Top Small Businesses in Austin

Small Businesses in Austin
Small Businesses in Austin
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Austin, in the heart of Texas, is one of the most populated cities in the state. It is home to business people, students, government officials, musicians, artists, engineers, doctors, and entrepreneurs.

This city, dubbed “the Silicon Hills,” is a high-tech hub. The city’s main industries include engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology.

In addition to being a tech town, Austin is noted for its live music, distinctive food trucks, movies, theatre, museums, athletic events, parks, and leisure. It attracts visitors from all over the world due to its spectacular beauty, pleasant weather, and architecture.

Furthermore, some of America’s top-ranked universities in the region attract ambitious students from all over the world.”

Here is a list of small businesses in Austin which are growing continuously.

Top Small Businesses in Austin –


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  • Founded – 2017
  • Founder – Ammar Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle

Coder is an enterprise platform developer that creates software that can be developed on distant servers. Engineers may use the company’s solution to more quickly establish, secure, and power development environments.

Ammar Bandukwala, Kyle Carberry, and John Andrew Entwistle created Coder in 2017 with the purpose of assisting developers in writing more code. At the age of thirteen, the three founders met online and began developing gaming servers.

They expanded their partnership over the following several years, creating DDoS mitigation platforms, peer-to-peer file-sharing firms, and websites with over a million monthly users. They started working on developer tools as soon as they graduated from high school.

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Darwin Homes 

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  • Founded – 2018
  • Founder – Ryan Broderick

Darwin Homes Property Management is revolutionizing the rental experience for both landlords and tenants. Darwin delivers outstanding service throughout the lease and management process by combining proprietary tools with Darwin’s professional local property managers. Its technology boosts productivity by allowing property managers and local teams to provide consistent service and outcomes.

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Studio X

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  • Founded – 2020

Studio X is a worldwide innovation studio that is creating an ecosystem centered on the creation of solutions that will allow ambitious ideas to go forwards quicker. Studio X is best described as a group of scientists, engineers, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have pooled their talents. The “X” in their name stands for the unknown variable they are dealing with.

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Studio X, based in Austin, Texas, aspires to reimagine energy exploration by disrupting the current quo in research and development and introducing creative solutions. The firm began in September 2020 with three products: Xeek, XCover, and SixLab, all of which are focused on energy research and discovery.

Studio X also released the “Go with the Flow” tool in November, which the business said was an example of the kind of goods the company and the future of crowdsourcing technology may provide.

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  • Address – 310 Comal Suite 200, #210, Austin, TX 78702, US
  • Industry – Artificial Intelligence + Co-Working Space or Incubator
  • Website – 


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  • Founded – 2017
  • Founder – Emerson Smith

Pushnami is a major digital marketing software supplier situated in Austin, Texas, with over 20,000 websites active on the platform and a month-over-month growth rate of over 20%. They provide unrivaled performance to their clients by combining cutting-edge messaging technologies with AI/machine learning and infinite data storage. 

Dynamic Content Insertion is their top client vertical, and it works on all desktop and mobile platforms that have push notifications enabled. Users’ websites can reach their audience even when they are not on your website thanks to their quick and easy integration.

Higher click rates, better conversions, a larger following, and more money result from engaging both interested and active visitors. Web publishers may monetize and engage their subscribers using Pushnami, while marketers can reach new consumers.

  • Address – 6600 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78752, United States
  • Industry – Digital Media + Machine Learning
  • Website – 


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  • Founded – 2017
  • Founder – Gregg Luskin

After relocating to Austin last year, Mothership, a software business that creates a platform for short-haul freight shipping operations, is looking to expand its workforce and worldwide reach.

The Los Angeles-based start-up focuses on last-mile transportation by linking businesses and their freight with neighboring truckers. The firm just received $76 million, which it expects to use to develop its platform and hire more people.

Mothership’s platform works by connecting individual truckers with businesses who need things delivered quickly, such as fashion, food, beverage, retail, or hardware. On Mothership’s website, businesses may book one or hundreds of shipments, or integrate them directly into the system. The software of the corporation then distributes this cargo to local transporters.

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  • Founded – 2021
  • Founder – Andy Hoang

Planoly is a Social Marketing Platform that allows individuals to share their experiences across social and digital platforms that have all been meticulously designed to satisfy a specific purpose. It contributes to the growth of brand awareness as well as the improvement of digital and social presence.

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Planoly enables businesses of all sizes to achieve their social marketing objectives in a fluid and simple manner, making social marketing accessible to everybody. It also makes it easier to convert social media content into a social store with just one click.

