Top 10 Red Light Areas in India

Red Light Areas
Red Light Areas
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A red-light Area or district is part of an urban area where an engagement of prostitution and sex-oriented trades, such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theatres, are found.  Prostitution is still a grey area of discussion in India. India is home to some of the top most famous red-light areas in the world and has a rich cultural history associated with them. Top 10 Red Light Areas in India. Red Light Areas in India

While some measures have been taken for people involved in sex work, there’s still no protection for sex workers. The legalization of prostitution is also not a transparent discussion, and there’s a lot that needs to change.  Despite that, the country is allegedly the world’s largest commercial sex industry. Red Light Areas. Top 10 Red Light Areas in India.

Here are the top red-light areas in India:

Sonagachi, Kolkata


Sonagachi in Kolkata is one of the largest and most famous red-light areas in India. In fact, it is the biggest red-light area in entire Asia. Sonagachi Street is among the most searched queries on Google in India as people are curious about the big scale of this red light area that harbours more than 12,000 sex workers.

 It is home to around 12,500 sex workers and is widely known for its rampant sex trade. The area has been functioning as a red-light district since the British Raj and continues to be a hub for commercial sex activities. An Academy Award-winning documentary Born into Brothel has explored the lives of Sonagachi prostitutes. 

The workers at Sonagachi are mostly trafficked and coerced into the sex industry. Despite these grim realities, sex workers in Sonagachi are determined to improve their lives. The grave conditions in which the workers operate in this red-light district will make your heart and soul numb. In 2003, the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee was formed to fight for the rights of sex workers in Sonagachi. 

Although there is still much work to be done, the DMSC has been successful in helping to reduce exploitation and provide basic health care for sex workers in Sonagachi. Besides the Sonagachi project, the DMSC also runs several similar projects in West Bengal, organizing some 65,000 prostitutes and their children. 

The organization lobbies for the recognition of sex workers’ rights and full legalization, runs literacy and vocational programs and provides micro loans. As an example of progress being made in India’s red-light districts, Sonagachi stands out as a beacon of hope for those who wish to make a change for the better as it is one of the largest red-light areas in India.

Reshampura, Gwalior

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This area is one of the largest and most famous red-light areas in India. It is particularly known for its huge rate of sex trafficking. Females who are involved in prostitution at this place are trained by the brothel leaders and sold to the brothels of Mumbai. 

There are reports of women being sold to Middle East countries as well from this red-light district. It is just a sad reality that over 2 million sex workers in India face every day. Many women who work in Reshampura cannot access medical care or contraceptives due to their precarious financial situation. 

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This has led to a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among sex workers, with HIV especially prevalent in the area. In conclusion, Reshampura is a testament to the harsh reality of India’s sex industry and the struggles faced by those involved in it. Still, it is one of the largest red-light areas in India.

Chaturbhuj Sthan,Muzaffarpur


Located in the state of Bihar and inside the district Muzaffarpur, Chaturbhuj Sthan is one of the top 10 largest red light areas in India. It is a red-light area with more than 4,000 sex workers. Prostitution runs rampant in this district and the government cannot seem to find a solution for the same

The area is based around a kilometre-long lane where female sex workers perform the Mujra dance for their clients. The area is said to have existed since the Mughal period and is home to more than 3,500 sex workers. It gained its name from the Chaturbhuj Sthan Temple located there. 

According to historians, the Chaturbhuj Sthan is the oldest red light area in India. It has existed since the Mughal period and still continues to flourish even after hundreds of years of the Mughal period. Overall it is one of the largest red-light areas in India.

Budhwar Peth , Pune


It is one of the top 10 most densely populated and the largest red light districts in India, Budhwar Peth in Pune has more than 5,000 sex workers and 700 currently operational brothels. Pune’s Budhwar Peth is one of India’s oldest and most notorious red-light areas. 

It has been around since the 18th century and is located in the city’s heart.  It has been estimated to contain about 700 brothels and 5,000 prostitutes. The area suffers from sex trafficking, child prostitution and police corruption. 

HIV was formerly a large problem, but an HIV/AIDS program, including education and condom distribution, has resulted in a considerably reduced HIV prevalence. In the past various cases of HIV emerged from this particular red-light area. 

Budhwar Peth is known for its traditional sex trade. It is a busy street with several small rooms, which sex workers rent out. These workers can be seen plying their trade along the street day and night, offering services such as massage and other sexual activities. 

However, the cases of HIV have gone down after the introduction of safety measures. In recent years, Budhwar Peth has been the focus of efforts to reduce the prevalence of prostitution in the area. Overall it is one of the largest red-light areas in India.

Meghanagar, Madhya Pradesh


Meghnagar is a small town in Madhya Pradesh, located close to Jhabua. It has long been one of India’s top 10 largest red light areas in India.  The area has become increasingly popular with tourists and locals alike, with some claiming it to be India’s most authentic red light area. Many sex workers in Meghnagar come from poor backgrounds, including Bangladesh and Nepal.

 These women often have limited education and job prospects and often engage in prostitution to earn a living. Despite the dire situation, Meghnagar prostitutes are often seen as strong and independent women who are determined to create a better life for themselves and their families.

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Prostitutes have formed self-help groups to protect each other and combat the dangers they face every day. Many organizations also work to provide support, resources and help to prostitutes in Meghnagar. Moreover, it is one of the largest red-light areas in India.

