Russia’s War in Ukraine: What’s Next?

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On February 20, Russia invaded Ukraine. What the West saw “shocked” it. War has displaced twelve million Ukrainians. This has caused infrastructure damage worth up to 100 billion dollars. Despite a year and a half of brutal conflict, no end is in sight. Ukraine News has been at war since day one. Tyson has observed the Russians from afar. He operates drones in deep territory that circle above the enemy. It is no longer easy to target the entrenched Russians.

It is impressive that Ukraine is fighting back. Unlike Russian President Putin, it faces a much larger opponent. Since Wartime, Ukraine News has achieved some success. Ukrainian border regions in the east are under Russian attack. While negotiations “are abandoned”, fierce fighting continues. It won’t be easy to get there, analysts predict.

The current state of affairs in Ukraine. Where it could lead us and what it means for the West:

Where is the war heading?

A security expert discusses Russia’s shock and awe strategy. Moscow looks like Ukraine. Several key cities “were hit by” airstrikes during infantry assaults. 

During Frontline operations, Ukraine loses 200 troops per day. Stent predicts Russia will lose many troops. While the war may last years, so many lives have “been lost”. Marathons have replaced sprints. War is looming for both sides. It’s so dug in on both sides. Kremlin sources say that peace is unlikely without a ceasefire.”

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Neither side has the immediate upper hand.  Neither side has “sustained” negotiations. There is no surrender on either side. It has vowed to fight until Russia “is driven” from its territory. Currently, Russia’s economy is suffering due to western sanctions. In the war so far, about 9,000 Ukrainians have died.  As of July, the CIA reported that Russian soldiers had been killed.

Russia’s gains in territory

  • The conflict in Ukraine’s east and south, especially in Donbas, is intense.  Earlier this week, Sergei Shoigu told President Putin.  Lysychansk was under Russian control.    The last town in east Luhansk is under Ukrainian control.
  • Russified Luhansk region.  Likewise, in the south of the Donetsk region.   Donbas is now controlled by Moscow to the tune of 75%. 
  • It had been a bloody war for weeks. News Ukraine also gave up on June 25. Izyum, west of Donetsk, is continuing to attack Sloviansk.  
  • Russian units are also in conflict with Ukraine, Russia news further north.
  • Russia news atrocities, sharing evidence, prosecution strategies, and international expertise on war crimes. Investigations into Ukraine are ongoing. 
  • The Hague hosted a summit on July 14 of European leaders and judicial authorities.

How does energy and grain supply fare?

A deal “was reached” between Turkey and Moscow on July 14 to resume the latest news on Ukraine grain exports. Global grain supplies “were disrupted by” rising prices and supply issues. The war has precipitated a third of all world wheat supplies. Food security has “been exacerbated by”this. The Middle Orient and Africa are particularly affected.

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It was successful despite these negotiations. The war could squeeze energy supply chains, says Brookings’ Stent. This winter, Europe might have to ration energy due to Russia’s cut in gas supplies. 


Two years ago, 135 million people faced severe food insecurity. A World Food Programme estimate states. An economic and social fabric “is disrupted” in a nation. Families and communities “are destroyed by “war. This number “is expected” to rise to 323 million by 2022 as a result of the ripple effects of Russia Ukraine news. Injuries and loss of human and material capital are the results.

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