Security Seals: Everything You Need to Know

Security Seals: Everything You Need to Know
Security Seals: Everything You Need to Know

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Nowadays, there’s that notion that you cannot be safe enough. With that in mind, more and more businesses and industries opt to use security seals to seal things that matter to them. The reason why security seals are becoming more popular and wanted is that they guarantee maximum protection, as it’s utterly impossible to open a sealed package or container without breaking the seal. Seals have been widely used by numerous agencies, companies, and businesses to effectively seal off their package or important item. Whether you wish to send or merely close a precious item, you need to understand its capabilities and discover which security seal works best for your field of work. Luckily, everything you need to know about security seals is in this article – read on!

Security seals 101

Security seals represent a special form of mechanism that protect items. Security seals come in various forms and variations, and they are used for numerous applications. A security seal will usually have a tamper-evident sticker or proof that will immediately show that someone who doesn’t have access to the item has tampered with it. As security seals serve to protect specific things, they ought to comply with different criteria and requirements from various industries. In order to prevent people from tampering with the locking mechanism, you ought to design a security seal that meets all international standards, and that is well-designed.  For instance, to find a quality key management system, you should contact a trustworthy manufacturer with longevity in the field and experience. 

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The origin of security seals

When it comes to the history of security seals, there are a few variants of how they have evolved. It has been recorded that even in the early days of Pharaohs, the first ever seals had been carved in metal, stone, and wool. At the time, the meaning of “seal” was different. Later on, to prevent tampering with a valuable matter, such as an important document or luxurious jewelry bag, the “seal” was pressed into the melted wax and used to seal those documents and valuables through transit. If the wax had been touched, it would be a clear sign that someone had tampered with it.

Afterward, in the late 19th century, there has been a significant shift. Some companies have implemented the use of various mechanical seals to secure rail cars, meters, and even bank bags. Furthermore, the messengers and couriers very often examined the seals and could easily spot any changes or fraud. In this modern day and age, old-fashioned seals are replaced with mechanical security seals that are utterly hard to temper and provide extra protection.

The benefits of security seals

Security seals have a plethora of advantages. The most common use of security seals is in industries and businesses where they wish to place assurance that the product has not been tampered with. If there is even one petite sign that the security seals have been tampered with or violated, the tampering indicators could be used to investigate, catch, and prevent future mishaps. What’s more, by using security seals in your business that sells certain goods internationally, you could place an additional lock that is, for example, intended to be used only once. Also, there is a possibility to track your package, and if some form of tampering occurs, the evidence of entry or violation could be shown. As security seals add a higher dimension of strength barrier, it became very easy to detect the unauthorized opening of a closure. Plus, another benefit of certain security seals is that they can both function as a strong disposable lock or classical seal. The most notable of use security of seals is to:

  • prevent theft
  • stop or avoid unauthorized access
  • misuse of containers, postal packages, or security deliveries
  • prevent document, product, or item tempering 
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Types of security seals

There are a lot of variants of security seals, depending on the purpose and use. From tamper-evident cash bags, barcoding, and thermal and laser seals to tangible bolts and wires, here are some of the most common.

Bolt seal 

Security bolt seals are one of the most effective and durable seals. Also known as cargo seals, bolt seals usually use companies that have containers or trucks to enable long-period security. These high-security bolt seals are simple to install and made manually by attaching steel bolts and some other tamper-evident mechanism. You can help raise security levels by adding barcoding or color print. 

Plastic seal 

Plastic seals are usually used for transportation and to offer high-security protection for a product or cargo. The most common plastic seals are fixed-length and very powerful. They are more often used as preventative solutions in transport and are one of the most lucrative options than other security seals.

Tamper-evident tapes

The easiest and quickest way to deter entry, breakages, or absence of items is by tamper-evident taps. These tapes do not offer maximum protection but leave a visible trail if the packages have been mistreated. They can be non-transferable, partially transferable, or fully transferable. 

Metal and wire seals 

There are a few contemporary and sophisticated designs of metal seals. Most metal seals are cable seals, bar seals, or wire seals. They require heavy tools or machinery to be cut or tampered with. These seals are specifically made to give extra protection, and they can be designed t comply with international customs standards as well as with ISO security seals. 

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Use and application 

Security seals are used in numerous industries. From the medical and aero industry to shipping and cargo, seals help protect and secure valuable items from wrong-doings. Whether it’s theft, sabotage, smuggling, or any other illegal activity, no matter how skilled or experienced the perpetrator might be, with the use of security seals, there would be clear evidence of faulty behavior.  

Using security seals and relying on the technology used in their production, you are bound to increase the protection of your package or valuables. Security seals are created to satisfy specific requirements of the customers to increase protection, so they are a smart choice in plenty of circumstances.

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