Rooms, an interactive 3D space designer and ‘cozy game,’ arrives on the App Store

Rooms, an interactive 3D space designer and ‘cozy game,’ arrives on the App Store
Rooms, an interactive 3D space designer and ‘cozy game,’ arrives on the App Store

The 3D space builder Rooms, an interactive game, interior design software, learn-to-code guide, or something else, is now available on the Software Store. The startup provides a tool to create 3D places, or “rooms,” furnished with furniture, décor, pets, and tiny avatars. It previously acquired $10 million in venture funding, with a16z leading the round. If you’d like, you can make those areas into mini-games.

Creating and exploring design is the only goal of Rooms, which many people find calming. But there’s also an instructional component to this “digital equivalent of LEGO,” as the business has put it.

The project, which debuted online earlier this year, was sparked by co-founder Jason Toff’s work in Google’s AR/VR group, which included the 3D modeling tool for VR, Blocks, and the now-closed VR and AR app-building service Poly. While co-founder Nick Kruge has experience at Smule, Uber, and Google’s YouTube, co-founder Bruno Oliveira also worked with him at Google.

The purpose of Rooms is to provide unstructured play opportunities for individuals to express themselves via their designs. However, Lua, the coding language also used in Roblox, allows you to edit things further by clicking to display the code. This means you don’t just have to interact with the objects visually. Younger users have benefited from this introduction to coding principles. As an alternative to, Toff tells TechCrunch, many schools have started using Rooms to teach students how to code.

For pleasure, other users want to decorate their 3D spaces.

“[Rooms users] want to embellish their spaces because it can be calming to rearrange and rearrange things simply.” Toff says, “I’ve learned about this big concept regarding cozy games. Cozy games are ones that individuals play for fun and relaxation, just with no real objective in mind. “People are creating rooms just for their own sake.”

That being said, many rooms are created by K-pop enthusiasts or as homages to Taylor Swift. A few people make their rooms into miniature interactive games, and others join their rooms together. Some devote much work to creating spaces resembling well-planned places that may be used as models for interior design projects.

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Today marks the release of the iOS app Rooms, which provides a vertically scrolling feed akin to TikTok where users may view the many rooms created by other users. Other meals are available, such as an Editor’s Picks feed, a Recent feed, and a “For You” feed, which is now more curated but will eventually be algorithmic. You can like and share rooms you enjoy while you browse the meal, or you can snap a snapshot of the room and notify the creator by going into camera mode. You can then use that image as décor in your own space.

Although Toff claims the iPhone is better for surfing than creating, the new iOS software is compatible with both the iPad and the iPhone.

The startup has registered over 40,000 users who have built over 50,000 rooms since Rooms’ online beta debut. There are thousands of daily active users on it as well.

Rooms may eventually consider using AI to help with room design, but the company is taking caution now. Some community members weren’t pleased with the product after adding the generative AI capability.

Toff remarks, “Unexpectedly, there was an interesting pushback.” “More people than I anticipated were disgusted by the existence of AI. I’m unsure if that’s because of the audience, age, or anything else. However, I believe that creating rooms should be simpler practically, and it would be foolish not to use AI to assist in room creation,” he continues. It is unclear when AI will be included, though. The company’s current priorities are expanding its user base and releasing its mobile app.

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According to Toff, the app is more of a beta, and it will keep improving the user experience over time in response to user input. The Rooms iOS app may be downloaded right now from the App Store.

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