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Slovenia is one of the most popular countries amongst people all around the world, who are looking for the calm rhythm of life, high level of ecology, convenient terms for running business. Even if you just wish to relocate to EU, it will be a great option for you.

Publicinvestments.solutions is not just the company, it is your guide to the life you have always dreamed about. The lawyers guarantee the high approach, and confidentiality of the customers’ data. Public Investments Solutions knows how to avoid the pitfalls, that can appear on your immigration way, and that is the main reason why people prefer those experts as legal assistants.

Advantages of Slovenian citizenship

The holder of Slovenian passport has a right to travel without visa to 181 countries, including the USA, Japan, Canada, China and all states of the EU.

Having joined the European Union in 2004, the country became strong and increased its economical level.

Slovenia has highly educated professionals, well-developed infrastructure, a great area for growing as a specialist in a particular field. With the Slovenian documents you will have a chance to live and make your dreams about great workplace come true in the whole EU.

Living in the country as a resident, having just any kind of permit, you will not be able to possess the leadership positions, but the right of citizen gives you that opportunity. Moreover, the Europeans are able to use the high level of medical care, open a bank account and get a loan or mortgage. They even can get a scholarship at the universities.

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What do people say about Publicinvestments.solutions in their reviews?

Before using some assistance, everyone starts searching the information about product, shop, sellers or companies on the trusted marketplaces. Having analyzed the reviews about Public Investments Solutions, we made some sort of conclusion about its support. First of all, a big part of people admitted lawyers’ great knowledge. It matters to accumulate your experience for years in one field to help others to handle their issues efficiently.

Secondly, the clients were satisfied with the Public Investments Solutions online support. They said in reviews that attorneys provided the online consultations, as it was more convenient, and saved a great amount of applicants’ time.

Thirdly, the company sticks to the international immigration law, and the Slovenian law. Safety of the clients’ case is also considered to be another advantage of Public Investments Solutions.

Registration of Slovenian passport: step by step

To obtain Slovenian documents you need to pass just a few steps, which with the lawyers’ support will be much easier.

  1. Signing the agreement, and the power of attorney;
  2. Collecting the documents (includes translating and notarizing). In case the client does not have all the necessary documentation, the attorneys apply to the repositories, to find it;
  3. Submitting the dossier to the Upravna Enota;
  4. Passing the oath-taking ceremony and obtaining the citizenship certificate;
  5. Registering of ID-card, international passport, TIN, drivers’ license, etc.


Specific documents for registering Slovenian citizenship:

  • Valid internal and international passports
  • Proof of your Slovenian origin (the baptismal certificate, birth certificate (or both), extract from metric books);
  • Photos, 2 items;
  • Citizenship application;
  • Autobiography;
  • Power of attorney.
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Summarizing according to reviews about Public Investments Solutions

Nowadays, there are a lot of lawyers, who suggest the help in registration of particular documents. However, not all of them can really guide you from the beginning to the end. Obtaining EU passport can be challenging, but Public Investments Solutions will make your journey as easy as possible. Having analyzed the reviews, the immigrant can learn, that PIS’s meticulosity can be a bit annoying for someone, but the final result will be definitely worth it.

Get your EU citizenship easily and without large efforts with the right team of lawyers, called Public Investments Solutions.

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