“Preserving Heritage and Restoring Beauty: The Story of Rugs 2 Restore”

"Preserving Heritage and Restoring Beauty: The Story of Rugs 2 Restore"
"Preserving Heritage and Restoring Beauty: The Story of Rugs 2 Restore"

Salman and Mehdi are proud to announce the launch of their new business, Rugs 2 Restore. Located in the northwest of Iran, the family-run business specializes in rug repair, restoration, and cleaning, using traditional techniques that have been passed down from younger generations.

The goal of Rugs 2 Restore is twofold: to preserve the rich history and heritage of rug making in this region by honoring traditional methods and to bring new life and charm to older rugs through modern refinements. In doing so, they hope to ignite a spark among those who may not fully appreciate their own designs and pass them on to future generations with pride.

Rugs 2 will allow local customers to continue enjoying their existing vintage pieces that may need some repair or love. They also offer an extensive selection of styles for purchase – oriental designs include checkered motifs, geometric patterns, and deep-pile florals ranging from classic rustic looks to modern abstracts. Their selections are refreshed regularly throughout the year, so customers never get bored with what’s on offer.

To ensure quality customer service and impeccable craftsmanship, Rugs 2 Restore has a dedicated team of specialists who have knowledge about all aspects of rug treatment—from proper washing techniques to stitching repairs. Rest assured that rugs will be in safe hands when brought into Rugs 2 Restore for any kind of repairs or maintenance concern.

From simple fixes like rebinding frayed edges or reweaving minor damages to complete overhauls such as color correction or patchwork replacement – regardless of how delicate the task may get – you can trust that your carpets are fully taken care of by experienced hands at every step along its journey back home again.

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Rugs 2 Restore looking forward to sharing its passion for craftsmanship with its customers – both new and old – from around the world via its online store over at www. (insert website). Customers also have access to a personal assistant who can be contacted anytime during workdays for immediate consultation regarding matters related to rug care services or product selections available in-store.

We invite you all to join us in our mission! Salman and Mehdi believe that helping gather appreciation on the value furthering these traditions bring is not only fulfilling but will also reflect positively on generations after us!

Visit us at: https://rugs2restore.co.uk/

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