It includes the ability to plan and schedule content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter with ease, as well as the ability to sell anything to anybody selling it and create social content with StoriesEdit.

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  • Address – 6850 Austin Center Blvd #180, Austin, TX 78731, United States
  • Industry – Social Media 
  • Website –


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  • Founded – 2014
  • Founder – Dustyn Williams, Jeffrey Wiese

OnlineMedEd (OME) is one of the world’s most popular medical education platforms, helping to shape the future generation of healthcare professionals. It is a complete learning solution for both students and organizations.

It is driven forwards by an ecosystem made up of equal parts content, technology, and research. The material focuses on the entire provider, including medical information, supportive services, and the practical skills required to be a great and effective practitioner.

Over 250,000 monthly active users in 192 countries use OME to help them become physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, dentists, and other healthcare professionals. It is situated in Austin, Texas, and was created in 2014.

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  • Founded – 2013

AdAction is a cutting-edge mobile app media firm that collaborates with premier app developers, Fortune 100 companies, and quality publishers to help them improve sales, drive app downloads, and engage customers on iOS and Android.

AdAction has had one of the strongest customer retention rates in the business since its launch in 2013, with over 8 million monthly app installations in 180+ countries.

AdAction is always developing smart technologies and data-driven solutions to enhance user acquisition marketing and help their clients flourish in the ever-changing mobile app environment.

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  • Address – 5508 US-290 suite 204, Austin, TX 78735, United States
  • Industry – Adtech + Digital Media
  • Website – 



  • Founded – 2016
  • Founder – Marlow Nickell, Don Oelke, and Edward Cates

While online grocery adoption has gotten a lot of press in the last three years, 90% of food transactions still take place in shops, thus start-ups like Clerk are trying to digitize the typical supermarket experience.

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While watching Amazon and Walmart improve their marketing and product merchandising, CEO Marlow Nickell saw an opportunity and co-founded Clerk with Don Oelke and Edward Cates in 2016.

Grocery TV is a digital ad network that allows brands and merchants to improve the shopping experience by deploying checkout line displays.


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  • Founded – 2012
  • Founder – Bill Moore

Zello is the world’s most popular push-to-talk service for communities, teams, and corporations. Millions of deskless, remote, and frontline employees and users exchange information, collaborate, and solve problems in real-time via any wireless or data network.

Zello is a privately held and thriving company that was founded in 2012 and has been named one of Austin’s Best Places to Work. Bechtel, Honda, Restoration Hardware, Starwood/Marriott, Waste Management, and YRC Freight are among the company’s current clients.

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  • Address – 1717 W 6th St, Austin, TX 78703, United States.
  • Industry – Logistics + Mobile
  • Website –


  • Founded – 2019

HempchainTM has a big plan to become the world’s largest hemp chain. Industrial leader in blockchain and cryptocurrency development

Supply Chain & Marketplace solutions, goods, and companies for hemp and CBD. Farmers, small companies, enterprises, governments, universities, medical researchers, entrepreneurs, and consumers will benefit from an AI-AR-IIoT industrial complex. HempchainTM aspires to assist consumers in breaking through barriers and realizing the enormous potential of the New Industrial Hemp & CBD Revolution. Hempchain™

thinks that the actual potential of Integrated Advanced Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology rests in human development, environmental sustainability, and providing a pathway for previously unimagined innovation.

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  • Address – 701 Brazos St, Capital Factory, Austin, TX, US.
  • Industry – Blockchain + Cannabis
  • Website –


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  • Founded – 2013
  • Founder – Tom Kieley, Clint McRee

SourceDay is a supply chain performance platform that connects your ERP to your supplier network, allowing you to easily track changes across the direct spend lifecycle. Change has been the sole constant for far too long for manufacturers, distributors, and CPG brands relying on outmoded methods to manage suppliers.

Whole teams can trace a single item from the PO issue through delivery with SourceDay’s collaborative solutions, giving businesses unprecedented control over their operations. Thousands of companies have utilized SourceDay to prevent supply chain surprises, allowing them to deliver billions of components on time, save money, optimize operations, and retain important customer connections.

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  • Address – 9737 Great Hills Trl Suite 100, Austin, TX 78759, US
  • Industry – Software
  • Website –


To sum it up, these are the Top small Businesses to work in Austin. These firms are forward-thinking, and they enlisted the greatest personnel to assist their clients and ensure the project’s success.

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