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With the help of the AI-powered image processing application PicWish, you can focus on more worthwhile creative work by avoiding tedious activities. You can generate ID photographs, add a shadow, set a white background, transparent background, or any other simple colours and backgrounds for your object, as well as scale the canvas. Other features include the ability to remove background in bulk and eliminate undesired objects from images.

PicWish is simple to use. Just submit an image, and the AI will instantly do the specified action, such as removing the background. To enhance the outcomes, you can also employ manual tools. PicWish is a free application to use, but it also provides a paid membership plan with extra features including higher resolution exports, batch processing, and access to a collection of stock photos.

PicWish – The Background Remover:

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the web and mobile application PicWish removes backgrounds from pictures. With convenience and AI-level intelligence, PicWish easily eliminates image backgrounds. Additionally, the web version is totally free, making it ideal for one-time users, novices, and intermediates. An easy-to-use backdrop removal programme called PicWish is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. Simply upload an image to PicWish, and the AI will automatically crop off the backdrop.

Using the PicWish backdrop removal only requires a few straightforward actions.

  • Visit PicWish’s background erasing tool.
  • Here, you can upload and crop the image you wish to utilise for your project.
  • Wait for the obvious outcome.
  • To save your output, click Download.
  • Now that the backdrop is gone, you can post the picture anywhere you choose.
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One useful feature of PicWish Windows is the ability to bulk-remove backgrounds from up to 100 photographs at once. It typically operates as predicted. Its online version is free, and its iOS app also has a pro option.

PicWish – AI Background Generator:

Based on computer vision technology and machine learning techniques, an AI background generator is a system that automatically creates pictures. Users can easily create original pieces of art by just entering text.

In this case, the processes are actually rather easy.

  • First, the user must enter their login information on the PicWish website.
  • The user must next enter the words in the text field that describe the backdrop or picture they need in unambiguous sentences.
  • Next, a style must be decided. Eight different styles are offered here, including random, illustration, oil painting, cartoon, anime, oriental style, cyberpunk, and sci-fi.
  • Then, pick between Avatar (1:1), Illustration (4:3), Wallpaper (16:9), or Poster (9:16).
  • The picture will be available when you hit create.
  • You can use or post it wherever you want after downloading it.
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It costs money to produce images because of how much computing power is used. Each generation uses six credits, with additional bonus credits.

Other Tools of PicWish

With the help of PicWish’s bulk background removal, AI retouch, and other picture editing tools, you can free up your time from tedious duties to focus on more worthwhile creative endeavours.

PicWish AI Art Generator

Here, you can transform your original thoughts into a wonderful work of art. It also gives you the option to select from many styles, including animation and illustration. Additionally, it features predefined sizes that are ideal for making wallpaper, posters, graphics, and avatars.

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Image Cropper

Utilizing PicWish’s image cropper, you can resize or change the aspect ratio of photographs. Making photographs suitable for social media, publishing, or other particular uses can be done in this way.

Image Enlarger

Without sacrificing quality, the PicWish Image Enlarger employs AI to expand pictures. For making huge prints or utilising photographs in high-resolution projects, this might be helpful.

Image Compressor

By using AI, the PicWish Picture Compressor can shrink image files without losing quality. This might be helpful for uploading photographs to the web and conserving space on your device.

Photo Colorizer

In order to colourize black and white images, the PicWish Photo Colorizer makes use of AI. This might be helpful for recovering old photographs or when producing original and creative artwork.

Face Enhancement

Utilizing AI, the PicWish Face Enhancement application enhances the look of faces in images. It can smooth skin, brighten eyes, and get rid of blemishes.

PicWish Photo Enhancer

It guarantees obtaining unambiguous findings thanks to its AI augmentation techniques. Low-resolution photographs can also be improved up to four times their original pixel count. This tool is ideal for improving the sharpness of product shots as well as profile and portrait photos that are out of focus.

White Background

You can change the backdrop of a picture with a white one with the PicWish White Background tool. This can be used to produce photographs with a neat and professional appearance for social media postings, product photos, and other purposes.

Photo Retouch

By using AI, the PicWish Photo Retouch tool can change the backdrop of a photo, remove items from it, and modify the lighting and colour.

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JPG Converter

Images can be converted to and from the JPG format with the PicWish JPG Converter tool. This is handy for converting photographs to a format that is appropriate for a certain gadget or programme.

Image to Text

AI is used by the PicWish Image to Text application to extract text from pictures. This can be used to copy text from photos that cannot be copied and pasted or to turn scanned documents into text.

AI Art Generator

Utilizing AI, the PicWish AI Art Generator creates imaginative and artistic pictures from text descriptions. This can be applied to produce distinctive and captivating photos for social media, promotional materials, or other uses.


PicWish is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to edit or enhance photos. It is flexible, precise, and easy to use. With a free plan and a premium plan with extra features, PicWish is also affordably priced. All of these instruments are simple to use and produce top-notch outcomes.

Anyone who wishes to edit photos or complete other comparable chores should use PicWish. It is flexible, precise, and easy to use. In comparison to other programmes, it not only boosts productivity but also makes user’s job easier because to its powerful AI.

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