Reasons why  shipping with poly mailers is much better

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When choosing to package your company and its products, it’s simple to become paralyzed by choice paralysis when considering the variety of available packaging solutions. Will you use corrugated boxes? Do you use mailing envelopes? The options are almost boundless and nearly impossible. So let’s dig in quickly yet thoroughly to one packing choice. Here are six justifications for shipping your products in custom poly mailers if you run an online company that sells delicate or soft goods.

  1. They lower transportation costs associated with dimensional weight.

Delivery fees can easily consume any budget you have. Since poly mailers have a low profile, they require less room in a delivery vehicle and cost less to ship. Making your shipments smaller and less expensive is always a significant advantage for your company in the world of dimensional weight shipping fees nowadays.

  • They work well for sending soft products.

Bath towels and garments don’t have rough surfaces that can be scratched or buckled. They may be sent separately in poly mailers, knowing that the flexible and sturdy material will guard them against practically any tearing or puncturing damage.

  • They are simple to seal and pack.

Unlike boxes, poly mailers don’t need to be put together or taped. They are simple to open and fill with your items thanks to their envelope style. Although we advise against doing that and finding poly mailers that are the proper size, their fundamental structure makes them simple to roll up or fold if they’re too big for the products you deliver. The peel and seal adhesive strip at the top makes it easy to close them securely, and certain varieties of poly mailers have an easy-tear strip so that clients may open them without difficulty. There are also returnable poly envelopes with a second peel and seal strip if you anticipate customer returns. Customers may safely seal the mailers for a return trip without using tape.

  • It’s simple to recycle them.
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A poly mailer can proceed to the big recycler in the sky once it has completed its task. It’s sometimes necessary to tear off some shipping labels or to pack slip envelopes for them to be recycled. Thankfully, our custom poly mailers may be recycled on their own and are entirely recyclable if personalized labels are applied to them.

  • They work well for branding.

Standard poly mailers are perfect for branding due to their grey-white canvas. An excellent way to add a vibrant splash of color to your client shipments is with a personalized label with your brand (or almost whatever you desire). And if you want to create a splash with your customized packaging, you can have our bespoke poly mailers printed with your design in full color. See how beautiful your bespoke packaging can be using our package design tools.

  • Great for carrying sensitive products

The hard surfaces of items like garments and bath towels cannot be scratched or buckled. The elastic and durable material will shield them from practically all tearing or puncturing damage so that they may be transported separately in poly mailers.

In conclusion, online shopping has made it simpler than ever to purchase anything you want. It has stimulated the use of packing materials that lessen the environmental effect, shipping costs, and packaging waste. Poly mailers are an excellent option for delivering items that benefit from any of the factors we’ve highlighted above because of their strength of construction and simplicity of design.

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