Prezentar Bundle Deal (Save $200) Limited Time OFFER!

Prezentar Bundle Deal
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Prezentar Bundle Deal (Fast Pass) Explained

Prezentar Bundle (fast pass) is a special package put together by the creators of Prezentar. You can get all of their products for a discounted price. This is the best way to save $200 on your purchase. The usual price of Prezentar bundle is $595 but when you use this coupon code “MARVEL” you get a $200 mega discount on the Prezentar bundle package.

Prezentar Bundle Deal Includes:

  • Prezentar Front End – The Main Software ($47)
  • Prezentar OTO 1: Prezentar Pro Upgrade ($97)
  • Prezentar OTO 2: Prezentar XFactor ($47)
  • Prezentar OTO 3: Prezentar Halo 3D ($77)
  • Prezentar OTO 4: Auto Job Finder Upgrade ($97)
  • Prezentar OTO 5: Agency Upgrade ($97)
  • Plus some premium bonuses (look below)

Prezentar Bundle Deals – What Each Upgrade Does?

Prezentar Bundle | Prezentar Fast Pass

Presenter Front End: Make amazing presentations in just minutes! Create presentations and convert them into ebooks and videos. It’s perfect for tutorials, webinars, and meetings. It is easy to use and suitable for all ages.

Upgrade 1 – Prezentar Professional: Powerful features, more templates, images, audio & video sales letters creator.

Upgrade 2 – Prezentar XFactor: Every month, new niche templates are created.

Upgrade 3 – Prezentar Halo 3D: 4 apps all in one – interactive flipbooks and magical carousels as well as slide transitions and mockup skins.

Upgrade 4 – Prezentar Auto Job Finder: This helps you find new clients and job opportunities that will help you earn an income with Prezentar.

Upgrade 5 – Prezentar Agency: Work with 25 more team members to maximize your productivity.

Plus You Get These Addons:

Speed Bonus 1 (Worth $247): 10 More Prezentar( Templates

Access our SECRET templates in our exclusive library. No one else has access except you!

Speed Bonus 2 (Worth $147): Prezentar Masterclass

This video tutorial will show you step-by-step how to use Prezentar like a professional. You will quickly become a proficient user. Easy to follow, perfect for beginners.

Speed Bonus 3 (Worth $977): Prezentar Priority Support

Care Plus + (Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day). Get the best support possible! VIP support for life.

Speed Bonus 4 (Worth $127): Prezentar Multi License

You can use Prezentar on up three computers Ideal for business and home.

Speed Bonus 5 (Worth $99): Prezentar Affiliate Program

Receive instant approval to join our affiliate program at Prezentar and earn 50% commissions for referring our products to others.

This includes system tools, resources, as well as materials to support profitable campaigns.

This is an incredible deal that you don’t want to miss out on. Get all of the products mentioned above for a discounted price. This is a limited-time offer so act now!

Prezentar Bundle – The Payment Options

The Prezentar Bundle Deal fast pass gives you the chance to get the entire package at a discounted price.

OPTION 1: Entire Bundle – Gets everything above as stated, the complete bundle! Today just $599 $399! Use the $200 OFF coupon on checkout: MARVEL

OPTION 2: Entire Bundle PLATINUM Edition – Get everything above, PLUS the following only if you select this second option:

  1. Platinum Edition (Worth $197): Prezentar™ Entertainment Pack, 
  2. Platinum Edition (Worth $197): The Prezentar™ Game, 
  3. Platinum Edition (Worth $97): Sqribble™ eBook Creator

Now you know what are the things included in the Prezentar bundle deal. Let me briefly explain what each upgrade of the Prezentar bundle does in the below section.

Prezentar Bundle and Its Funnel Breakdown

Prezentar Bundle Deal

1. Front End – Prezentar Commercial

Prezentar front end is an all-in-one solution that allows you to create amazing presentations in just minutes. It has amazing templates and features. You can even record your voice in the built-in music studio. The Prezentar front-end doesn’t require you to download anything – all the necessary software is included. Prezentar front end is perfect for creating amazing slides, presentations and tutorials, webinars, videos, ebooks, and courses.

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Prezentar’s Front End Features:

50 Amazing Presentation Templates: Prezentar offers 50 beautiful presentation templates that will help you create professional presentations. Prezentar offers a variety of templates, from modern and minimalist designs to traditional and more ornate styles. You’ll always find the most recent and greatest templates, with new ones being added every day. Prezentar makes it easy to create beautiful presentations.

500 Designed slides: Prezentar removes the stress of creating a presentation. It offers 500 pre-made slides by top-rated artists. There are many options available to help you find the right slide to convey your message. The slides can be edited to suit your needs.

Multiple Niche category Designs: Prezentar’s multiple-niche category design feature is perfect for businesses that offer a wide range of products and services. You can create unique presentations for every niche market with over 50 templates available. Prezentar’s Multiple Niche Category Design feature will make you stand out among the rest, whether you are presenting to investors, customers, or partners.

