Selecting the best platform for your sportsbook: A guide for white-label and proprietary software

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Introduction A business that is based on betting on sports is a difficult procedure that requires planning and thoughtful evaluation. The most important decision you’ll take for your sportsbook will be choosing the right sportsbook platform. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of every option and also the use of white-label and proprietary software in this article.

Proprietary Software

Proprietary software is software developed and owned by a single company. OpenBet and Amelco are two examples of companies that use proprietary software. These platforms are extremely customizable and offer a variety of options. However, they are available with a price that is higher.

The primary benefit of using proprietary software is its ability to manage the experience of users. It is possible to customize the software to suit your requirements and preferences , and make any modifications you require.

However, proprietary software comes with disadvantages. The most significant issue is the price. A platform that is proprietary can be expensive and might not be practical for smaller companies.

White-Label Solutions

White-label platforms are those that are owned and developed by third-party. They can be customized to meet the needs of the operators and generally come with lower costs for entry. SBTech and Upgaming are two white-label providers.

White-label solutions have many advantages such as the cost-effectiveness. The platform is already designed so that you don’t need to spend money on the initial development costs. This is an enormous benefit for smaller sportsbooks that might not have the resources to develop a proprietary platform.

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White-label solutions are also simpler to set up and launch. It is not necessary to invest lots of time or money developing the platform.

Upgaming, a white label sportsbook provider similar to Upgaming, offers an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to the customization and integration of their products and provide a variety of features and functions.

White-label products have one disadvantage they don’t give you any control over your user experience. You must adhere to the style and features of the platform created by third-party developers.

Make Your Choice

It is crucial to consider your budget for financial expenses as well as your level of experience and the experience you want to provide your customers when selecting sportsbook software.

If you’re able to use your skills and resources to create an application that will meet all your needs, then you might want to consider using the use of proprietary software.

White-label options like Upgaming could be a better choice if you’re seeking a low-cost solution that is simple to install and launch, as well as maintain.

It is crucial to study every option before making the final choice.


The selection of the best platform for hosting your sportsbook could be a major factor in the performance of your business. It is essential to carefully look at all options, including proprietary and white-label software prior to settling on the one that is most suitable for your requirements and budget.

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