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Video review for Front End only PrimeAi

PrimeAi   – Text From This Video

Hi, and welcome to the Android PC fight! Who will win between the Android 86, Bliss, Phoenix OS, and Prime OS? Hey, you guys, let’s find out. I’m Joel, and I’m here to help you with your tech. The Android PC scene is still fairly new, and there are only a few models. This is like how Linux was in its early days. These versions have the screen and window manager that PC users are used to, and they usually have software to run Google Play.
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In theory, android computers give you a new way to use your computer with a standard screen by letting you access the huge network of android apps. Since android apps are made for less powerful machines, old PCs can be made useful again, and you can even boot between Windows and Linux for a strong mix. At least, that’s the idea, but how do they measure up? We really tried out the four most popular Android computers to find out which one is the best. People used to say that you could use Android on a PC in the year 2020, but you wouldn’t want to. Android 86 was the topic of their talk. Is the main building all that’s left?

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Simple choice? Current Android 86 is built on Lineage OS, which is clear from the big Lineage logos that are all over its setup. Android 86 is sometimes called Android x86. Android used to be hard to use without a touch screen, but now it comes with a toolbar and a desktop menu made popular by the Bliss app. OS users still have the option to use a touch screen interface if they want to. This puts your apps in a nice lphabetical order and gives each app a stop button for when you’re using more than one at once. Even though this method has some sound effects and a small website, it is still pretty easy.

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If you don’t log into Google Play and get what you need, you won’t go very far. I’m also not sure how the sleep mode works. There is no clear sleep button, and when we closed the lids of the test computers, it turned off the screens but left the fans running. According to other reports, it ends. Still, okay, so I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt here. In the last few years, Android 86 has gone from being just an x86 port for smartphones to a PC app that can be used. This is still very basic and doesn’t have any bells and whistles, but it does the job.
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There are no nasty surprises waiting for you. There is no junkware, and it should work without much trouble on any virtual machine. [Music,] Bliss OS, which is run by a group of amateurs called the “bliss team,” has been at the center of Android PC development for many years. They want a synchronized OS that can run on lots of different gadgets and sizes. Try Bliss if you want to find out what features other Android versions will have in the next few years. Its design is unique and easy to use. You can switch between a desktop system and a touch-style screen whenever you want to. There is also trial support for Vulcan and a blissify tool that lets you tweak your GUI in a lot of small ways. Firefox is also already set up, which is the coolest thing ever. It’s hung correctly. We have never found a release that was stable enough to use every day. Things might work fine on some hardware, but in recent versions, we’re often stuck with a broken user interface or annoying error messages that keep popping up. Almost right away, the desktop menu stops working, and you have to use the touch-style lawn chair interface.

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Instead, this year’s version seems more stable than last year’s, which could mean the Bliss team will be back. The innovation a little bit less in favor of making their rules tighter. Bliss has its fans, and touch devices like the Surface Pro seem to work well with it, but if you use a keyboard and mouse, you may want to look elsewhere. Now is a good time to check out Bliss if you are interested. Just don’t think that this is going to be a good PC experience. [Music] It’s hard to give a score for Phoenix OS. The OS is now full of ads, which it wasn’t before. This is because they want you to sign up for their service so the ads will go away. It doesn’t look like it’s free to use. It also has Chinese software that could be used to collect information, and some parts of the operating system haven’t been translated into English. But all of this hides the best Android desktop, which has a window manager like Windows 7 and a good set of desktop tools and keyboard keys that will make Windows users happy. It also has a sleep mode that works, and it seems to have a good number of apps that do work. We won’t say how, but there are ways to get rid of ads besides paying. If Chinese data fears weren’t a problem, it would probably be used a lot more. It’s something to think about, but the junkware on all of these computers makes me a little worried.
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Prime OS runs the fastest and best. It gives the best first impression, with a stylish simplicity that is almost Scandinavian. The native bridge feature in Prime OS is the only one of its kind. It uses native arm tools to make both arm and x86 computers work better together. That makes it the winner in this case when it comes to running apps well. With their Decker Pro Gaming Center, the Prime Team has paid a lot of attention to games. This is designed for mapping touch screens, mouse controls, and computer controls, which will make it very popular with PBG Mobile players. But the broken sleep function makes it a big letdown. When we tried to put the computer to sleep, the screen went dark but the lights stayed on, and machines with mechanical hard drives made terrible noises that made us want to turn them off.

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Also, Prime OS is not open source, and it has very little written material. You don’t need this tool to sleep. The best bundle would be Prime OS. But this isn’t likely to happen with Android users, since they are more likely to use a small device. Android 86 is the winner for Android desktop, but not by much. It’s not fancy, but most people will find that it helps them get the best result with the least amount of problem. If you want something more fulfilling, you could try one of the other neighborhoods that has found a stable source of happiness. You could keep using it and enjoy its new features if you don’t care about Chinese data problems and are willing to either put up with ads or get rid of them yourself. Phoenix OS has the most developed desktop, and Prime OS would be the most modern if it could stop correctly. This should get fixed in newer versions. Then we would recommend Prime OS, but right now we just recommend Android version 86. I’m not sure if you need an Android PC. What about copying? Check out our guide to eight great projects that let you run Android on a PC to see what you can do. So, that’s it from me. As always, if you love tech as much as we do, make sure to hit the follow button and turn on the bell. We’ll let you know about our newest and best tech. Savvy videos see you next time. You

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