Portable Dryer- What’s the Difference Between the Heated Fan and Fan Only Setting

Portable Dryer- What's the Difference Between the Heated Fan and Fan Only Setting

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A portable dryer is an excellent choice if you need your clothes to dry quickly and efficiently. Portable fusually have two settings, the heated fan, and the fan-only setting. When choosing between the two settings, you must consider the type of clothing being dried and the desired drying time. Here is everything you need to know about portable dryers:

Difference Between the Heated Fan and Fan Only Setting

The heated fan setting involves heat, whereas the fan only does not. Because no heat is involved in a fan-only setting, it will take longer to dry clothes. The fan-only setting will dry your clothes slower, but they will be as dry as if you had used a heated fan setting. The fan-only setting can sometimes make more noise, so if you prefer to dry your clothes quietly, use the heated one.

Since no heat is involved, the fan-only setting may be gentler on clothes. If you have fragile items that you do not want to expose to high temperatures or would like to save energy, use the fan-only setting. 

Depending on the type of dryer, the heated fan setting might necessitate more frequent lint trap emptying than the fan-only setting. This is because the heated air causes the lint to become airborne and end up in the lint trap.

Things to Look for When Buying Portable Dryers

Portable dryers are suitable for use in apartments, houses, and other small spaces. These machines are simple to transport and store. There are several things to consider when purchasing a dryer. They include:

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The Types

Different types of dryers can affect how long it takes to dry your clothes, whether they are wrinkle-free, and how you use them. The following are the most common types of dryer machines that are suitable for home use:

Tripod Portable Dryers

 A portable tripod dryer has a tripod framework for hanging and drying your clothes. These dryers are among the smallest, most versatile, and least expensive dryers available in the market. To effectively soak up and heat your clothes, they send heat waves around them. These dryers are useful for smaller clothing items like shoes, socks, gloves, or helmets.

Portable Racks 

They are made of insulating fabric. Portable racks are ideal for large amounts of clothing storage and can dry most of your garments faster than traditional methods. Their only drawback is that they are quite large, which may be an issue in smaller homes.

Electric Compact Dryers 

You can move these dryers much more easily. While they are more expensive, they provide the fastest drying times and improved technology. This is to ensure that your dried clothes are wrinkle-free and clean. They also can be aesthetically pleasing due to their metallic framework.

The Machine’s Voltage

The machine’s voltage determines the amount it will need once plugged into your home’s electrical socket. You must ensure you do not purchase a dryer machine that needs more voltage than your sockets can handle. This can cause short circuits, which can be detrimental to your property.

The Size

Pay attention to the product dimensions when going to purchase a smaller dryer. Tripod dryers would take up the least space in your home. A whole portable cloth dryer rack is much larger and takes up as much space as a small telephone booth. That is why you need to understand your drying requirements and select the best machine for your home. If your house is too small, avoid purchasing large portable dryers until there is enough space.

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The Energy Consumption

Check the energy usage of any dryer machine before purchasing it. This is to avoid purchasing a non-energy-efficient machine that will only serve to raise your electricity bills. Most dryer machines have energy star ratings. The star ratings can show the amount of energy they save. The best option is to use the most efficient dryers that meet your requirements while keeping your energy costs low.

Buy a Portable Dryer Today

Portable dryers are an excellent choice for small spaces, but it is good to understand their limitations. Do your homework on the specific model you’re interested in to ensure it will meet your requirements. Whether you want a heated or a fan-only dryer, with the right research, you can find the perfect portable dryer for your home.

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