Drag and Drop Editor: Prezentar makes it easy to create a presentation. Anyone can easily create professional-looking presentations in minutes. Prezentar will take care of the rest.

Full customization: With Prezentar you can control the appearance and feel of your presentation. You can choose from many fonts, colors, layouts and layouts to make your presentation unique. You can save your presentations as templates to create a consistent appearance for your future presentations.

Interactive Slides – Prezentar’s interactive slides bring fun and engagement to any presentation. Your audience will be engaged and entertained from the beginning with interactive slides that include polls, quizzes and embeds.

Prezentar’s Hot Animation Effects add excitement to your presentation. You can make your presentation more engaging with over 100 animated effects.

Add Videos To Any Slides: Prezentar’s video embeds function allows you to add videos on any slide in your presentation. Just paste the URL to your video into Prezentar and it will automatically embed on the slide. Videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia can be added to the slide.

8000+ Images: Prezentar offers everything you need to create stunning presentations. You can choose from many categories including people, business, nature and travel. You’ll have the most up-to-date designs available with regular updates.

2000+ Icons & Forms: Prezentar’s large library of icons and forms allows you to add a personal touch to your presentation. You can find the right icon or shape for your message with over 2000+ options.

250+ High-Definition Backgrounds: Prezentar offers everything you need to create stunning presentations. You can choose from many categories including people, business, and nature. You’ll have the most up-to-date backgrounds with new backgrounds being added every day.

Record Voice Over Slides: Prezentar’s voice-over recording tool allows you to add professionalism to your presentation. Record your voice-over in Prezentar and it will automatically be added to the slide.

Inbrowser Audio Editing Prezentar’s audio editing tool in-browser makes it simple to give your presentation a professional look. Record your audio into Prezentar and then use the editor to trim, add effects and more.

Music Studio Library Prezentar’s Music Studio Library provides access to over 1000+ professional tracks you can use for your presentation. You’re sure find the right track for your project with the wide variety of moods and genres available.

No Download:Prezentar works on a web-based platform so you don’t need to install or download anything. Sign up now for a free account to be able access your presentations anywhere you are in the world.

Share your presentation with anyone in one click: Prezentar makes sharing presentations easy with everyone around the globe. Click the “Share” button to share your presentation with anyone in the world.

Export To Video, HTML, or Ebook PDF: Prezentar allows you to export your presentation in a variety formats. Your presentation can be exported to PDF, HTML, and video. You can password-protect your presentations to ensure that only authorized persons have access to your work.

Thats all about the Prezentar front end. Now let me list all of the Prezentar OTOs or upsells below.

2. Prezentar Professional Edition

Prezentar OTO1 Professional is the first update to the Prezentar software. It gives users access to powerful functions, premium templates and more stock media, images and a larger music studio.

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This upgrade allows users to create professional presentations that will impress their audience.

You can create amazing visuals and audio recordings with the Prezentar Professional package, which will make your presentations more impactful.

Prezentar Professional is the ideal upgrade for anyone looking to elevate their presentations.

Feature of Prezentar Professional Upgrade:

150 Additional Presentation Templates: The Prezentar Professional upgrade gives you access to 150 more presentation templates. You’ll find the right template for you project with the wide variety of styles and designs available.

500 Incredible Slide Designs: The Prezentar Professional Upgrade includes 500 additional slide designs. There are many styles and designs available to help you choose the right slide for your presentation.

Get a Video Sales Letters Maker: With the Prezentar Professional upgrade, you can unlock the Video Sales Letters Generator tool. This powerful tool allows for easy creation of sales letters for products and services.

Record voiceovers through your browser: With the Prezentar Professional upgrade, you can record voiceovers right from your browser. Record your audio into Prezentar and then use the editor to trim, add effects and more.

Supreme Music Library With the Prezentar Professional upgrade, you have access to over 1000 professional tracks. You’re sure find the right track for your project with the wide variety of moods and genres available.

Access to more than 750 HD backgrounds and 1,500+ stock images: The Prezentar Professional upgrade gives you access to more than 750 HD backgrounds. You also have access to over 1,500+ stock photos that you can use for your presentation.

2,000 Latest Web Icons: The Prezentar Professional upgrade gives you access to 2,000 more trendy web icons. You’re sure find the right icon for your presentation with the wide variety of styles and designs available.

Unlimited storage: The Prezentar Professional upgrade gives you unlimited storage. You can save as many presentations you like and never run out of storage.

3. Prezentar XFactor Edition

Prezentar upgrade number 2 includes the XFactor, which is a special edition template that can be used in multiple niches. It also comes with slides and designs. These templates are added to your Prezentar account each month for a full year. There are no monthly fees. Just a one-time payment.

This is a great way for you to regularly get fresh, new content for your presentations without spending any extra money. You’ll also have access to many templates that will allow you to find the right fit for you.

