Top 10 Software Programming Languages

Software Programming Languages
Top 10 Software Programming Languages
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Programmers (developers) and computers can communicate with one another using a programming language. A collection of rules called a programming language enables the conversion of textual values into different methods of producing machine code, or in the case of visual programming languages, graphical components. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Software Programming Languages that developers use.

What is Software Programming Languages?

Computer programming used to be a highly-restricted and hidden discipline. Only a select few people were thought to be highly skilled programmers and coders. Today, many IT careers need a good understanding of the top programming languages—and yes, we mean more than one.

You may be unsure about which programming language to study if you want to improve in your job or change fields entirely. You want to make the best decision possible since learning the language will need both time and money.

You should keep several factors in mind while making your choice, such as the degree of complexity you’re prepared to take on, the programming language knowledge you currently have that compliments your current programming skills or the reasons you’re interested in learning a top programming language.

The correct programming language must be learned if you wish to create mobile applications, gain certification for your programming talents, or pick up new abilities. The top 10 software programming languages that will be in demand by employers in 2023 are described below. 

List Of Software Programming Languages:

RankLanguageDeveloperYearNumber of developersCommunity NameWidely used companies
1JavaScriptBrendan Eich199513.9 millionECMAScriptGoogle, Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Uber
2JavaJames Gosling199510.9 millionOracleAmazon, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb
3PythonGuido van Rossum199110.7 millionPython Software FoundationGoogle, Facebook, Spotify, Dropbox, Instagram
4C#Anders Hejlsberg20007.7 millionMicrosoftMicrosoft, Unity, Electronic Arts, Adobe, SAP
5C++Bjarne Stroustrup19856.3 millionC++ Standards CommitteeAdobe, Autodesk, Nvidia, Qt, Unreal Engine
6TypeScriptAnders Hejlsberg20123.9 millionMicrosoftGoogle, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe
7RRobert Gentleman and Ross Ihaka19933.2 millionR FoundationGoogle, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Uber
8PHPRasmus Lerdorf19942.8 millionPHP GroupWordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Facebook
9GoRobert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson20092.6 millionGolangGoogle, Netflix, Uber, Docker, Kubernetes
10SwiftChris Lattner20142.2 millionSwift.orgApple, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Stripe


Javascript image

Javascript (Image Source:

JavaScript is one of the most frequently used programming languages on the internet. Using JavaScript, you can make some of the most captivating websites. It is also one of the programming languages with the greatest learning curves, according to recent Stack Overflow polls.

More than 97% of websites, according to the survey, employ JavaScript on the client side of the webpage. The most current statistics indicate that 72% of companies are looking for JavaScript experts. Studying Advanced Javascript may be the most amazing decision you make in 2023 to boost your career.

  • It features a clean code base, which boosts productivity and readability.
  • Increased browser control and platform independence Offer options for user input validation
  • Developers of JavaScript typically earn $118,000 per year.
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Python image

Python (Image Source:

Python is the programming language of the future. According to the most current statistics, approximately 80% of developers choose Python as their main coding language. The extensive library system of Python facilitates the processes involved in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence.

The king of programming languages, Python is now widely used. Considering these predictions of achievement and development in 2023, understanding this programming language gives amazing advantages like:

  • Coding is simple to learn.
  • a large number of frameworks and libraries that support a wide range of applications
  • including Java and C equivalents such as CPython, Jython, etc.
  • GUI assistance
  • Python-related businesses include Intel, Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, and others. 
  • Developers of Python typically earn $120,000 per year.


Java image

Java (Image Source:

Java, one of the most effective programming languages, is already used by more than 3 billion devices. Currently, one of the most widely used technologies is Java, which is used in a wide range of industries including web development, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and desktop and mobile applications.

As a result, understanding this technology offers the possibility of insanely large revenues, enormous growth, and a broad reputation. Java is thus among the top programming languages to learn in 2023. Java includes a number of noteworthy features, including:

  • Object-oriented programming and platform independence improved output, efficiency, and security
  • It’s the safest language.
  • Java Developer’s Average Annual Salary is $104,000.


C/C++ image

C/C++ (Image Source:

The general-purpose programming language C, sometimes referred to as the “mother of all programming languages,” is ideal for usage in business applications, gaming, and graphics. The well-known programming language significantly impacted the creation of additional languages, compilers, databases, and Microsoft Windows, one of the most widely used operating systems.

Many programmers nowadays entirely disregard C, while others believe that learning C offers C++ development a solid foundation. They are used while developing complex business solutions and client/server software, both of which need high levels of performance. Both have outstanding characteristics like:

  • Almost all low-level systems, including file systems, operating systems, and so on, are written in C/C++.
  • Competitive programmers often utilize C++ due to its great speed and stability. 
  • having built-in operators and functionalities and being expandable
  • Adobe, Google Apps, MySQL Server, Microsoft, Apple, and other businesses are among those that use C/C++.
  • C/C++ Developers make an average salary of $97,000 per year.


C# image

C# (Image Source:

Microsoft created the computer language C# in 2000. It is based on the.NET framework. Making desktop programs and video games using it is successful. According to the report, C# is used in 34% of the top mobile games.

