OLIGHT Baton 3 Pro Max 2500Lm NW Rechargeable EDC Torch

Olight Baton 3 Pro Max 2500 Lumen Rechargeable EDC Flashlight
Olight Baton 3 Pro Max 2500 Lumen Rechargeable EDC Flashlight

The strong EDC flashlight, feature a remarkable highest output of 2,500 lumens to conquer the darkest night. The latest proximity sensor has been amazingly optimized to give protection without compromising the lights beam pattern. You have the choice to permanently or temporarily disable the sensor, granting you complete control.

Experience the ease of shake to awake battery indicator feature. Just give the Baton 3 max a fast shake, and the battery indicator activities, eliminating the need to turn on the torch for a battery check. Additional, the side switch illuminates, making it effortlessly locatable and run in the dark.

With its added 5000mAh battery, the torch boasts a long runtime of up to sixty days, making it perfect for your longest workdays or adventure. The more user-friendly interface better your experience by giving an enlarged and recessed side switch, ensuring simple operation while decreasing the chance of accidental activation.


Body material: The torch is constructed with lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, ensuring ease of use and longevity.

Highest performance: With a highest output of 2,500, the flashlight gives strong illumination for many applications.

Beam distance: The flashlight has beam distance of 145 meters, permitting you to view objects in the distance with clarity.

Light intensity:  The flashlight is run using a perfect side switch, enabling simple access to different lighting modes.

Mode operation: the torch is operated using a perfect side switch, permitting simple access to different lighting modes.

Compatible batteries: This torch uses a customized 5000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, make sure reliable power for high period of time.

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Charge type: Charging the torch is made easy with the MCC3 charging cable, offering a perfect and efficient charging solution.


Level 5: The torch has a level 5 mode with a low output of one lumen, providing a remarkable runtime of sixty days.

Level 4: The flashlight provides a level 4 mode with an output of fifteen lumens, providing a runtime of 180 hours.

Level 3: The flashlight has a level 3 mode with a 120 lumens output, providing a runtime of 23 hours.

Level 2: The torch features 2 modes with a variable output ranging from 800 to 120 lumens, offering runtime of 243+ 80 minutes.

Level 1: The torch provides a level 1 mode with variable output ranging from 2,500 to 800 lumens.


Whether it is hiking, camping or exploring the wilderness, the torch strong output and beam distance make it a perfect companion for open-air activities, providing best illumination in the dark.

Emergency alert

In emergency condition, the torch strobe mode and customizable lighting modes can serve as important tools for attracting attention or signaling, ensuring visibility and safety.

Professional use

The torch is perfect for professionals working in sectors such as law enforcement, security, construction, and maintenance, providing a dependable light source for many jobs in challenging atmosphere.

Everyday carry: with its compact design and durable construction, the torch is perfect for everyday carry, giving reliable lighting in many situations, from power outages to finding items in dark areas.

Home and automotive use

The torch can be kept in your car or home as a reliable backup light source emergencies or power outages, or for general use in dimly lit areas.

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End words

The torch constructed with durable Aluminum alloy and providing a highest performance of 2,500 lumens and a beam distance of 145 meters provides a strong light solution. With its amazing mode operation using a perfect side switch and a high light intensity of 5,295 candela, it delivers targeted and intense illumination.

The torch is compatible with 5000mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, ensuring long-lasting and reliable power. Charging is made simple with the MCC3 charging cable, adding ease of its usage.