?

The production of non-alcoholic beer is, generally speaking, a more complex process than that of regular beer. For the most part, the base beer is crafted according to traditional recipes, where malt wort is made from barley or wheat, to which hops are added, and then fermented with yeast.

Interestingly, hops do not make the drink alcoholic. It’s the yeast that is responsible for the process of fermentation and the formation of alcohol. Hops are needed to give the drink that very bitterness and delicate aroma that many people like in a beer. It is also a natural preservative that prevents bacteria from developing.

Then, for NA or AF Beer, the alcohol must be removed from the finished beer. While some people use a known as stopped fermentation, most companies now use de-alc equipment or a combination of Stopped & De-Alc. 

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The technical process most often used to produce non-alcoholic beer is spinning cone and/or membrane filtration technology: alcohol molecules “leave” the beer passing through the filter through the membranes and dissolve in water. Such beer has very similar taste, color and mouth-feel to that of beer containing alcohol.

The main benefits of non-alcoholic beer when compared to traditional beer.

The characteristics of non-alcoholic beer make it a good substitute for its traditional brews:

Containing less ethanol

Compared to alcoholic beer, it decreases the chances of damaging the stomach, esophagus, pancreas, or liver. Also, unlike drinks with a higher level of ethanol, it reduces the risks of different types of cancer.

Fewer Calories

Another benefit of non-alcoholic beer is that it contains fewer calories than traditional beer. Unlike alcoholic drinks with almost 56 calories a unit, non-alcoholic have low amounts since they provide no nutrients to the body.

Helps fight cholesterol

One of the most notable properties of this drink is its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory character, which greatly help it fight excess cholesterol.

Helps fight Insomnia

Beer is useful when it comes to combating insomnia, hops being the ingredient that causes this effect. In the case of non-alcoholic beers, this plant does not disappear, maintaining this advantage as well.

Variation in taste and aroma

One of the reasons people often forgo the benefits of non-alcoholic beer is because of the taste factor. However, with the development of new techniques by brewing companies, little by little, they are managing to emulate the flavor of their traditional option.

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In conclusion, all non-alcoholic beers are not made equal but they all share amazing benefits for your health. All NA and AF beers are naturally brewed to preserve the positive effects of a fermented product. So if you are looking to get a naturally brewed, non-alcoholic wine and beer, then your best bet is to shop at We sell all kinds of zero-proof spirits mocktails as well.

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