Open APIs – How does it strengthen Cloud-Based Security?

Open APIs - How does it strengthen Cloud-Based Security?
Open APIs - How does it strengthen Cloud-Based Security?

Security is one of the crucial factors in running any business. To be able to tap into one’s full potential, one needs to feel secure and comfortable in an environment.

Not only that but making sure your data is secured, no matter if it is personal or of the corporate level.

With a well-designed and robust security system, you can rest assured that digital data, as well as physical beings, are protected. This is where cloud development comes into play a crucial role and enhances security, thanks to open APIs.

Cloud-based security has become popular now particularly because of its flexibility. Flexibility to absorb completely unique systems with unique functions and operate them from a single platform.

For example, you can view the real-time picture via security cameras while also issuing totally unique commands such as granting access to a floor to an authorized person and denying the unauthorized. All with a click of a button on a single platform.

Not only that but this technology in cloud development is also very easy to use. Based on the already laid structure, any business can mold its usability according to its unique services.

Since the structure is already laid, businesses can get a head start in delivering their primary services – rather than starting from square one. As a result, cloud-based development offers growth and scalability, thanks to the open API structure.

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What Are Open APIs?

An Application Programming Interface (API) gives developers access to already existing software programmes. This enables them to expand on it and create code that facilitates communication between different technologies quickly and easily.

They provide the basis of code that enables data exchange. This way if a task is to be performed, it will have more data to execute more accurately.

They also enable another crucial functionality. Well, it is the “functionality”. They will supply the code that adds different functionality to a platform depending on the needs.

For example, in a call center. Open APIs would

·         enable a salesperson to market their ads,

·         note down potential customers based on their interest

·         pull up their contact information (as supplied by the customer through the ad)

·         make a call with the cloud-based phone system

·         send a payment link

·         and finally, a survey form

All without exiting the CRM (Client Relation Management) software designed specifically for the call center.

How Open APIs Strengthen Cloud-Based Security?

APIs act as a sort of middleman between different software to share information with one another. It enables security systems from different providers to pass data along with each other, thereby enriching their existing data pool. Hence, the security will be more holistic; and easier to manage while being much more effective at the same time.

An open API makes the job easier for developers. It provides the standards for how (even the most) disparate software programs will communicate with each other. With an open API, a developer can simply skip the initial code writing steps – just to make programs work together – and focus on building a unique, functional software application.

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Final Thoughts – Open APIs Open Doors (Sometimes Literally) And Can Keep On Expanding Upon It

The amazing thing about open APIs is that they bring totally dissimilar systems together and work effectively with each other.

For example, you would have heard about motion sensor lights. The drawback? You can’t sit stationary, otherwise, the lights would turn off.

Open APIs solve this issue by connecting systems that have never worked together before –building management and physical access. By connecting your access control system with lighting, you could communicate when the lights need to be turned on or off.

This can be expanded to the HVAC technology, to adjust the temperature based on occupancy and floor activity. This will incredibly reduce energy bills, provide a greater ROI (return on investment), and provide you with a complete set of data to integrate into your developing usage with time.

Cloud development has certainly opened new horizons for the technology. From what started as a simple communication to grant access based on an image viewed on a security camera, the open APIs are enabling building management that includes lighting, temperature control, elevator usage, and much much more. 


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