St Barth’s – A feast for the senses

St Barth's – A feast for the senses
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The beautiful French-owned island of St Barthelemy (St Barth’s or St Bart’s to those in the know!) is a Caribbean destination famous for its sophisticated style, shopping, restaurants, beaches, natural beauty and last but not least, the divine Villas in St Barts. Imagine all the fabulous qualities of the French Riviera transported to the heart of the Caribbean and given a judicious sprinkling of gold dust.

At a modest 10 square miles of beach-fringed perfection, this holiday enclave is one of the most desirable vacation destinations for the rich, famous, and, well, clever! Divine weather conditions from November through to July attract visitors who want sunshine, relaxation, and fun wrapped up in a flawless bundle.

Pretty beaches, like Colombier and Shell Beach, only accessible along a hiking trail, are unspoiled and the perfect place to revel in the beauty of nature. The beach at St. Jean is a mile-long crescent of sandy perfection that’s the most popular on the island. It’s one of the best places to enjoy the balmy waters sheltered by the surrounding reef system. St. Jean is home to many St. Barts villas, amenities like bars, barefoot dining, people-watching, and water sports. The beaches of Lorient and Grand Cul de Sac attract surfers as the prevailing breezes ensure good water conditions for a bit of adrenaline action.

St Barth’s has retained its beauty and finesse by keeping its standards high. The short runway keeps large plane tourism at bay. In addition, the island provides ideal berthing conditions for yachts and sailing boats that can weigh anchor in Gustavia or some quieter regions around the island. The standard of accommodation available for families and honeymooners is high. Pretty, self-contained villas and low-density hotel developments provide a more bespoke vacation experience.

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The sociability of life on St Barth’s is another of its charms. Lazy days by your pool or down at the beach are enhanced by lunches at trendy beach clubs like Nikki Beach. Pre-dinner cocktails, overlooking the perfect blue sea as night falls and the coastline of St Barth’s becomes a twinkling paradise, are unforgettable. A holiday in St Barth’s is all so very romantic.

For dinner, you can choose high-end, heavily French-inspired options like Le Tamarin or Bagatelle to fun venues like Grain de Sel that serve delicious food infused with the spices of the Caribbean.

Shoppers can enjoy exploring the treasurers of Gustavia, the island’s capital. This town is home to some of the best Duty-Free shopping in the Caribbean. The finest global brands and labels unique to St Barth’s attract discerning shoppers. Strolling around the town that retains elements of its Swedish past is a much-loved pastime.

St Barth’s understands why it’s so glorious. It’s smart enough to understand how to stay that way. Lucky visitors love the mix of bustle and quiet, the bling and the chic understated, the French and the Caribbean influences. So many paradoxes and so many facets to this pretty island yet they all blend seamlessly.

St Barthelemy, that salubrious French outpost in the heart of the Caribbean, is unrivaled as a destination of choice for the informed traveler. Perhaps it’s time you took a trip to this magical world to allow your senses to experience the unique brilliance of this Caribbean diamond that is St Barth’s.

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