Philadelphia brain injury lawsuit: Seek legal help immediately

Suffering a brain injury can change your life forever. Various types of accidents can cause severe brain injuries, including slip and fall accidents, automobile and motorcycle accidents, spinal cord injuries, construction accidents, and assault. If you think you have a valid case, you should consider talking to a Philadelphia brain injury lawyer without any further delay. Here’s more on how such cases tend to differ from other PI cases and how an attorney can help. 

Types of brain injuries

A brain injury can be classified into Acquired Brain Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. An Acquired Brain Injury is not related to an external factor. For instance, the patient may have had a tumor, which caused damage to the brain. A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is related to an external factor, such as being hit on the head or falling on a slippery surface. Unfortunately, brain injuries often cause a number of other issues like cognitive impairment, weakened physical capabilities, changes in behavioral patterns, and memory loss. Some patients even deal with mental health issues related to the injury, such as depression. 

Brain injury lawsuits are different

Because a brain injury could alter everything about your normal life, you can expect to get both economic and non-economic damages. There is no way to put a price tag on what a person may have suffered because of a brain injury, and therefore, it’s necessary to seek the right amount in compensation. Cases involving a brain injury often have higher settlements, and compared to other personal injury lawsuits, the work involved in bringing a claim is often extensive. You must demonstrate how the other party’s negligence caused your injuries and led to your suffering. 

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Get an attorney

Proving the impact of a brain injury and presenting your case can be hard. Your best resource is a law firm that’s locally based in Philadelphia and has worked on cases that are similar to yours. You can rely on the lawyer to take an aggressive stance and negotiate with the insurance company accordingly. Thankfully, PI cases don’t usually need a trial, but if your lawyer believes that approaching the court would help in getting a fair settlement, they won’t step away. Lawyers also know what it takes to evaluate a claim, and you only need to pay them when you get compensated. 

Call an attorney at the earliest so that they can work on evidence and gather the necessary info to represent you.

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