Show Off Your Style with a Unique Engagement Ring

Show Off Your Style with a Unique Engagement Ring

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Types of Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task, as there are so many styles to choose from. This article will discuss some of the most popular types of engagement rings, including classic, antique and coloured gemstone styles.

Classic Rings: Engagement ring in NZ offers classic engagement rings that typically feature round or princess cut diamonds set in a simple gold band. These timeless designs have been popular for decades and remain a classic choice for couples who prefer traditional-style jewellery. 

Antique Rings: Antique rings offer an elegant, vintage look that harkens back to an earlier era. Many antique rings feature intricate filigree detailing or unusual stones such as opals or sapphires set in rose gold bands or platinum settings. If you’re looking for something unique and special, an antique ring may be the perfect choice for you! 

Coloured Gemstones: Colored gemstones are becoming increasingly popular in engagement ring designs due to their vibrant hues and variety of shapes available. From rubies to emeralds to sapphires, these precious stones add eye-catching colour to any design that is sure to make your fiancé instantly smile when they open the box! 

Benefits of Unique Engagement Rings

When it comes to purchasing engagement rings, couples often go the traditional route, choosing a solitaire diamond on a white gold band. While this is understandable and often considered the most classic look for an engagement ring, there are many other unique options available that can help make your ring stand out. Unique engagement rings offer several benefits to those looking for something special and memorable.

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First of all, unique rings offer significant symbolism. They provide an opportunity to show off your style and personality while also representing the love you share with your partner. For example, a vintage-style ring can incorporate intricate filigree work or gemstones from both partners’ birthstones to create a personalized piece that elegantly celebrates both of you. Similarly, coloured gemstones such as sapphires or rubies present another opportunity for couples to express their taste and preferences in terms of colour and design. 

Another benefit of opting for unique engagement rings is the fact that they are much less common than traditional designs – meaning your ring will be one-of-a-kind! You won’t have to worry about seeing someone else wearing the same piece as yours – which can be especially reassuring if you’re looking for something truly special.

Tips for Selecting an Engagement Ring

When it comes to selecting an engagement ring, there are a lot of things to consider. From budget and design to the perfect size and stone, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect ring for your special someone. Here are some tips for selecting an engagement ring that will ensure you pick the right one:

1. Set a Budget – Before you even start shopping around for an engagement ring, you must set a budget. This will help narrow down your search and give you better ideas on how much money is realistic to spend on a quality piece of jewellery.

2. Consider Her Style – Does your significant other have particular tastes? Are they more traditional or modern? What kind of jewellery do they usually wear? All these questions can help steer you in the right direction when it comes to finding her dream ring. 

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3. Choose the Right Stone – While diamonds are traditional choices for engagement rings, there are several other options out there such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds that can make beautiful alternatives if diamonds aren’t in your budget or she prefers something different from conventional stones. 


Unique engagement rings are a great way to express your love and commitment. They can be custom-made to suit any taste and budget, making them a truly special way to symbolize your relationship. Whether you choose a classic design or one that is more modern, whether you opt for an antique or a contemporary style, the perfect ring will reflect your sense of style and make it clear just how much you care about each other.

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