Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?
Paint Protection Film: Is It Worth It?

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2023

If you’re looking to protect your car’s surface, there are two popular options for you to consider. You can choose either paint protection film or ceramic coating. But which one is the best option for you? In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an i Nonformed decision.

How Long Does Paint Protection Film Last?

Paint protection films are made from polyurethane and last up to 7 years when properly installed and maintained. The films come in multiple layers, with each layer providing additional protection against abrasion, scratches, and other environmental damage. Over time, however, the film may start to yellow and fade due to UV exposure. To prolong its life, it is recommended that you wax your car regularly and avoid washing it with harsh chemicals.

How Much Does Paint Protection Film Cost?

The cost of paint protection film will vary depending on the size of the car and how much coverage is needed. Generally speaking, an average-sized sedan will cost between $350-$500 for full coverage of the front bumper area alone. Additional areas such as fenders and hood also need to be considered if desired. For more extensive coverage (e.g., full vehicle wrap), expect to pay upwards of $2000 or more depending on the brand used and the quality of installation performed by a professional installer.

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Paint Protection Film vs. Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are a newer technology than paint protection films but offer some advantages that films do not have, including extreme hydrophobicity (water repellency) properties as well as additional gloss retention over time compared to unprotected surfaces. On the downside, ceramic coatings typically don’t last as long as paint protection films (2-3 years), nor do they provide any real scratch resistance like a good quality film would do – although they may hide some light scratches better than unprotected surfaces would do without a protective coating layer applied over it first. Ceramic coatings are also much more expensive than paint protection films at around $1000-$1500+ for full vehicle coverage, so it really depends on your budget as well as how much longevity/protection you want for your car’s finish before making a decision between these two choices here today!

How to Maintain Paint Protection Film

To maintain your paint protection film properly, you should wash your car regularly using mild soap and water only – no harsh chemicals! You should also wax it every 6 months or so with a good quality Carnauba Wax which helps keep the surface glossy while helping protect against UV rays which can eventually cause discoloration/yellowing over time with most PPF products available today on market shelves right now too! Additionally, regular inspection of any exposed edges or seams is recommended in order to ensure that these areas remain sealed tight at all times – failure to do so could result in dirt/debris being able to creep underneath, eventually leading to premature edge peeling off down the line later down the road, unfortunately, 🙁    Finally, always consult a trusted professional installer if in doubt about any particular installation/maintenance questions – they’ll be able to help out best here overall hands down!

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What is a Trusted Paint Film Protection Brand?  

XPEL is one of the most trusted brands in paint film protection today thanks largely due their commitment towards product innovation over many years now since 1997 – they’ve been creating top-notch automotive surface wraps ever since then, consistently delivering higher levels of performance both from an aesthetic & durability standpoint versus other competitors out there currently period end story without fail guaranteed every single time guaranteed!   They’re also one of few companies which offer totally free lifetime warranties on their products too when installed correctly & maintained properly per manufacturer’s instructions – something very few other brands actually offers out there today as far we know.

Install Paint Protection Film in Georgia   

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