Pharmaceutical Companies in New York City
Pharmaceutical Companies in New York City

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in New York City

The United States has a multitude of booming pharmaceutical enterprises. The pharmaceutical sector in the United States is prospering to the point that it accounts for about half of the international pharmaceutical industry. We will study more about the Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in New York City

Pharmaceutical businesses in the United States made more than $440 billion in revenue in  2016. In 2019, the United States is home to five of the top ten pharmaceutical businesses in the world by revenue. As competition intensifies in the pharmaceutical industry, more acquisitions and mergers will occur, as is common practice in the business world. The industry, on the other hand, is poised for continued expansion.  

The top 10 pharmaceutical companies in New York City are listed below. 

Johnson & Johnson:  

Johnson & Johnson:

Johnson & Johnson is a pharmaceutical, medical device, and packaged products for consumers company that was founded in 1886. As of 2020, this American multinational firm has over  132,000 workers and is based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. It has over 250 sub holdings in over 60 nations.  

Since 2012, Johnson & Johnson has ranked first among the top biotech businesses in terms of sales. In 2019, the corporation made $82.059 billion in sales. Johnson & Johnson posted first-quarter sales of $20.7 billion in April 2020, representing a robust 3.3 percent increase.

The corporation made $18.3 billion and $21.1 billion in the second and third quarters of 2020,  respectively. The revenue for the second quarter fell by 10.8%. This was due to COVID-19’s influence. The strength of this corporation’s business model, the quality and breadth of its portfolio, and the company’s persistent drive toward creative solutions are reflected in the company’s 1.7 percent profit margin in the third-quarter financial report for 2020.  

The company earned USD 60.1 billion over three quarters in 2020.  It is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in New York City.  

Pfizer Inc.: 

Pfizer Inc

Pfizer Inc., based on 42nd Street in Manhattan, New York City, is an American multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm. In 1849, two German immigrants, Charles Pfizer  (1824–1906) and his relative Charles F. Erhart (1821–1891) founded the corporation in New  York.  

Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in immunological, cancer, cardiology,  endocrinology, and neurological drugs. The corporation has numerous blockbuster pharmaceuticals or treatments that produce yearly revenues of more than $1 billion each. In  2020, the United States contributed 52 percent of the company’s revenue, China and Japan contributed 6% each, and other nations contributed 36%.  

From 2004 until August 2020, Pfizer was a part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock market index. On the Fortune 500, the firm is ranked 64th, while on the Forbes Global 2000, it is ranked 49th.  

Pfizer Inc. is one of the most famous pharmaceutical companies in New York City. 

Amicus Therapeutics:  

Amicus Therapeutics

Amicus Therapeutics, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a publicly-traded American biopharmaceutical firm. In 2007, the firm went public under the NASDAQ moniker FOLD.  This was in response to a proposed offering in 2006 and subsequent withdrawal, that could have defined AMTX as the trading symbol.  

Amicus was supported by several venture capital companies before its IPO, notably including  Radius Ventures, Canaan Partners, and New Enterprise Associates.  

Amicus Therapeutics is one of the biggest names in New York City in the pharmaceutical industry.  

Bristol-Myers Squibb: 

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is a New York-based international pharmaceutical business.  BMS is one of the world’s major pharmaceutical businesses, often appearing on the Fortune  500 list of the world’s most powerful organizations. It generated total sales of $39.3 billion as of September 2020.  

Bristol Myers Squibb produces prescribed medications and biological drugs for cancer, Aids,  cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and mental disorders, among other therapeutic areas.  

BMS’s main research and development centres are in New Jersey, Redwood City, California,  and Boudry, Switzerland, with other locations in Devens and Cambridge, Massachusetts; East  Syracuse, New York; Braine-l’Alleud, Belgium, Tokyo, Japan; Bangalore, India; and Wirral in the United Kingdom.  

BMS operated a research and development facility in Wallingford, Connecticut before that.  BMS is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in New York City.  

Turing Pharmaceuticals: 

Turing Pharmaceuticals

Vyera Pharmaceuticals (previously Turing Pharmaceuticals) is a Swiss-based pharmaceutical business with operations in New York City. In September 2017, the company changed its name to Vyera Pharmaceuticals and began doing business in the United States.  

Daraprim (pyrimethamine), for treating toxoplasmosis, and Vecamyl (mecamylamine hydrochloride), for the treatment of hypertension, are the company’s two marketed drugs.  Having completed its acquisition of the medication’s rights in 2015, the business was heavily chastised for increasing the price of daraprim by 5456 percent. The company’s shares decreased roughly 10% after the drug’s price increase. Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing  Pharmaceuticals, was widely chastised for his behaviour. Alan Turing, a computer scientist, was the inspiration for the company’s name.  

