Sliding Glass Door: How To Shop For The Best Glass Doors

Sliding Glass

Sliding glass doors have become increasingly popular today. They are ideal for both small and large home and office spaces. These doors often come with a hingeless design, which makes it easy and possible for you to use the area around the door.

As with all other glass doors, such as glass office partitions, sliding glass doors also have their issues. One of them is that they also wear out over time, requiring you to go for replacements. This begs the question; when is the right time to replace your sliding patio glass door? What is the best way to shop for the right products? Read on to find answers to these burning “sliding door” questions.

Warning signs you need to replace your sliding glass doors

Today, there are many signs you’ll get to understand it’s time to replace your home or office’s sliding glass doors. If your answer to one or more of the questions below is yes, then you need to visit Doors 22 or a reliable glass store around you to replace your sliding doors.

  • Does your sliding glass pane often trap fog or moisture?
  • Do you often experience difficulties when closing or opening your sliding doors?
  • Is there any alignment with the tracks of your sliding glass doors?
  • Are the rollers of the doors currently malfunctioning?
  • Do you have gaps between your sliding doors and frame?

A “yes” answer to any of the questions above means you can always consider buying new sliding glass doors for your home or office. Why? For instance, if there is a gap between your patio doors, this could lead to security concerns. It could also increase your monthly energy bills.

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Factors to consider when shopping for sliding glass doors

When shopping for the right sliding glass doors or sliding glass office walls, you need to put certain factors into consideration. These factors include the functionality, quality, energy efficiency, and security capabilities of the doors.

  1. Functionality 

The functionality of the sliding glass doors you’re looking to purchase matters a lot. This explains why you need to check and be sure the glass doors will be pretty easy and comfortable for you to operate.

  • If you’re looking for comfort, the best you can do is opt for automatic sliding glass doors. They are way more convenient to operate than their manual counterparts.
  • Do you want the glass doors to increase your privacy? Perhaps, what you want are doors that could help you limit the effect of sunlight. In this case, what you need are sliding glass doors with a tint feature.
  1. Quality

Nothing beats buying high-quality products for your home. If the glass doors aren’t tempered or toughened, we won’t advise you to go for them. The best products should be strong enough to withstand any physical effects. They should be highly durable to withstand direct and long-term exposure to sunlight.

  1. Energy efficiency 

The impact of sliding glass doors on your energy consumption is another thing you need to consider before opting for a product. If you want the best out of your energy bills, you should only consider high-efficiency glass doors.

  • You need a glass door that can help you prevent heat exchange in your home. In this case, you can check Doors 22 for some of the best triple-glazed or double-glazed sliding glass door products.
  • Consider shopping for glass doors with insulated frames. Experts reveal that these products are effective in preventing heat gain.
  • You should also go for doors with little air leaks to reduce your energy bills.
  1. Security
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You also need to look for the security features of the sliding glass closet doors before you consider buying them. Some key features you need to consider are:

  • Resistance to various impacts
  • Burglar-proof locking
  • Door alarms

All these features are essential to prevent intruders from gaining access to your home.

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