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In particular, in the assembled PC market, gaming-specialized parts and peripherals are constantly appearing, attracting gamers. Here are some best PC components recommended by PC Power Up, you should know in advance to configure a PC specialized for gaming.


As the CPU is the brain of the PC system, it has a great influence on the ability to run games. Some users invest only in the graphics card and neglect the CPU, but if the performance balance between the CPU and the graphics card is not balanced, stable performance cannot be achieved. Most of the CPUs for gaming PCs are equipped with at least a Core i5 grade, and if there is enough money, a Core i7 grade.

In particular, the Core i7 is equipped with hyper-threading technology that the Core i5 does not have. This is a technology that can have a similar effect to doubling the total number of cores by logically dividing one physical core. It is advantageous when many objects appear on one screen at the same time, when processing high-level artificial intelligence, or when you want to do other tasks while playing a game at the same time.


In the recent PC memory market, DDR4 standard is the mainstream, and in gaming PCs, two 8GB are inserted to form 16GB. The 6th generation core or 7th generation core based system basically uses a memory running at PC4-17000 (2133MHz), but if you want higher performance, you can use PC4-19200 (2400MHz) or PC4-24000. Consider purchasing high-speed memory running at 3000 MHz

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However, memory with a speed exceeding PC4-17000 (2133MHz) operates as an over-clocking type through a separate setting on the motherboard. Memory over-clocking is difficult to do without know-how, and the improvement in sensible performance through over-clocking is less than that of a CPU or graphic card, so users without related knowledge can just plug in PC4-17000 (2133MHz) standard memory and use it as it is. However, for future recycling, it is more recommended to purchase a PC4-19200 (2400MHz) standard product with a small price difference.

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Graphic Card:-

The performance of the graphics card directly affects the overall driving ability of the game, so you should choose carefully when purchasing a gaming PC. Of course, the higher the product, the higher the performance, but that doesn’t mean that all gamers need an expensive graphics card. First, figure out what game you mainly play, and choose a product that suits you. If you mainly enjoy casual games with relatively low specifications, such as League of Legends (LOL) or Diablo 3, you do not need a separate graphics card, and the graphics functions built into the CPU are sufficient. However, when you want to play full-scale online games like Overwatch, FIFA Online 3, or Black Desert, if you are satisfied with the graphic quality of the medium to high level, a GeForce GTX 1050 or Radeon RX 460 that sells in the low range is suitable. You should know about sampling is applied to reports before segmentation

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