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This post was most recently updated on January 30th, 2023

Since last year we all have been feeling the pressure of inflation. You might catch yourself thinking: HOW ON EARTH could it be possible to afford a trip with a limited amount of money? You know that you’ll have to get yourself flight tickets, a place to say, spare money for food and attractions. All these thoughts stop you from seeing all the ways that make traveling cost close to nothing. The thing is, you can get flight tickets for less than $100. But we’ll be honest – it gets a bit more complicated regarding accommodation. 

You open a booking website, filter it to show the lowest price first, and see… You see ratings of 3/10 & terribly unappealing photos. Yikes! You give up & start scrolling all the fanciest hotels, dreaming about your future vacation one day when you’ll have enough to splash a bit. Find one in Miami that fits all your needs but costs almost $500. That’s not something you could afford. But what if I tell you that there is a game-changing tool that helps people find the cheapest hotel deals? It’s called RatePunk

RatePunk and its magic 

RatePunk is a free browser extension that automatically scans the biggest hotel booking websites and shows you where it’s cheapest to book the room you want. With RatePunk, you get exclusive access to booking the lowest rate on the market. 

RatePunk is available on all major browsers like Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, & Microsoft Edge. Most importantly, there are no hidden fees or unexpected charges. RatePunk is completely free to use, easy to download, and you won’t need to register. Moreover, this hotel booking browser extension won’t annoy you because it appears only when you scroll through your liked booking website. Or, in other words, when you need it. 

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For instance, you still want to stay at a fancy hotel in Miami but at the same time, you have a limited amount of money you can spend. You scroll through hotel booking websites to find the affordable hotel, opening one tab after another, then opening more tabs just to compare prices… Stop working this way, and simply download Ratepunk. This tool pops out on your screen, showing you can book it for $410 instead of $570! RatePunk saves you a lot of time and effort and allows you to book your desirable hotel with the confidence that you are getting the best price at that moment. 

The greatest part is that RatePunkit pays you to travel! RatePunk has one of the first travel reward systems for booking hotels – CASHBACK. The browser extension users earn reward points by confirming bookings through RatePunk and then redeeming them into money. Every time users confirm a booking, they get awarded with RatePunk coins. Users can redeem points for money after a minimum sum of coins is collected. It needs to mention that you must create an account in RatePunk if you want to collect and redeem rewards. 

The brand puts users first and wants to be as user-friendly and valuable as possible. A few weeks ago RatePunk launched a new feature – REBOOKING. Are you wondering why it is needed? Imagine, you book a hotel and see that 2 days later, the price dropped, let’s say, $112. That’s disappointing, but what can you do? If you have RatePunk, it sends notifications on all bookings with free cancellation when the price gets lower than the one of the initial booking. So I guess you save that $112, that’s what you do.

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What’s coming next?

It is widely known that each online travel agency (OTA) has different rates for the same hotel. CEO of RatePunk Justin Albertynas shared on his LinkedIn that to provide a more accurate representation of a hotel’s rating, RatePunk is going to have its own rating system by calculating and displaying the average rating of OTAs. This feature is scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Undoubtedly, RatePunk browser extension is a true game changer in finding the cheapest hotel deal.  Moreover, it has extra features that help people ensure they will always have the best price and also get rewards by using it. 

Quick reminder if you want to save your friends a few hundred bucks:

  • Time & money saved; 
  • Install it FOR FREE on Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, & Microsoft Edge;
  • No sign-up;
  • No credit card information is required; 
  • Cashback- get money by booking hotels
  • Rebooking notifications if the price drops
  • The only side effect: you might afford hotels that seemed way out of your pocket.

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