Property Management Blogs Every Landlord Should be Reading

Property Maintenance Harrow
Property Maintenance Harrow

This post was most recently updated on June 30th, 2022

Some time back, Feedspot casted a ballot us #20 on a rundown of the main 80 Property Management Blogs. We were excited and complimented, yet more so astonished and eager to see each of the assets out there for landowners and investment property financial backers.

We value our blog and give a valiant effort to give the greatest substance and to instruct any individual who needs to learn.

Despite the fact that we hold our blog in high respects, we understand that there is an abundance of information and numerous other extraordinary assets for people such as yourself.

In this way, we chose to utilize our aptitude to make our own rundown of Property Management writes that we believe are the most accommodating.

1- Rental Housing Journal:

Rental Housing Journal is a business diary for America’s rental lodging industry. As indicated by their site:

“We are here to help work for you to assist with taking care of the issues you face consistently in the administration of investment properties for what it’s worth about you and not about us. We are additionally long-term landowners and land financial backers and comprehend the business as well as the issues confronted these days via property managers in a steadily evolving climate. We give accommodating, helpful, instructive data and news. We are additionally writers and participated in the assistance reporting important to help everybody in this industry.”

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RHJ distributes writes consistently, typically on different occasions seven days.

2 – Rentec Direct:

Rentec Direct is a property the board programming organization situated in Grants Pass, Oregon.They have one of the greatest positioned virtual products as per software.com and their blog is similarly first class.

This blog offers TONS of extraordinary articles for property managers  and hits on probably the most significant and gotten some information about subjects in the business.

3 – BiggerPockets:

On the off chance that you’re in the land business and haven’t known about BiggerPockets, then you most likely hide away somewhere, in a cave perhaps.

This website offers top notch assets for landowners and property administrators, even past their blog. They have gatherings, guides, and online classes just to give some examples.

You’ll need to bookmark this page and allude back to it frequently. Whenever you have an inquiry regarding ANYTHING connected with property, the board or land as a rule, you’ll have the option to track down a response there.

4- Landlordology:

This blog is one of my undisputed top choices. Landlordology exists to give schooling and assets to landowners, property chiefs, and tenants the same.

They offer programming and administrations as well as extraordinary substance. Ensure you invest some energy looking at what they need to say.

5 – Green Residential:

Green Residential is a property the executives organization based Texas.Their blog dazzled with the nature of the substance, however the assortment of points.

They have 47 classifications to browse so you most certainly will not get exhausted and may try and discover a few themes that you won’t ever ponder.

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 6- Real Property Management: 

Genuine Property Management began, thinking back to the 80s and has become the biggest Property Management association in the country. So it’s nothing unexpected that their blog is on our rundown.

Offering guidance, tips, and patterns to landowners is one thing they do best. Their blog contains a few truly one of a kind pieces and subjects that you don’t track down on most different sites.

7. SparkRental:

SparkRental was begun by 2 companions and previous associates who needed to assist different Landlords with figuring out how to construct automated revenue.

It was initially sent off as a free instructive asset, yet presently gives robotized lease assortment, editable rent arrangements, free occupant screening reports (for the property manager), a free rental application and premium web-based courses for landowners.

Their blog offers articles on each point you could envision, including “12 Lessons About Money from Game of Thrones”! You’ll need to look at this one.


Apartment buildings, for example, tall structures or networks will be kept up with on location. Condos can give more chances to income in the event that you can downplay opportunities.

Remember a loft will without a doubt require staff to deal with the day to day schedules of the complex. In addition, bigger advancements will require more costs to cover the support of staying aware of the structure, stopping regions, normal region upkeep, and so on.


Organizations can work out of rental structures that are possessed by you. One benefit to claiming a structure for office and retail spaces is you never again need to stress over move-in expenses, and rents will normally be longer than a year. Indeed, even with the pandemic leaving numerous office spaces empty, the workplace area is anticipated to keep being areas of strength for an open door.

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Land probably won’t be everybody’s initially go-to with regards to putting resources into land, however it accompanies its own advantages. Claiming land requires no support. Furthermore, it very well may be utilized in more than one way.

Land can be leased for things like occasions or cultivating, or you can clutch it prior to selling the land at a more exorbitant cost from here on out. The land can likewise be utilized for future improvements where you can sell it at an inflated cost, or you can utilize it to make advancements of your own.