Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service
Questions You Must Ask When Hiring Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

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The wood floors are beautiful and elegant. There is no doubt that these floors add great value to your home, but they also have a downside. Hardwood floors lose their shine due to foot traffic, dust particles, oil spatters, and other household chemicals. But that doesn’t mean you have to replace your expensive hardwood floor with a new one or with other cheaper options.

The good news is that hardwood floors can regain their shine and grace with the help of refinishing. There are specialist services that offer hardwood floor refinishing. All you need is to hire a good service and refinish your hardwood floors. But how do you go about hiring a reliable service? Don’t worry; this article has got you covered. Read the complete article and find out more.

Start By Asking For Referrals

Ask people around you for recommendations. Family members, contractors, neighbors, friends, builders, and developers can often provide a list of reliable parquet repainting services. If you work in an office, ask your coworkers and officemates, they might know someone. Word of mouth is a great source and can help you a lot when looking for a wood floor repainting service. You can also search online, read Google reviews, view Facebook reviews, and request recommendations from trusted groups on social media.

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Ask The Finishing Service About Their Licenses And Insurance

Finding out this information will allow you to know whether the parquet installer has taken the necessary steps to legally perform his business services. This is important not only because it is a sign of the reliability and legality of your contractor but also because if something goes wrong, you want to know that it is covered.

Sometimes unexpected things happen, not even directly related to the ground, but if somehow the worker accidentally bursts a pipe, and you have a flood, who will be responsible? There may be multiple accident sites, but if the service is provided, you will be at peace. Ask to see proof that the business is licensed and insured. All companies must be licensed to operate in the state where they provide the service.

How Long Have They Been Working In This Field

Choose a wood painting service that has been around for at least 4 years. Otherwise, you could have a business that shows up at night and does a bad job, doesn’t finish the job, or just leaves town. The longer they have been in business, the more experienced their employees will be and the better their service will be.

Ask The Worker’s Compensation Service For More Information

The necessities for procurement of a license vary depending on the state. Yet in many states, to acquire a license, you must have workers’ compensation insurance. Ask your hardwood finishing service and make sure they have a valid one. If you don’t have workers’ compensation and one of the workers is injured on the job, you will be responsible for all of your costly medical bills. It’s a headache you’ll never want.

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What Is The Certification Of Hardwood Finishing Equipment?

It is necessary to choose a service that values ​​the importance of keeping abreast of the latest certifications and accreditations. The National Wood Flooring Association’s certification, for example, is recognized in the industry as one of the best in the industry. NWFA-certified wood flooring and painting services demonstrate a commitment to mastering your craft and participating in continuing education to maintain your experience and skills.

How Much Will They Cost You For The Finish?

Most hardwood floor restorers charge per square foot, and that cost is determined by the special features, number of stairs, and repair work required. The smaller the size of your project, the higher the cost per square foot. The price per square foot may differ depending on regional labor costs and the overall size of the project.

Moreover, a floor in good condition will often cost less per square foot than an older floor with a lot of scratches that require more prep work. Other factors that can influence the overall cost include sub-floor repairs or surface repairs that are done before repainting the hardwood floor.

Find Out About The Warranties For The Work Carried Out

There are different types of warranties, and many wood floor repainting services offer a warranty of at least one to two years on the repainting of your hardwood floors. However, asking parquet contractors about their warranties helps you get a better deal, as some may offer more extensive warranties than others.

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