ShareChat: Case Study, Founding Members, Company Profile, and many more

ShareChat: Case Study, Founding Members, Company Profile, and many more
ShareChat: Case Study, Founding Members, Company Profile, and many more
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The development of interpersonal interaction stages just goes back years and years, while possibly not less, when cell phones and the web altered the manner in which individuals Communicated. ShareChat With the ascent of informal communities, individuals with normal interests began to group in the obstructions of language and district.

Notwithstanding, a large portion of the virtual entertainment stages have as a rule been worked out with English as the base, remembering the English language speakers and other people who know English all over the planet. In this way, with regards to India and different nations, where the variety of the dialects assumes a significant part in radiating the pith of their societies, the requirement for elective vernacular web-based entertainment applications was noticeable. This is the very thing SharChat chose to take advantage of.

ShareChat Case Study – About & How It Works?


Established in January 2015 by Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd, ShareChat was set up as a long-range social communication stage to cater to the Indian crowds. The stage for Indian clients is accessible in 14 unique dialects, in particular, Hindi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Odia, Kannada, Assamese, Haryanvi, Rajasthani, and Bhojpuri for the present.

ShareChat furnishes its clients with various vernacular items across classifications like wellbeing tips, hand-crafted cures, weight reduction, strict statements, and word references to give some examples as it were.

ShareChat – Industry:

On delving into recent research it has found out that India has been seeing an exponential expansion in the number of social media users, which has grown to 518 million in 2020. The social media user in the subcontinent is further looking to grow and touch the 1.5 billion mark by 2040. Though Facebook was still recognized as the popular choice among the Indian audiences also as is the case with the rest of the world, the opportunities for vernacular social media platforms and content providers are overwhelming too.

ShareChat Company Profile:

Company NameSharechat
SectorSocial Media
FoundersFarid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, Ankush Sachdeva
CEOAnkush Sachdeva
Total Valuation$3.7 billion (December 2021)
Revenue$10.48 mn (Rs 80 crores in FY21)
Funding$1.4 billion (March 2022)
Parent OrganizationMohalla Tech Pvt Ltd

ShareChat Founding Members:

ShareChat Founding Members
ShareChat Founding Members

ShareChat was established by Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. Prime supporter and CEO of ShareChat and Moj, Ankush Sachdeva was a BTech Computer Science understudy from IIT Kanpur. Subsequent to Interning at Microsoft, Ankush helped to establish ShareChat in 2015. He served the organization as the prime supporter and CPO of the organization prior to being elevated to the position of CEO in 2017.

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Farid Ahsan:

Farid Ahsan was a BTech understudy who finished his certification in Material Science and Engineering from IIT Kanpur. He at present fills in as the Co-founder and COO of ShareChat.

Bhanu Pratap Singh:

Bhanu Pratap Singh was likewise an IIT Kanpur who finished his certification in Electrical Engineering from that point. He is at present the Head of the innovation vertical of the stage alongside filling in as the Co-founder and CTO of ShareChat.

Ankush Sachdeva:

Co-founder and CEO of ShareChat and Moj, Ankush Sachdeva was a BTech Computer Science student from IIT Kanpur. After Interning at Microsoft, Ankush co-founded ShareChat in 2015. He served the company as the co-founder and CPO of the company before being promoted to the rank of CEO in 2017.

ShareChat Start Up Story:


ShareChat depends on an exceptionally nonexclusive understanding. All of this began when the prime supporters saw that there exists a portion of clients, who couldn’t imagine anything better than to articulate their thoughts but don’t have a stage and are offered a chance, so they wouldn’t be hesitant to communicate.

So preferably, this provincial crowd has their own inclinations with regards to content utilization, which most without a doubt can’t be served by friendly items utilized by the metro crowd. As per the co-founders, this territorial arrangement of the crowd was generally ignored and the market was somewhat immaculate until ShareChat came into the image. This is the means by which ShareChat was brought into the world by three splendid personalities who gained an overall knowledge to earn anything startup.

With the vision of giving incredible correspondence and afterward a systems administration stage as a primary concern, the ShareChat pioneers began their excursion. In October 2015, ShareChat was established by three IITians from IIT Kanpur Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva.

At first, ShareChat began as a substance-sharing instrument for the renowned informing application WhatsApp for the clients who need to share more than 100K substance pieces in a day. Nonetheless, the stage bit by bit advanced effectively into a provincial language-driven informal communication stage

ShareChat Business Model:

There are two prominent kinds of plans of action followed by the substance showcasing local area on the web. The first aids in building an organization where the substance material is made and possessed by the stage makers. Then again, lies the second sort of model, which makes a significant piece of the substance material by the clients. ShareChat does this.

