Scoopearth Presents Top New Motorcycles With the Best Customer Service Award for 2021

This post was most recently updated on March 30th, 2022

The demand for electric vehicles has never been higher. The biggest problem is finding one, and even then, the demand is much higher than supply. The COVID pandemic put the world on standby and sales were no longer flying out of showroom doors. This is where customer service would be key in a consumer making a choice to purchase a vehicle during these uncommon times. Top New Motorcycles took to the challenge and decided to excel on the task at hand.

From electric dirt bikes to electric superbikes, there is an electric motorcycle for every type of rider. You can choose between the sleek race-styled electric superbikes or the sleek, low-riding, daily-driving cruisers. It all depends on your preferences and budget. Top New Motorcycles has electric motorcycles as low as a couple thousand dollars to some as high as ten thousand. But, Top New Motorcyles doesn’t just have electric motorcycles. They also have electric cars, electric bikes, electric scooters, and more. They all carry gear for motorcycles as well as other vehicles.

Top New Motorcycles is owned and operated by MooreSuccess Inc. which is located in Chicago, IL. MooreSuccess Inc. has been in business since 2003 and is run by CEO James Moore. Top New Motorcycles itself has been around since 2019. 

The best-customer-service-oriented vehicle dealers should have excellent customer service. They should be easy to contact and be knowledgeable in their field. If you can’t find a spec of a vehicle you are interested in you should be able to reach out and get a reply. These are just a few things we look for when evaluating a business for awards for customer service.

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Top New Motorcycles has profiles on social media sites such as Google my Business, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. They use their social media outlets as lines of communication with customers as well. This is great for those that come across a post for an electric vehicle via social media and decide not to follow the link to the actual page and instead engage with the company via its social media profile. One each site where response times are measured Top New Motorcycles receives a speed-reply badge. Meaning they answer whenever a customer sends a message. 

Another reason why Top New Motorcycles was presented with the award for best customer service was its updated stock. Top New Motorcycles keeps a very accurate inventory on its stock. Customers who shop don’t have to worry about placing an order only to find the item is no longer in stock. Customers who place an order are guaranteed to receive their item.

One aspect that sets Top New Motorcycles apart from their competition is the ease that they provide for shoppers. As an online ev dealership they understand that consumers are typically used to shopping for a vehicle in person. They also understand that with the emergence of the COVID pandemic and the evolution of shopping online some consumers want a safer and hassle-free experience thus they have added augmented reality into their shopping experience. Consumers can shop for their next electric vehicle from the comfort of their own couch and view vehicles in 3D and right in their own living room. 

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Last but not least we looked at their return policy. Top New Motorcycles offers a solid return policy with giving an individual 30 days to decide if they made the right choice. For any reason a customer is not satisfied, they can reach out to Top New Motorcycles and arrange to return the purchased item. We actually reached out to test and we received approval to return out item.

Being presented an award is a prestigious honor. Not only is it an honor but it also sets the recipient apart from others in its class or industry. With that being said, we are proud to present this award for the tremendous dedication to customer service that Top New Motorcycles puts into their business. Individuals who are looking to make the switch to an electric vehicle should consider shopping on TopNewMotorcycles.com for their ev needs.


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