Reasons to Choose Luvmehair Short Lace Front Wigs

Luvmehair Short Lace Front Wigs
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Do you want a wig simple wig that looks almost perfect on you? Short lace front wig is the way to go. This wig type is natural, and is popular.

If you want to buy short lace front wigs but are looking for a trustworthy store, look no further than Luvemehair. Luvemhair has an incredible collection of short lace front wigs for everyone.

This write-up will give invaluable reasons to consider buying your short lace front wigs on the site. You’ll also learn how to style and maintain this gem to make the most of it.

What Are Luvemehair Short Lace Front Wigs?

Lace front wigs are made to give the impression that your hair is growing from the scalp. Its primary purpose is to help you achieve a natural look. Therefore, most types you’ll see on Luvme hair website are from 100% human hair.

There are different lace front wig lengths. Short lace front wigs fall into the range of 6-12 inches. These lace front wig lengths will reach just around the shoulder at the maximum.

They’re perfect for anyone who just fancies a short wig type. It’s also a great way to wear short hair without cutting your actual hair. You can style this wig type in many ways, which we’ll discuss later in the article.

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Short lace front wigs come in different colors, styles, textures, and densities. You should carefully select the color and style that works best for you to achieve the perfect fit. If you’re buying a human hair wig like the one at Luvemehair, you can manually style them however you want.

Why Choose Luvemehair Short Lace Front Wigs?

They’re Inexpensive

The prices of human hair lace front wigs differ based on the length. When you buy short wigs, you’re saving your money without sacrificing style. You’ll also have to spend less time and money maintaining the hair, making it budget-friendly.

It Brings Out Your Natural Beauty

Short strands of hair tend to bring more attention to the hairstyle than you. When you wear short natural hair, you’re showcasing your natural beauty while not compromising the attractiveness of the wig. It is one of the best ways to achieve that confident look as a woman.

It’s Trendy

There’s nothing more soothing than wearing a trendy style and looking fly in it. Short lace frontal wigs are among the most stylish fashion piece currently. Top actresses and models are wearing it and dominating the fashion world, and why shouldn’t you?

It’s at Luvemehair

When you buy your short lace frontal wig from a good store, your chances of enjoying its usage increase massively. Luvemehair has a lot of varieties of short lace frontal wigs at different densities and textures. You can buy these wigs at fair prices and enjoy the store’s discounts and offers.

How to Maintain Your Luvemehair Short Lace Front Wigs?

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Short lace front wigs need almost as much care as their longer counterparts. The only difference here is that you’ll spend less time maintaining your short hair wigs due to the decreased length. Nonetheless, you should pay attention to maintenance and make everything you do on it count.

Wash the wig regularly and apply conditioning and moisturizing products. You should use a quality wig product, especially it’s human hair. The frequency you wash the wig should match how you wear it; the more you wear it, the more you should wash it.

Use the sink method to wash all short wigs except curly textured ones. If you rock a curly wig, you’ll be better off using the upright wig-washing technique to prevent tangling. After washing the wigs, dry them on a wig stand and apply moisturizer to keep them shiny.

Luvmehair Short Lace Front Wigs

How Long Does the Luvemehair Short Lace Front Wigs Last?

The lifespan of a wig can help you determine the type you want to buy. For instance, if you need a wig that can last you for a while, you can opt for the synthetic option. Go for natural fits if you want a long-lasting piece. Luvemehair lace frontal wigs are made from natural human hair and can last upwards of one year if you maintain them properly. 

How to Install the Luvemehair Short Lace Front Wigs?

The hardest part of any wig type is selecting the right style for you. Once you’ve completed the styling, installing lace-front wigs is very easy. You can decide to use the glued or glueless install.

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As you might’ve guessed, the glued install uses an adhesive to stick the wig to your head. This installation type makes the wigs stand firm and last longer after one installation. However, it may pose issues for people with sensitive scalps.

The second installation method is the glueless install which is very popular. Here, you use the built-in wig comb or adjustable elastic band to hold the wig in place. This installation method lets you remove and re-wear the wig as you want it.

It’s a perfect option if you’re the type who prefers to wear and remove your wigs regularly. For Luvme Hair wigs, they can be glue or glueless, so it poses little or no threat to your scalp.

If you’re buying a natural human hair wig, it’s imperative to note that you have the liberty to style it however you want. You can use a flat iron to achieve, shag, pixie cut, or bob style. Always keep the iron at the right temperature because too much exposure can damage your wig.


There’s all that you may need to know about the Luvemehair short lace front wigs. These wig types are inexpensive and trendy, and you get extra advantages for shopping at Luvemehair.

The earlier you decide whether or not to buy the short lace front wigs, the better because they’re in high demand. If you want to get one, you can do so by visiting the Luvmehair website.

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