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ShareChat trusts in existing as a well-known long-range interpersonal communication stage, where clients can transfer photographs, and recordings, make content, talk with others, make companions, and the sky is the limit from there. Be that as it may, not at all like the other online entertainment stages, Sharechat helps in passing on every one of the messages in the territorial dialects of India.

ShareChat doesn’t charge its clients to acquire income. All things considered, it produces income through promotions, installment exchanges, and supported crusades.

ShareChat Challenges:

As per one of the prime supporters, Ankush, “Perhaps the greatest test we have is showing the crowd what a feed is, the reason you follow somebody, why you make content. That is one thing which is absent in every one of the informal organizations and that is the reason our crowd, which is this new crowd that has come up in India, finds it incredibly hard to utilize Facebook or Twitter or Snapchat”.

sharechat 2 startuptalky 1

ShareChat Competitors:

Smartphones today are brimming with long-range interpersonal communication and content sharing applications that individuals need to see and do today. In this profoundly serious field, ShareChat, straightforwardly and in a roundabout way, contends with:

  • Roposo
  • BetterButter
  • Giphy
  • Nerdery
  • Koo
  • Chingari
  • Josh
  • Digg

ShareChat Growth:

ShareChat Growth of Active Users Success Story Startuptalky 1
  • ShareChat has been downloaded north of 21 million times
  • ShareChat has around 160 million clients and a makers’ local area of 50+ million
  • On an average, around 5 million substance pieces get shared consistently at this stage
  • ShareChat has a portion of 1,000,000 dynamic clients month to month
  • ShareChat has a typical Play Store rating of 4.5
  • Has developed 7x in 2018-19
  • ShareChat’s Moj is driving with around 75 million month to month normal clients abandoning MX Takatak and Josh
  • The Monthly Active Users (MAU) of both ShareChat and Moj has developed to $160 mn in FY21 from $80 mn in FY20

ShareChat Future Plans:

In the approaching future, ShareChat claims that there will be significant changes in the manner of the application capacities. The clients can decently anticipate much more assortment in the space of the substance designs. Additionally, the clients can expect many more satisfied makers to change into superstars, and to see individuals who become renowned on ShareChat. Additionally, India has 22 authority dialects and in excess of 1600 known vernacular.

Along these lines, ShareChat needs to take care of additional local crowds. What the stage doesn’t need is to restrict itself to India. ShareChat as of now has in excess of 130 million month-to-month dynamic clients (MAUs) and has been attempting to exploit TikTok’s nonattendance from India in the midst of the public authority’s boycott.

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ShareChat has previously converged with MX TakaTak and the joined stage is peering toward developing 100 mn makers, 300 mn month to month dynamic clients, and near 250 bn video sees.

FAQs about ShareChat:

What is ShareChat?

ShareChat, similar to some other systems administration stage, permits its clients to make, find and offer substance to each other. Notwithstanding, the stage is recognized by the territorial dialects that ShareChat utilizes for the substance shared.

What administrations does ShareChat give?

ShareChat gives its clients wellbeing tips, custom-made cures, weight reduction, strict statements, and a word reference to give some examples as it were.

Who is the pioneer behind ShareChat?

ShareChat was established by Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva.

Who is the CEO of ShareChat?

Ankush Sachdeva is the CEO of ShareChat and has been so starting around 2017.

Who are the contenders for ShareChat?

ShareChat, straightforwardly and by implication, rivals Roposo, BetterButter, Giphy, Nerdery, Digg, and some more.

How can others see my ShareChat profile?

In ShareChat you can search the awesome content by clicking on the Explore section which lets you discover the different types of content. Click the explore button placed on the top right corner, then click the category you are interested in and then click on the tag in which you wanted to explore.

How do I enable 18+ on ShareChat?

To do the same, please open your profile by clicking on the profile pic on the top left corner of your home screen. Click on the profile settings button right below your status to find an option to turn on/off 18+ posts.

How do you delete chats on ShareChat?

A menu will appear above the message and you can choose Delete. To delete an entire conversation thread: open the Inbox, scroll to the thread you wish to delete but do not click the thread. Instead, click the 3 vertical dots on the right. This will open a menu and you can select the Delete button.

To save any post be it an audio/video/image or text just click on the star in the bottom right of the post. This post will then be saved into the ShareChat Gallery and can be viewed anytime the user wants, even if he is offline, thus serving the purpose of an actual phone gallery.

What happens when you delete a text conversation?

After you delete a text conversation, call, or voicemail from Google Voice, you won’t be able to access it again. It may be stored on your devices or the devices you contacted. Optional: To delete multiple items, touch and hold the first conversation, call, or voicemail then tap more items.


In this article, we have mentioned the entire success story of ShareChat, and how the company has grown in the past years and has become a million-dollar company. All the details related to the company have been mentioned in the article above. We hope this article is informative to all the readers. 

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