Some Of The Most Common Eye Disease Treatments

With common eye diseases comes the Eye Disease Treatments and it is vital that people know that they can get the treatment they need for such common eye diseases. Having regular visits to an eye doctor will ensure that any change or concern regarding the eye is picked up as early as possible and this way any type of treatment is made much easier. Some of the more common eye diseases are Age-related macular degeneration (AMD), Glaucoma and Cataracts and each of these diseases have their own types if treatments are available. It is always best to see an eye doctor so they can guide each individually in the way of the best treatment for them personally. 

Age-related macular degeneration has two different types of disease, one being dry AMD and the other wet AMD, depending on the AMD that a person has will determine the types of treatment that is available. Unfortunately for dry AMD there is no treatment, although using vision aids can help to reduce the affect that AMD has on life. Wet AMD, however, has a treatment that includes injections that go directly into the eye so that vision is prevented from getting any worse. Eye injections have an exceptionally good recovery rate and can be given every 1-3 months, depending on how long the eye doctor deems necessary. 

Regarding Glaucoma, the treatment is quite different, and this is because any damage that has already been caused by Glaucoma cannot be reversed. That is why regular visits to an eye doctor cannot be emphasized any more. Although damage cannot be reversed, treatment for Glaucoma ensures that vision loss is slowed down or prevented. The treatments that are available for Glaucoma include eye drops, oral medicines, laser treatment or even surgery. Eye drops are particularly good for the initial stages of Glaucoma, and they work by decreasing the pressure in the eye by improving how the fluid is drained from the eye area. If eye drops are not appropriate for an individual, then the option for laser surgery is available. A small laser is used to improve drainage of the tissue that is found where the iris and cornea meet, and it may take a weel or so before the effects of the laser surgery can be noticed. 

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When it comes to cataracts this eye disease is a quite common disease that mostly affects those that are advancing in age, and it is usually a quite easy fix with the option of either non-surgical or surgical treatments that are both designed to help improve symptoms of vision deterioration. If cataract surgery is the option, it will involve removing the clouded lens from the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. It is usually carried out by working with one eye at a time so that any potential complications are minimized. There is no real recovery time after having cataract surgery, but it is usually advised to keep the eye covered and protected for a period. 

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