It is a well-designed language that is in great demand all across the world. Therefore, learning C# is a fantastic professional choice you can make in 2023. Among C#’s best qualities are the following:

  • easy to learn and comprehend
  • It has been seamlessly integrated with .NET libraries.
  • Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Accenture, and Alibaba Travels are the top businesses using C#.
  • $97,000 is the average yearly salary for a C# developer.
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PHP image

PHP (Image Source:

PHP is one of the general-purpose programming languages that will continue to be important in the next years. It was among the first server-side languages that HTML could use to incorporate functionality in a web page. The expanding popularity of the internet has increased the need for PHP developers. These remarkable traits are only a few:

  • simple to understand and use
  • superior in speed to other scripting languages
  • very safe to avoid threats and assaults
  • PHP powers incredible websites like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.
  • PHP Developers yearly salary is $81,000 Per Year


kotlin logo

Kotlin (Image Source:

Applications are made using Kotlin, a cross-platform programming language. It is used by more than 60% of Android developers. Kotlin is ranked as the fourth fastest-growing programming language by a number of reliable indices. Therefore, the best choice you can make in 2023 if you want to progress your career in Android app development is to learn Kotlin. Some of Kotlin’s most notable traits include the following:

  • concise programming and organized concurrency
  • Additional security measures
  • Compared to Java, coding is around 20% less, and it is 100% compatible.
  • $130,000 is the average yearly salary for Kotlin developers.


Swift image

Swift (Image Source:

It is a potent programming language that was developed by Apple Inc. Apps for many other operating systems, including as watchOS, macOS, and iOS, are produced using it. It might be seen as the future of speedy and secure apps. As a result, it will reach the top tier of programming languages more quickly. It has several amazing qualities, such as:

  • Simple to comprehend and manage
  • accelerates the development process
  • Performance improvement
  • allows for dynamic libraries
  • Apple, Instagram, Uber, and Slack are among the companies developing Swift.
  • Swift Developer’s Average Annual Salary is $93,000. 


Go image

Go (Image Source:

Go, sometimes referred to as Golang, is one of the most robust and successful programming languages that distinguishes itself from the competitors. It was first developed by Google in 2007 to manage its rapidly growing infrastructure. It swiftly climbed to become one of the most extensively used programming languages after achieving extraordinary popularity. Go has a number of exceptional qualities, including the following:

  • easy to learn and comprehend
  • encourages automated procedures
  • Data science and AI processes are made simpler by it.
  • Go is being developed by Google, BBC, Medium, and Uber.
  • Go is the programming language of the future, thus in 2023 you need to think about learning it.
  • $93,000 is the average yearly salary for a Golang developer.
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R image

R (Image Source:

The computer language Go, sometimes referred to as Golang, is one of the most robust and successful ones that stands out from the competitors. In order to manage its rapidly growing infrastructure, Google originally developed it in 2007. Rapid growth allowed it to quickly become one of the most widely used programming languages. The following are a few of Go’s noteworthy traits:

  • It features expanded interactive graphics libraries.
  • a language for object-oriented programming.
  • allows for cross-platform use.
  • very extendable.
  • Amazon, Google, LinkedIn, Flipkart, and Flipkart are the top R-using firms.
  • R Developers make an average annual salary of $93,000.

Average Annual Salary Paid to Developers:

Sr. No.LanguageAverage Annual Salary

Size of the Software Programming Language Community as per Q3 2021:

Software Programming Languages Community as per Q3 2021 image

Software Programming Languages (Image Source:

Software Programming Languages With thier Websites:

Software Programming Languages | Top 10 Software Programming Languages | Popular Software Programming Languages | Software Programming | Most Popular Software Programming

FAQs about Software Programming Languages:

Which language is most important in software?

Python and C++ are two of the best programming languages for software development, though each language has its ideal uses. Python is versatile in its practical applications; developers often use it to power artificial intelligence, machine learning, web, and development.

Which language is used to make software?

Java, Python, and C++ are among the common languages used to create apps. Embedded Software: Professionals who work with embedded software write code for software used in non-PC devices, such as smart watches, standalone GPS devices, and certain types of calculators.

How many languages are used in software development?

According to the Online Historical Encyclopaedia of Programming Languages, people have created about 8,945 coding languages. Today, various sources report anywhere from 250-2,500 coding languages, although far fewer rank as top contenders in the commonly used group.

What is the difference between software and programming language?

Software is a computer program that allows a user to operate a computer. It is a set of instructions and data used to execute specific tasks. A programming language is a formal language used to develop software programs that will direct or communicate with computers.

What is the use of programming software?

Computer programmers use programming software to write code. Programming software and programming tools enable developers to develop, write, test and debug other software programs. Examples of programming software include assemblers, compilers, debuggers and interpreters.

What is the fastest programming language?

Top 8 Fastest Programming Languages – A 2023 List

  • C Language.
  • C++
  • Python.
  • Java.
  • Rust.
  • Julia.
  • Node.JS.
  • GoLang (Go)

Is programming language a system software?

Programming languages, editors and debuggers are also system programs. These are tools to write good and reliable system programs. They have to be easy to learn and productive for a developer while also being efficient and safe from a system perspective.

Which programming language is easy to learn?

HTML, which stands for HyperText Markup Language, is one of the most common programming languages for beginners, as it’s often seen as the most straightforward programming language to learn.

What is the hardest programming language?

C++ C++ is considered to be one of the most powerful, fastest, and toughest programming languages. It can be used for a variety of purposes and carries out the same efficient and robust programs.

What was the first programming language?

In 1957, the first of the major languages appeared in the form of FORTRAN. Its name stands for FORmula TRANslating system. The language was designed at IBM for scientific computing. The components were very simple, and provided the programmer with low-level access to the computers innards.


These were the Software Programming Languages, so you could pick and choose the ones you wanted to study. Each programming language excels in its specific fields. Therefore, you may choose the finest programming language based on your requirements and the job you would want to pursue.

You may start learning a programming language after you work on enhancing your problem-solving abilities. Choose the best language from the list above; they are all top languages and have plenty of job chances.

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