Rhinoplasty Is Painful?

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During a Rhinoplasty in Mumbai surgery, there are various things that can cause pain. These include open vs closed rhinoplasty, bruising around the nose and eyes, and the recovery period.

Open vs closed rhinoplasty

Generally speaking, rhinoplasty is less painful than people may think. It’s a cosmetic enhancement, and the benefits include a more pleasing appearance and better breathing. Some patients will experience nausea, a headache or heart palpitations. However, most patients can return to work within a week or so.

It’s important to choose a Best plastic surgeon in Mumbai with the right experience and knowledge for rhinoplasty. If you’re considering a nose job, ask for references and make an appointment for a consultation.

An open rhinoplasty is performed through an external incision, whereas a closed one is performed through an internal incision. Both techniques require stitches. The incision is on the outside of the nose, and will eventually fade over time. It’s important to avoid blowing your nose for the first two weeks.

Some patients will notice a swelling or congestion, but these symptoms are rare. It’s important to take over the counter pain medication and keep the incision site clean. Apply cold compresses three times a day.

Depending on the size of the incision and the extent of the surgery, the recovery will vary. Some patients will experience bruising. Other patients have more swelling and may have difficulty breathing. It’s important to follow the doctor’s instructions for postoperative care.

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The length of time that a patient will be out of commission depends on the type of rhinoplasty. Some patients can return to work in one week, while others may need to take several weeks off.

Bruising around the nose and eyes

Bruising around the nose and eyes is a common after-effect of rhinoplasty. The severity of the bruising is variable for each patient. It can range from minor to significant.

Most bruising is temporary. It begins to fade after the first week of surgery. It will eventually go away completely.

After a few weeks, your eyes and nose will start to look normal. Swelling will subside. You will also be able to breathe through your nose again. This is a sign of your body’s healing process.

Your doctor may also recommend topical ointments and vitamin-infused liquids. These can also help to reduce bruising.

A cold compress applied to the face can also decrease swelling. You can use one every 30 minutes for a few days. You can also wear a bag of frozen peas or fruit on your eyelids to minimize bruising.

Following the Rhinoplasty cost in Mumbai surgeon’s instructions can help to speed up the recovery process. These include taking a rest from activities that involve moving your face. They may also prescribe antibiotic-infused topical ointments.

A cold compress should also be used to reduce bruising. It should be applied to the cheeks for 30 minutes. You can use eye ointment in each nostril to keep the sutures soft.

You should also drink plenty of water. This helps to improve blood circulation and heal your nose quickly. It also prevents water retention.

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Recovery period

Depending on the size of the procedure, the recovery period for rhinoplasty can take as little as one week to as long as several months. The healing process will vary by person, however, and most patient’s stop noticing swelling after a couple of months.

A rhinoplasty involves the removal of a small amount of tissue to reshape the nose. The surgery can be performed on the inside or outside of the nose. The surgeon may also change the shape of nasal bones.

The recovery period is a major part of the rhinoplasty Best plastic surgeon in Mumbai process. It takes several weeks to recover from the surgery, although most people will notice only minor bruising and swelling.

After the operation, a splint is put in the nose to protect it and provide stability. After a week, the splint will be removed. During this time, a special tape-removal solution will be used to remove the outer tape.

It is important to follow the doctor’s instructions during the recovery period. Keeping the wound clean is very important. It is also important to avoid touching the area. This can prolong the recovery process. It is recommended that the patient attends regular postoperative appointments.


A rhinoplasty is often done under local anesthesia. The surgery may be completed in less than an hour. The patient will be able to go home that day, but it is not uncommon for them to stay overnight.

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