IMD Predicts Pleasant Weather in Most Parts of India

IMD Predicts Pleasant Weather in Most Parts of India
IMD Predicts Pleasant Weather in Most Parts of India
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Thursday, 27 April 2023, Bengaluru, India

The recent weather changes around the country have been stressful and confusing. From having a brief period of thundering rains to suffering from intense heat waves, India has seen it all in the past few weeks.

Pleasant Weather in Most Parts of India
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The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has made predictions regarding the weather for the next couple of weeks to remain cool and calm, contradicting the current weather conditions. The IMD’s forecast has come as a silver lining at a time when most parts of the country are attacked by a hot and humid climate. 

The director general of IMD, Mrutyunjay Mohapatra, said that the maximum temperature is to remain below normal or near it over most parts of the country during the next two weeks, except the eastern and northeastern parts.

IMD Predicts Pleasant Weather
Image source: The Indian Express

Mohapatra said, “One reason for the normal to below normal day temperatures over many parts of India in the last few days of April and beginning of May is that on and off thundershowers and rainfall are expected to make a comeback from April 21 to May 4.”

It is also reported that the influence of the western disturbance will be seen over the northwestern part of the country. There will be isolated to scattered rainfall with thunderstorms from April 27 to May 3. People can also witness isolated to scattered rainfall in many parts of the south peninsula and central India due to cyclonic circulation. Maharashtra is likely to be hit by it.

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Isolated heatwave conditions would, however, be experienced only in some places, including Konkan, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, and north coastal Andhra Pradesh, where the probability of a cooler climate is highly unlikely.

Most parts of Maharashtra are also likely to bear witness to a below-normal day-and-night temperature during the next couple of weeks which would give people some time to stress out and enjoy the cool climate.

Skymet Weather Services president G P Sharma said, “The heatwave conditions are confined to the country’s eastern parts, such as Bihar and areas of Jharkhand, West Bengal. But the day temperatures are likely to come down soon in those parts also.”

Pleasant Weather in Most Parts of India
Image source: Times Now

“However, after about a week, thunderstorm activity is likely to return over the western regions of the country, including northwest India,” Sharma added.

Considering the current climatic conditions, a climate change in the other direction is highly necessary. Reports say that in the eastern region, schools in many places have gone against their scheduled summer vacation period by preponing the whole vacation weeks before commencing. It is not a practical vacation, and students still have to attend online classes in some places.

Sources – Times Group

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