Vyera Pharmaceuticals is one of the biggest pharma companies in New York City. 

Charles River Laboratories International Inc.: 

Charles River Laboratories International Inc

Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. is an American pharmaceutical firm that provides clinical and preclinical laboratory services, as well as gene therapy and cellular therapeutic 

services to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech sectors. It also offers help in the areas of fundamental research, drug development, effectiveness and safety, clinical support,  and manufacturing, as well as outsourcing services for research and development in the pharmaceutical business (for example, contract research organization services).  

In 2018, the company’s diverse portfolio enabled it to support the development of around 85 percent of FDA-approved medications.  

Renowned pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical, governmental, and educational organizations throughout the world are among its clients. The corporation employs around  18,400 employees worldwide and has over 90 sites in 20 countries.  

This company is one of the most prominent pharmaceutical companies in New York City. 

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.: 

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology business based in Westchester County,  New York, approximately 25 miles north of Manhattan. The business was established in 1988.  The firm began by studying neurotrophic factors and their regeneration powers, thus its name,  and subsequently expanded to include cytokine and tyrosine kinase receptor research.  

Aflibercept, a VEGF inhibitor, and rilonacept, an interleukin-1 blocker, were created by  Regeneron. VEGF is a polypeptide that ordinarily promotes blood vessel formation, whereas  interleukin-1 is a protein that normally reduces inflammation.  

Regeneron stated in May 2020 that it will repurchase approximately $5 billion in shares owned solely by Sanofi. Sanofi owned 23.2 million Regeneron shares before the deal.  

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in New York City. 

Intercept Pharmaceuticals:  

Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company based in the United States that focuses on the development of novel synthetic bile acid analogues to treat chronic liver diseases such as primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC), now known as primary biliary cholangitis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (or non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, NASH), cirrhosis, portal hypertension, primary sclerosing cholangitis, and bile acid diarrhea.  

It is one of the more well-known pharmaceutical companies in New York City. 

Caladrius Biosciences: 

Caladrius Biosciences

Caladrius Biosciences is a biopharmaceutical business based in the United States that specializes in stem cell treatment and tissue regeneration medicines, with a focus on cardiovascular disorders (as of 2012).  

Corniche Group Inc, Phase III Medical Inc, and NeoStem, Inc. were the company’s previous names before adopting its present name in 2015.  

Caladrius Biosciences is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in New York City.



ICON is biomedical information and medical research organization based in Ireland that offers pharmaceutical companies consultation, clinical research, and commercialization services.  ICON had 38,000 workers in 147 sites across 46 countries as of November 2021.ICON is among the top pharmaceutical companies in New York City.  

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in New York City with their Websites:

Sr No.Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies in New York CityWebsites
1Johnson & Johnsonhttps://www.jnj.in/
2Pfizer Inchttps://www.pfizer.com/
3Amicus Therapeuticshttps://www.amicusrx.com/
4Bristol-Myers Squibbhttps://www.bms.com/
5Turing Pharmaceuticalshttps://www.vyera.com/
6Charles River Laboratories International Inchttps://www.criver.com/
7Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inchttps://www.regeneron.com/
8Intercept Pharmaceuticalshttps://www.interceptpharma.com/homepage-non-usa/
9Caladrius Bioscienceshttps://www.caladrius.com/
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Frequently Asked Questions: 

How to make a fortune in the pharmaceutical industry?  

Each organization in this critical industry looks for a certain set of talents and qualities in its employees. Even so, there are several things you may do to make yourself more appealing to  any of these big pharmaceutical businesses.  

A master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, such as Pharmacology, Medicinal Chemistry, or  Biomedical Science, will help you acquire the skills required to succeed in the pharmaceutical  sector and boost your chances of securing your ideal career at one of these firms.  

What are the names of the top five pharmaceutical companies?  

Johnson & Johnson is one of the world’s top five pharmaceutical companies.  

Abbott Laboratories and Roche are some other well-known companies that make quality  pharmaceutical products.  

Pfizer which has recently become a household name across the world because of its Covid 19  vaccine is another big name in the USA  

Novartis is another big name in this industry.  

Which Indian pharmaceutical business is the most successful?  

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.  

The pharmaceutical business is enjoying tremendous expansion at the moment. This constant rise can be attributed to an ageing population that requires modern drugs. Recently, growth has risen even more as demand intensifies to create COVID-19 vaccines.  

As the sector expands, so does the need for competent people to enter the workforce.  

Employees in the pharmaceutical business report excellent work satisfaction and pay substantially above the national average, with an average annual compensation of slightly over  $90,000. Pharmaceutical sciences are a sensible career option, given the favourable career outlook and rich perks offered across the sector. 



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