Shinywing: Your Trusted Source for Goldwing Parts and Accessories

Shinywing: Your Trusted Source for Goldwing Parts and Accessories
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As a Goldwing rider, you understand that the Goldwing is not just any motorcycle. It’s a lifestyle, a passion, and a statement of freedom. It’s not just a machine that takes you from point A to point B, but it’s an experience that changes your life forever. And, to make your Goldwing experience more enjoyable and personalized, you need the best accessories and parts. This is where Shinywing comes in.

Shinywing: The Leading Supplier of Goldwing Accessories in Europe

Shinywing is a leading supplier of Goldwing accessories in Europe, established in 2010 and based in Ireland, selling accessories worldwide to the Goldwing community from our shop in Little Island, Cork. Shinywing understands the needs of the Goldwing riders and offers a comprehensive range of accessories and parts to make your bike unique.

One of the things that sets Shinywing apart from other accessory shops is that they are Goldwing riders themselves. This means that they not only sell the accessories, but they also test them on their bikes. They understand the importance of quality, durability, and compatibility with different Goldwing models. This is why they offer a minimum 12-month warranty on all their products and offer competitive postage charges.

A Comprehensive Range of Accessories and Parts

Whether you ride a GL1000-GL1200, GL1500, GL1800, GL1800 2012-2017, or GL1800 2018, Shinywing has you covered with a wide range of accessories and parts.

Goldwing Audio and Communication Parts and Accessories

One of the most popular categories of accessories for Goldwing riders is audio and communication. Whether you ride solo or with a passenger, music and communication are essential for a comfortable and enjoyable ride. Shinywing offers a variety of audio and communication parts and accessories from top brands such as Addon, Bigbike Parts, Kuryakyn, and Goldstrike. From speakers and amplifiers to intercoms and Bluetooth adapters, Shinywing has everything you need to stay connected and entertained on the road.

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Luggage and Pouches

Another essential category of accessories for Goldwing riders is luggage and pouches. Whether you’re going on a long road trip or just need to carry some essentials, Shinywing offers a range of luggage and pouches from top brands such as Ultragard, Hopnel, and Rivco. From trunks and saddlebags to tank bags and pouches, Shinywing has everything you need to pack your gear safely and efficiently.

Maintenance Parts and Accessories

To keep your Goldwing in top condition, you need high-quality maintenance parts and accessories. Shinywing offers a comprehensive range of maintenance parts and accessories to suit all makes and models of motorcycles. From oil filters and brake pads to spark plugs and batteries, Shinywing has everything you need to keep your Goldwing running smoothly.

Used Parts

If you’re looking for affordable and high-quality used parts for your Goldwing, Shinywing has you covered. They stock a range of used parts for the Honda Goldwing, including engines, transmissions, frames, wheels, and more. All used parts are inspected and tested to ensure they meet Shinywing’s high standards for quality and reliability.

Shinywing Gift Vouchers

If you’re not sure what to get for the Goldwing rider in your life, why not get them a Shinywing gift voucher? Shinywing gift vouchers are available for €10 to €75 and can be redeemed for any product or service offered by Shinywing. They’re the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays, or any other special occasion.

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