G.b Road, Delhi


It is one of India’s top 10 largest red light areas in India.  It has several hundred multi-storey brothels and there are estimated to be over 1,000 sex workers. The area is divided into the koshas and the streets between them. The others are typically small, windowless rooms with basic amenities where the women live and entertain customers.

 Outside on the streets, many shops sell sex-related products and services such as condoms, lubricants and medicines.G.B Road is a popular destination for locals and tourists, and it’s estimated that around 15,000 people visit the area daily. 

The women who work on G.B Road come from all walks of life, with many coming from very poor backgrounds and facing extreme poverty. The road has several dhabas serving local delicacies and street food. In addition, there are numerous bars and dance clubs, as well as some hotels catering to customers from all over the world. That’s why it is one of India’s top largest red-light areas in India.

Kotha No 64, Chennai

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Despite being shut down in the 1970s, it was reopened again in 1989, and since then has continued to operate as an active red-light area. Kotha no 64 is one of India’s top largest red light areas in India. Despite being illegal, prostitution still flourishes in Kotha No. 64. 

The red-light district has been in the news for all the wrong reasons—recent reports have uncovered an increase in HIV cases amongst the sex workers here. In addition, the exploitation of these women is rampant due to a lack of legal rights. 

As over 200 brothels and around 3000 women working as prostitutes. Many of these women come from different parts of India and abroad. Despite these issues, Kotha No. 64 remains one of India’s largest red-light districts near me the Railway station and continues to be a major source of income for many women in the area.

 Although it is widely known as a hub of sex work and criminal activities, it is also home to many people who work hard to make a living and survive daily. No wonder it is one of India’s top largest red-light areas in India.

Kamathipura, Mumbai


Kamathipura is one of India’s top 10 largest red light areas in India. It was first established by the East India Company when they began to recruit the female population from around the country.   In 2005, with a statewide ban on dance bars, many dancing girls, who couldn’t find other means of income, moved to prostitution to survive, in Mumbai’s red-light districts, like Kamathipura.  

When India gained independence, Indian sex workers moved into the area. In recent decades, large numbers of Nepalese women and girls have also been trafficked into the district. Over the years under Indian government rule, the sex industry in Kamathipura continued to flourish

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Trafficking and economic circumstances also brought women from different parts of the country there. Eventually, it became Asia’s largest sex district. The government has also taken steps to reduce the stigma associated with prostitution, including legalizing the practice and providing support services to workers. 

 Although Kamathipura is often seen as a place of poverty many believe it also offers women an opportunity to earn an income. Sex workers wait outside to pick up customers and then rent an available bed. The estimated 3,000 buildings in the area are largely dilapidated; safe drinking water and sanitation are scarce as well.  That’s why it is one of India’s top largest red-light areas in India.

Foras Road, Mumbai


Foras Road is one of India’s top 10 largest red light areas in India. It is a well-known destination for those seeking commercial sex services. Despite the daily difficulties, the women of Foras Road often find strength in each other, creating strong bonds of friendship and solidarity. 

Many women have formed self-help groups to support each other and advocate for change. Although prostitution is legal in India, most activities on Foras Road are illegal. Many brothels are operated without a license and many women experience violence and abuse from customers and the police. 

This has made prostitutes even more marginalized and vulnerable. Despite the difficulties, the women of Foras Road are resilient and determined to improve their lives.

 In recent years, the movement to recognize and protect the rights of prostitutes has grown in India, with many women fighting for their rights and better working conditions. Overall it is one of India’s top largest red-light areas in India.

Turbhe Tekdi Maharashtra

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The Turbhe red light district is one of India’s top largest red light areas in India. It was a tiny road located not far from a hilltop and the Turbhe Railway Station. Turbhe Tekdi, a slum district, has essentially been the preferred location for sex workers in Mumbai because of the “affordability” aspect. 

Other sex workers from Nepal, Bengal, or other Indian states were trafficked here. Turbhe Tekdi was established long after Kamathipura. There were more than 3,500 and 4,000 women work and daily earn through prostitution. 

“Both the red light area in Bhiwandi and Turbhe were minors from different states and countries mostly Nepal and Bangladesh are brought and kept making it one of India’s top largest red light areas in India

Faq related to top largest red light areas in India:

Where is the biggest red-light district?

  1. De Wallen, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Sonagachi, Kolkata, India
  3. Geylang and Orchard Towers, Singapore
  4. Schipperskwartier, Antwerp, Belgium
  5. Copacabana and Vila Mimosa, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Which is India’s richest red light area?

Sonagachi (Kolkata)

Where is the world’s No 1 red light area?

De Wallen, Amsterdam’s 

Who is the leader of Kamathipura?

Gangubai Harjeevandas

Which is the best red area in Mumbai?


Which is the biggest red light in Delhi?

Garstin Bastion Road

Which area has the most crime in Mumbai?

  1. The slum of Dharavi 
  2. Chor Bazaar also called Thieves Market
  3. Kamathipura Red Light District
  4. Mumbai downtown at night.
  5. Chowpatty

Which is the safest red light area in India?

Budhwar Peth (Pune)


As for the conclusion, these are some of the top 10 red light areas in India. These areas are quite famous in India for illegal prostitution and are home to thousands of sex workers.  

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