You can find the XFactor with Prezentar upsell 2.

Features of Prezentar XFactor:

15 Extraordinary Presentation Designs Every Month:Prezentar 2nd Upsell offers 15 unique, exceptional presentation designs every month. You’re sure find the right fit with our wide selection of styles and designs.

Exclusively for Xfactor Members: The Prezentar OTO2 is only available to Xfactor members. This allows you to access a variety of templates that aren’t available to the public.

Get Involved in the Creation of the Designs You Love: Each month, you will have the opportunity to vote on which designs you would like to see added to the account. You can ensure that you only receive the templates you need.

The Latest Trending Designs: Download the Prezentar OTO 2 to get the most current trending designs. You’re sure find the right fit with our wide selection of styles and designs.

Design Options for a Variety of Niche Categories. You can access designs from a wide range of niches. Prezentar has everything you need, whether you are looking for business templates or something more creative and fun.

Handcrafted Unique Templates: You can get unique templates with the Prezentar 2nd Upsell. Each template is carefully designed.

Converting Hypnotizing Designs: This upgrade allows you to convert hypnotizing designs. This upgrade will allow you to create presentations that are both visually appealing and effective in getting your message across.

Popular, Modern Presentation Styles: There are many popular styles of presentation. You’ll be able create modern and stylish presentations.

Get 15 New Templates Every Month! Your template library will grow, giving you more options.

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75 HD Special Slide Backgrounds: Access to 75 HD special slides backgrounds that you can use for your presentation. There are many backgrounds to choose from.

150 Superior icons Bundle Pack: This upgrade gives you access to a 150-icons superior icons bundle. You’ll find the right icon for your presentation among the many options available.

4. Prezentar Halo 3D Edition

Prezentar’s third OTO upsell is the “Halo 3D” app. This 4-in-1 app allows users to create interactive flipbooks, add 3D animated transitions and display their slides in trendy mockup skins.

Prezentar Halo 3D allows users to add 3D rotating slide cars to their presentations, making them more visually engaging.

Prezentar Halo 3D allows users to amaze their audience, increase engagement and achieve better results with their presentations.

Prezentar Halo 3D’s innovative features and user-friendly interface make it the ideal tool for anyone looking to elevate their presentations.

Features of Prezentar XFactor:

App 1 – Interactive Flipbooks – Make your presentation interactive and share it with your audience.

App 2 – 3D Animated Transformations – This app adds 3D animated transitions that make your presentation more visually engaging and visually appealing.

App 3 – Magical 3D Carousels. This app adds 3D rotating slide cars to your presentation making it more visually engaging and visually appealing.

App 4 – Trendy Mockup Skins Shows your presentation in trendy mockup skins that make it more modern and stylish.

5. Prezentar Auto Job Finder Edition

The “Auto Job Finder” software by Prezentar is designed to make it easy and quick for you to find new clients or gigs online. In just a few mouse clicks you can find potential gigs that suit your interests and skills.

The Prezentar auto job seeker upgrade will create a personal profile for you that you can edit and then use to apply for the gig.

Prezentar also offers templates for gig proposals that can be used to speed up your application and increase your chances of getting hired. Auto Job Finder makes it easy to find new gigs and clients.

Upgrade to Prezentar Auto Job Finder:

Auto Job Locator Software – This module of the auto job finder allows you to quickly find new clients or gigs online. You can quickly search for gigs that suit your interests and skills with just a few clicks.

Instant Profile Templates This module gives you a personal profile that you can edit to submit for gigs.

Gig proposal templates – This module offers you gig proposal templates that will speed up your applications and increase the chances of getting hired.

Bookmark Engine This module lets you bookmark your favorite gigs or clients so that you can find them later.

Job Tracker This module lets you keep track of all gigs that you have applied for. It allows you to follow up and stay organized.

6. Prezentar Agency Version

The Prezentar Upsell 5 Agency edition is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to start or expand their agency.

This edition allows you to add 25 more team members to your account. You can increase productivity, serve more clients, and generate more revenue.

Prezentar is the ideal backbone for a central workforce in a global account. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for everyone to collaborate and create presentations faster than ever.

Prezentar Upsell 5 (Agency), is the ideal solution if your agency wants to grow.

Prezentar’s Agency Features:

One Big Team account: Prezentar’s agency edition gives you access to One Big TeamAccount. This allows you to have one place to manage all your team’s work and also lets you share files and provide feedback in real time. You can feel confident that everyone on your team is working together towards the same goal, whether it’s a presentation for clients or internal projects.

Multiple Logins: Agency members can also create multiple logins. This allows each member of the team to have their own login, and access Prezentar from any location in the world. This is great for team members who travel frequently or work from different locations.

Secure and Safe: Protect your work with Prezentar’s industry-leading security tools. You can be sure that your team’s work will be protected with Prezentar.

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