Piece of my Heart

Piece of my Heart

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Piece of my Heart” by Nya Ando is a brilliant story written with deep point of view and a narrative that will pull you in. I stumbled upon this novel and was immediately intrigued by the book’s description. What a surprise to have found a novel with the story written in such a way that you for a second imagine you are reading something from another century, even the likeness – in my opinion – to Charles Dickens. The characters are many but each explained in detail. The author even goes deeper into each character’s past when a memory is evoked, and Ms. Ando leaves no stone unturned, successfully laying the ground work. This talented author not only allows you a glimpse into every character but achieves the task what many authors fail to do – showing the reader by her choice of words and allowing the reader to actually experience what her characters are feeling.

The plot outlines an atrocious crime committed against the woman Nicholas St. Lucas loves and plans to marry, the main character blaming himself for not protecting her. For six years he tries to make amends to those around him, never losing sight of his true love, who shuns him as she feels broken, her life shattered. “I had lost her. I was lost. That simple.” Both needing time to heal and cope with life – their lives revolve around one another although never coming into contact. The character of Nicholas and his actions during this time with other women are superbly written. “I was sad and lost, but still a man.” You not only read the words – you FEEL the emotions. You are there. You are in the moment. Each character, deeply thought out by the author, continues in Detained, each adding to the story, each bringing and strengthening the emotional connection you as the reader have with the main characters.

The plot, intricately woven, keeps you turning the pages, but it is the words, the sentences of Nya Ando which blow you away. “The traffic lights occasionally illuminated her delicate features, making it difficult to take my eyes off her and concentrate on driving. I watched her biting her full lips, and I wondered what was going through her mind, although I suspected it. We were going to my place, just the two of us, and as much as I wished she was longing for me, I knew full well that she was embarrassed, awkward, and her fear of me was on the verge of a panic attack.”

There are no wasted words, meaningless paragraphs, or senseless dialogue. This storyline is well thought out and expertly executed. I cannot say enough about Piece of My Heart. Do yourself the honor of reading book one first. You will not be disappointed.

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A talented author with a wonderful execution of a story worth reading!

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