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Removable orthodontics is a formula to align your teeth. Within this section we can find two very different types, Hawley orthodontics or invisible aligners. Most removable orthodontic appliances are made of resin and wire. Although, as you well know, there are also invisible aligners that, in the case of DR SMILE, are made with the ClearQuartz material patented by us. Today, we talk about both options!

What kinds of orthodontics are there?

Although today we will focus on removable orthodontics, it is important to contextualize and know what we are talking about before getting to know the sector in depth.

interceptive apparatus

It seeks to stop the advance of conditions such as malocclusion . It can be done through fixed or removable orthodontics.

Functional Corrective Appliances

Its mission in this case is to stop or stimulate one, two or both jaws. They are especially present in children’s orthodontics in stages in which the growth of the bone part can be modified.

Removable corrective appliance

At this point, the removable corrective appliance seeks to treat cases of malocclusion and is carried out with Hawley orthodontics.

Removable orthodontics with aligners

This point includes removable orthodontics , which we will talk about in depth in this article. So to get to know her a little more, we invite you to continue reading!

What is removable orthodontics?

As you have read, invisible orthodontics is a technique that we perform to align your teeth. Its evolution has allowed the creation of a methodology in which you yourself are responsible, and capable, of completing the treatment “at a distance”. Although it is important to highlight that there is always follow-up by professionals. In this regard, each brand of aligners has a different working formula.

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On the one hand, we will find the usual appliances, (Hawley), made of resin and wire. This piece is attached to the palate , (the part made of resin), together with a metal piece that runs through the teeth. A more traditional and less intimate option , but which continues to give the client greater freedom when it comes to managing their treatment. The aligners are made up of different materials, again, these materials will depend on the company with which you decide to carry out your treatment.

Once your aligners are made, normally thanks to a 3D scan of your teeth and an x-ray to see the bone situation, you will receive them at home. When you’re looking for invisible braces in lahore then Ensmile Invisible dental aligners are the best in lahore.

From this moment, it is necessary for you to meet the requirements so that the results are as expected.

Does removable orthodontics need any prior treatment?

Like all medical questions, the answer will depend on a qualified medical professional. Once this information has been exposed, there are a couple of treatments that can be performed in order to maximize the removable orthodontic process with aligner.

The IPR is a small interdental filing to create the necessary space for your teeth to move or rotate in the correct direction. It is a process that is not painful although it can cause some discomfort, in no case can we talk about pain.

Another technique that your professional can request before ordering the manufacture of your aligners is the coupling of attachments.

The attachments are small composite points that are embedded in certain teeth, which your orthodontist deems appropriate, to generate different pressure points.

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Depending on the points where these small composite points are attached, your teeth will move in one direction or another.

In which cases is it recommended to wear Removable Orthodontics?

In the next paragraph you will find the medical reasons that make removable orthodontics a solution to treat different conditions, but now, we want to tell you about other aspects for which many people have opted for this type of treatment.


Privacy and intimacy facing the outside has a very important role among patients. That is why many adults find in their discretion a point in their favor and opt for invisible aligners.

more independence

Treatment with invisible or Hawley aligners supposes a certain independence in their use. In both cases you will have to wear your aligner or device during certain hours of the day.

What malocclusions can be treated?

Removable orthodontics is indicated for different cases of oral conditions. Among the different pathologies that it can treat, we find:

Overlapping or crowding : This is the case when two or more teeth occupy too little space . This fact can cause pressure between different pieces and go turning or rotating them over time.

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Open occlusion : Open occlusion or open bite is the inability for a person to fit both jaws naturally. This produces a small gap between the two parties, preventing the affected person from being able to close his mouth.

Overjet and Overbite: The first case is when the upper front teeth protrude from the lower ones. While the Overbite indicates cases of overbite. Both are usually measured in millimeters.

Deep Malocclusion: This case occurs when the upper teeth do not fit organically with the lower teeth.

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Posterior crossbite : The crossbite indicates that the posterior teeth close inside the jaw.

Separated teeth/diastema: The diastema is the separation between teeth.

for adults

Removable orthodontics among adults is carried out mostly by invisible aligners. This formula means that adults do not have to wear wires or braces and correct their smile while maintaining some privacy.

For children

Removable orthodontics is a recurring option when we talk about treating dental or bone conditions in children , especially in the growth stage. It is important to transmit to our minors the correct use of this appliance and also, instill in them adequate hygiene before, during and after its use. For more info visit Ensmile Invisible dental aligners.

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