Secrets to loving yourself

Secrets to loving yourself
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A self-love is an important form of love but unfortunately, it is not preached often enough. As a result, we grow up not appreciating ourselves, not being grateful for our mind and body, not being cognizant of our strengths and not having the same amount of kindness for ourselves.

Not only does that deprive you of important support, but a lack of self-love also has a grave impact on your quality of life. It paves way for an inferiority complex. Moreover, it can also lead to abuse and exploitation at the hands of others.

Also, a lack of self-love makes more room for self-hate, which is an extremely painful emotion. Not being comfortable in your skin, hating your body, disliking the way you look, and being hard on yourself then leads to grave issues with mental health, meriting then the intervention of a Psychologist in Lahore.

Therefore, learning how to love yourself is imperative. You are worthy of everything, but you need to be the first one to come to this realization.

Secrets to loving yourself

Quit the comparisons

Comparing yourself to others can be perceived as a gunshot to your mental health. Alongside being toxic, comparison can make you blind to your blessings and strengths.

Hence, it is imperative that you stop comparing yourself to others. If social media is inadvertently causing you to think on these lines, disband the use immediately. Work on realizing how everyone has unique trajectories and experiences.

Tell yourself you are enough

A lot of self-hate comes from feeling insufficient, unworthy, and lesser than others. What we do not realize is that everyone is a different person. So, celebrate yourself the way you are. Stop measuring yourself against other people’s yardsticks. You are enough, and you are worthy.

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Gratitude is good

Before you start to point out what you are lacking, perhaps try to be cognizant of what you have. One excellent way to become aware of the marvel that your body is by practicing gratitude. Say thank you for all that you have, and it will help you put out self-hate that resides so painfully in your body.

You cannot please everyday

Another reason many people might not be kind to themselves is because of other people’s opinions. But do you realize that you cannot please everyone?  Celebrate the diversity of opinion around you, just as some people might not be happy with you, others might love you dearly.

Rethink mistakes

Your brain learns when you make a mistake. So, why are mistakes so bad? Unless you are deliberately sabotaging the work because your heart is not in it, making mistakes is not bad.

Mistakes and failures are learning moments. So, if you beat yourself up over making mistakes, stop, and rethink the purpose and impact of errors.

Trust yourself and be confident in your abilities

While it may take a lot of effort and time, you need to learn how to trust yourself. You can make your own decisions. You can make the right calls. You know what is good for you. So, be confident in your abilities.

Call out perfectionism for what it is

Perfectionism is wrongly lauded. It is not a good trait to have; it is destructive habit that needs to be disbanded. People who are perfectionists then continue having issues with not just everything that they do, but their achievements, appearance and habits are also subjected to the same trait of perfectionism.

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Of course, it does not mean that you become complacent, but your perfectionism surely gets in the way of self-love. Therefore, try to stay clear of perfectionism, and practice getting rid of it.

Get professional help

Some wounds might require more help than only what self-love alone can give. In such situations, learning might also involve working with the best Psychologist in Karachi.  A professional can help you in areas where you did not even know you needed help.

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