So, You Finished Your Yoga Teacher Training… Now What?

So, You Finished Your Yoga Teacher Training… Now What?
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Completing your yoga teacher training can be a lengthy affair. Some students join the fast-track program, while the others do the course at their own pace. Till some time back, you may have been a self-practitioner. But now, you are a Yoga TTC graduate. So, you may be having a whole new perspective on yoga. 

When you were undergoing training at the Yoga Vidya Mandiram, you must have been surrounded by a supportive environment and loving gurus. After you complete the first level, like the 200- hour TTC program, you will be on your own. That is something inevitable. However, many of you may be on seventh heaven owing to your Yoga Alliance certification. Come one, now you can also apply for RYT or Registered Yoga Teacher training. On the other hand, some of you may be feeling a bit lonely. So, what we can gauge from here, are that diverse groups of students are surrounded by diverse thoughts. Some of you may miss your class, and others may be confused, as to the next course of action. Moreover, there will be students who are all excited to start their teaching journey. Which group do you belong to? 

Upgrade Yourself as a Teacher 

You must have undergone comprehensive training, under the tutelage of experts. And, that means, that you received all-around training in the theoretical and the practical aspects as well. If you just completed the first stage, which is the 200-hour yoga teacher training in India, you have a lot of scope to advance your qualifications. Furthermore, you can also do some short specializations on Yoga Nidra, Yoga anatomy, and Ayurveda. It will give you an edge over other teacher. You should also start practicing the teaching pedagogy that you were taught in class. 

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You have to appear confident and knowledgeable in front of the students. Your journey begins, in front of the mirror. Do record how and what you practice. Watch it later, and compare it with your teacher’s stance. This will help you to refine yourself as a teacher. You can also send a few recordings to your teacher, and ask for feedback. 

Start Teaching Family and Friends 

Getting real students is easier said than done. But you must be having family and friends, right? You can hone your yoga teaching skills at home itself. You can also start solving some of the health issues of your near and dear ones, through yogic concepts. It will help you to develop conviction. Moreover, you do not have to conduct hour-long sessions. Around 20-30- minute sessions will keep all excited. 

You can make your close ones, stretch. It is one of the most basic practices, that everyone from toddlers to the aged can do. Start applying some of the anatomical concepts on the aged ones, and see them getting enthusiastic. 


Propagate In Your Community 

After you are done with teaching your family and friends, increase your horizons. Furthermore, you may be a part of a club or close-knit group on social media. Start circulating your knowledge, tips, and pictures everywhere. Let people know, that you just completed a yoga TTC program, and are ready to take on the world. 

You can also take up some volunteer opportunities, to feel more confident before taking a paid class. You can make some mistakes in unpaid classes, without them getting noticed. However, there are students, who know how to squeeze every bit of knowledge from the teacher, in a paid class. Moreover, you will be judged by the advanced ones, who may have secretly attended sessions elsewhere. You can organize free classes at community centers, free camps, and gyms. 

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Offer Classes In Your Current Workplace 

Many people are switching careers in the middle of their life. You may be one of them. So, you can add another place, where you can start propagating your knowledge. You can talk to the HR team in your office and decide on a time, when all the employees can attend your sessions. You can also conduct the sessions in batches. It can be a great HR initiative. Moreover, you can get a raise as well, due to your efforts. 


Start Your Yoga Studio 

Other than the above, this is one more option that can give you a boost. Owning one’s own business is always a lucrative thing. Moreover, you can also get double the income, if you do it right. But, the 200-hour program may not equip you with all the knowledge. So, you can rope in a senior, whom you met at yoga school. Start teaching jointly. Always get a contract signed, how well you know the person. In the meanwhile, you can continue your yoga teacher training journey to the intermediate and advanced levels, online. 

Many yoga enthusiasts are taking this route today. So, why not you? Take advantage. Earlier, online courses did not hold much value. However, today after battling the pandemic, people have opened up to the idea of adult continuous learning. The best schools are offering the 300-hour and 500-hour courses online. Now, that you have delved deeper into the practice, you can pick up many of the intricacies online. 

What You Should Not Do?

So, you were not expecting this! But this is reality. One of the most important things that you should not do, is not to compare your journey with someone else’s. Each person learns and works at his or her own pace. When you open your social media handles, you might get intrigued by a classmate becoming a social media star, with yoga. So, don’t start judging yourself. Ask yourself, if you too want to do the same. 

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You cannot expect success overnight. Forget about making money through group yoga classes. The rates are competitive, so you will not become a millionaire. Furthermore, you may not get any student in the beginning. So, do not get dejected. Continue with your practice, and also upgrade your certifications. You should address all your mental and physical issues and solve them at the earliest. Then, you can gain more confidence in solving others issues. 

Be ready to be bombarded with questions from beginners. The yoga career, does not start and end with a class. It is a journey. Embrace it, and others will also embrace you. 

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