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Retrospectively, we look back over 30 years of a successful business: Pakistan Cargo has evolved from a modest transportation and forwarding business to become one of Pakistan’s largest logistics companies in the present. Look over the key milestones in our success

1984: Established
1987: became an IATA member.
1988 The company was register in 1988 as a limited liability corporation
1997 Concorde Logistics, an NVOCC company establish under the administration of PCS.
1998 Royal Aviation (Pvt) Ltd. It is a new add-on to the PCS group of air chartering services.
1998: Became GSA from Royal Saudi Airline for north region from 1998 until 2012.
2000: Established Pak Royal Travels for providing tourism services.
2001 Pakistan Transport System came in the year 2001 to transportation of General and Perishable Goods across Pakistan and the border.
2004: First position among IATA freight forwarders from Pakistan and is still in this position until date.
2005: Over the border office was establishing in the UAE.
2009: For the Sea sector PCS created a huge installation dubbed Wagoners World
2010 2011: It was the year that Malaysian Airlines became GSA for Malaysian Airlines for Pakistan.
High-quality service and high-quality products are the key to our success. Being an international company We have extensive experience in integrating – and are always in tune with the local culture. We are commit to the highest quality in our products and support our clients in their markets through advance understanding, cutting-edge technologies, and a huge willingness to assist, no matter where you are.

Our aim is to become the leading supplier chain management company that specializes in cross-border logistics. With our highly skill professionals and the latest technology We can commit to providing the highest quality international Solution Services which allow our clients to make the fastest and Safest efficient decisions in their daily tasks.

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Our mission is to find the best logistics solutions for our clients. We have a broad collection of experts, and top-of-the-line transport companies. That offer the highest quality and value to our customers. We are aware of which transportation companies are reliable and offer quality. Already know instantly which transport companies are the most effective for road, air or ocean transport , to save you time and money.

Pakistan cargo contact number

We offer our customers full control and control in selecting the most reputable service providers. As well as in managing their supply chains. We earn our reward from the complete satisfaction of our clients as well as their clients and associates as we’re proud to be an integral part of the success of our customers.

PAKISTAN CARGO SERVICES provides one source of communication for your cross-border operations. Our clients have the benefit of our worldwide network of logistic service suppliers. With a single interface for orders with one order reference, one track-and trace engine and an invoice.

Our experienced and skilled team employs effective and flexible tools to meet a variety of needs. We believe that anything that can be improved requires to measure. Key performance indicators, as well as deviation follow-up, guarantee that we are constantly improving our service to be always in line with the needs of our customers.

We operate on the capacity-based model of business which corresponds to the actual volumes of the client. In practical terms, this means that there is no longer a capital tie to fixed assets, for example, systems or employees. Our solutions are flexible and instantly adaptable to the business cycle you are operating. By sharing your development efforts and knowledge with your clients, you can gain in the economics of scale.

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Our Business:
Our business is manage in the PCS HUB. This PCS HUB is manage by competent personnel. Who manage and master cross-trade strategies for our clients, for example, Dropshipping, remote warehouses and distribution. The key to ensuring long-term viability and growth. Our services are scalable and flexible and offer a range of solutions for outsourcing the development and operation. The focus of our services is distribution and other processes and using the most advanced IT and logistics capabilities.

PCS’s journey started in the early years of a couple of decades when it was establishe in 1984. PCS was establishe as an international customs and freight broker as well as a Brokerage for small-size businesses in Sialkot. Innovative operational methods enabled us to experience almost instant growth and success.

We have eight branches in Pakistan and one in the UAE together with our worldwide agents. We are able to provide our customers with full door-to-door transportation that is customize to their needs. Our belief is that the automation of transportation and I.T. development will central element of our industry in the near future.

Our most valuable asset is our committed staff of employees. The determination, motivation and loyalty of our team members. To be the best have enabled Pakistan Cargo to compete successfully on the international market. Our employees are dedicated to making a difference and deliver superior customer service that has led to the recognition of IATA to include PCS in the top three freight forwarding companies in Pakistan over the past 15 years.

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Pakistan Cargo Services branches are all over the country.Ooffering all supply chain services that are based on the most calculated time as well as cost along with the quality and quality of services.

The freight forwarding division offers all air freight forwarding as well as Sea freight forwarding and customs clearing, packing, warehousing and transportation solutions for exports and imports.

In order to assist customers in trade with India specifically and all over the world, PCS has set up its own branch and warehouse in UAE and is able to maintain its quality of service under the supervision of a control of logistics as well as an inventory control team. PCS offers special freight forwarding and consulting services to transport cargo for trade fairs.

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