Reasons your sewer is clogged and the importance of expert help

Reasons your sewer is clogged and the importance of expert help
Reasons your sewer is clogged and the importance of expert help

Perhaps the most annoying feeling in the world is when you see your sewer clogged (Riool verstopt). Just when you thought you’d enjoy a good relaxing shower, you get the dreaded sight of a waterlogged bathroom floor. An even more annoying feeling is when you see the toilet getting clogged after the flush. While you may keep a lid on your feelings, how do you keep a lid on the pipes? If your drainage pipes are clogged, the sewer water will overflow into your house. What a sticky situation that would be!

Keeping the drainage system free of obstruction is of utmost necessity to have a carefree toilet experience. If you come to hear a louder-than-normal sound when you flush the toilet or see delayed passing of water from the bathroom drain or kitchen sink, it is highly likely that your drainpipes are clogged. If you ignore these things initially, your sewer system may be damaged beyond repair and the only recourse would be to install new pipes. It would not only be a costly affair but an uncomfortable experience too. You would have to change your residence temporarily before the sewer system regains full functionality. Therefore to avoid such sticky situations, it would be better to unclog the sewer.

Reasons for clogging of sewers

  1. Faulty sewer system: If the sewer lines are old or there are some faults in the system due to the use of poor-quality plumbing material, it can lead to clogged sewers. The faulty system may include things like improper venting, which can create negative pressure in the pipes. Due to the negative pressure gradient, the pipes can suck in debris. Old or damaged sewer lines are more likely to clog than newer, properly maintained lines. This is because the pipes may be cracked or corroded, which can allow debris to enter the line and cause a clog.
  1. Non-biodegradable materials: These materials are often thrown in the drains. Non-biodegradable materials do not dissolve in water and hence stay inside the sewer lines. Once they enter the sewer pipes, they remain intact and block the pathway. These foreign objects such as toys, cosmetic products, and sanitary napkins ultimately make the sewer clogged. When these objects get stuck in the pipes, they prevent wastewater from flowing freely.
  1. Tree Root Expansion: Tree roots are one of the most common causes of sewer clogs. As tree roots grow, they can extend into sewer lines and break through the pipes. This can allow dirt and debris through the pipes and your sewer system gets clogged. If you have a big tree in your yard, it might interfere with your sewer system.
  1. Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG): FOG is a major cause of sewer clogs. Households that use such saturated fat items as oil, butter, and grease need to get their drains unclogged regularly. This is because, when the sticky FOG is poured down the drain, it cools and hardens. The sticky material attracts other debris materials and this results in a clog over time. The pipes are blocked eventually.
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Why you should call experts to unclog your sewage system

When it comes to fixing your sewer system, doing it yourself is not a good idea. This is because you don’t know what’s causing the clog. There’s always the possibility of making matters worse. That’s why seeking expert help is important. There are many reasons why you should call experts to unclog your sewage system.

  • Tools of the trade: Experts have the tools and knowledge to clear even the most stubborn clogs. They have access to specialized tools like augers, hydro jets, and video cameras that can reach and clear clogs that you would never be able to reach on your own.
  • Detect the underlying cause: In many cases, it is not just a one-time problem but a symptom of a larger sewage defect. Identifying such problems for novices is not possible and this is where experts are more reliable. They have years of experience under their belt which help them identify the real reason for the clog. It helps with quick issue resolution.
  • Safe handling: Experts can do the job safely and without damaging your property. If you try to unclog your sewage system yourself, you could end up making the problem worse or even damaging your property. Experts know how to safely and effectively clear clogs without causing any damage.


Faulty sewer systems, accumulation of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) as well as throwing non-biodegradable materials can cause your sewers to get clogged. To unclog sewer (Riool laten ontstoppen), you need to take expert help right away. Trying to clean your sewage system yourself could be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Experts can clear the clog quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

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